Sunday, November 17, 2013

Testimonial - Lost 10 Pounds in 5 Days RESET works

I wanted to share this testimonial from a real person to underline the talk I gave on Weight Creep on the Healing Artist Radio Show Tuesday November 12, 2013. It's important to hear from real people.

"I wanted to try again another way to lose weight and I've lost my ten lbs and I want to lose another 10. It's always a decision one has to be ready for a commitment to make a healthy choice in changing what we put into our mouths."  C.R. -  New Jersey
RESET kit comes with a variety pack of Nutrimeal  shakes, health pak, delicious bars and instructions

RESET is an easy stress free weight loss program that literally helps reset the body helping to establish healthy eating patterns and self care in just 5 short days. The average weight loss is 4.5 pounds and I have seen people lose as much as 12 pounds safely. This is possible when you remove the culprits of fluctuating weight and inflammation such as highly denatured processed foods that have virtually no nutritional content your body can use to heal and maintain itself much less thrive.

Quality Control

As Dr. Oz pointed out on his show, food labeling can be misleading.The word "natural" and similar terms  doesn't oblige the manufacturer to ensure that the product is Non GMO, free of toxins, molds or even contain the complete spectrum of vitamins and trace minerals your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, bones and digestive system require. It can contain only a small amount of that which ludicriously qualifies it for a rubber stamp of approval in the market place. But that doesn't mean your body is buying it. The rate of obesity in North America is now at 49% for adults  giving one pause to really question what's in the food aisle at your local WalMart. Usana Health Sciences tests all raw materials that enter the facility quarantining them for 90 days while running a battery of tests before manufacture. More importantly there has not been one recall in 21 years of operation. In today's world of increased environmental pollution that is a stunning accomplishment which attests to a level of comittmment that is simply unsurpassed.

 Stress Not! Gluten Free Options! Non Dairy Too

The KIT removes the worry about what to eat and when to eat allowing you to go about your daily life. It comes with instructions and a motivational magnet and wristband. Gluten free, low glycemic, tasty and convenient RESET can help you avoid hypertension, diabetes and obesity that reduce your quality of life. Need to avoid Soy or Dairy in your diets? Behold NutrimealFREE  a completely plant based protein made from pea and potatoes!
The Kosher version of The Essentials multivitamin is free of dairy. I also recommend adding a scoop pf Fibergy Plus a combination of soluble and non soluble fiber to help clean out your colon and help you feel fuller during this jump start phase. Drinking plenty of water, moderate exercise and eating low glycemic fruits and vegetables during the program will set you on the path to feeling fantastic and looking fabulous. And who doesn't want that? Ready to get started? Learn more here
Tip: A great anti inflammation food is watercress that helps repair DNA damage. Dr. Nicolas Perricone speaks on this.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Please Support Emergency Relief Efforts in the Philippines | USANA Video

Replay Links & Tips to Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain or Weight Creep

Hey Everybody! I have put some highlights of the episode  here with links to the studies and blogs I used for research. (The Healing Artist Radio Show 11/13/13)
Tip 1
Green tea with a at least 25 minutes of exercise daily burns 4.4 pounds of fat with the added joy of targeting belly fat so you can show off your new six pack faster!
The Replay of Weight Creep or How to Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays is now archived on City World Radio - look in the Healing Artist Radio Show folder
Links to Articles & Blogs
I shared with you several tips on how to practically avoid the traps we can fall into with food that I culled from this post by Diana Yin that first appeared on What's Up Usana?
Nick Pederson lost a lot of weight and wrote about his findings here FANTASTIC case for cardio and intake of quality proteins.  Good Snacking In addition the keeping apples, pears, tangerines at your desk at work and at home, here are some yummy snacks that look evil but actually provide 15 grams of quality protein, are low GI, and gluten free! These nutrition bars are truly a step above. Warm up the Fudge Delite and you'll feel like your breaking the rules when you're not! Also don't forget the smoothies I mentioned!  Check them out here
Here is the combined study by the National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease and the
National Institute for Child and Human Health Development

Alcohol is the big pitfall as your are drinking hundreds and hundreds of calories with no nutrients unless you count that olive in your martini! Simple rule of thumb is for every drink you have drink a glass of water. Give your liver a break and help flush out the booze.
You can also add sparkling water to the wine you are drinking by 50%. You'll still be drinking with half the consumption of calories.
Liver tabs I also recommend that you stock up Hepasil DTX
by Usana that gives your liver - the gateway for clearing all toxins in the body-  a huge boost by providing it with clean, pure and effective combo of milk thistle extract, green tea and Vitamin C. 3 daily will assist your liver in keeping the weight off and supporting your immune system which comes under assault during the darker, colder and food heavy months.
Blender bottle on display with Karina Yanku host of The Healing Artist Radio Show

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sneak Peak on Weight Creep - How to Avoid Gaining During the Holidays & Beyond Nov 12 ...

Sneak Peak Video on Weight Creep! Listen in as I will be making Special Offers today  so Tune in with your smart phone with TuneIn app or via the web 4PM @ City World Radio

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays and Beyond

You  are 150 pounds which is just perfect for your height and then one day inexplicably the scale tells you you are 170. What happened? The reality is that Americans gain an additional one to two pounds every year usually around the Holiday Season and never lose it! If you'd like to learn How To Avoid this dilemna and learn about the programs I am offering to avoid even making a New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight this show is for you! Listen in via smarphone or the web Tuesday November 12 @ 4PM EST/1PM EST when I return to The Healing Artist Radio Show!