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How to Exfoliate - Japan's Beauty Secret Rice Bran Polisher for Radiant Skin

How and Why to Exfoliate with Rice Bran
If you live in city like New York you have plenty of chances to observe the glowing and flawless skin  of many of the Japanese women who live here. Their skin has an unearthly beauty about it and the secret to that beauty is rice bran. Rice bran contains the antioxidant γ-oryzanol and the relatively high fractions of tocopherols and tocotrienols, taken together as vitamin E. In real terms this means that the skin is protected against oxidative stress and is hydrated. When you think about youth and beauty you think about skin that is moist and dewey. For centuries, this beauty secret has been known in Asia starting with the women farmers working for hours in the rice paddies in the hot sun whose skin  defied wrinkling and burning. This is so because they discerned by washing their faces with the water the rice was cleaned in that the skin remained hydrated and burn free. It always fascinating to me to see how nature provides solutions to potential health hazards locally. For the Greeks olive oil provided similar benefits. The product I am recommending today is Sense Rice Bran Polisher and my regimen used on a client follows below.

Sense Facial Spotlight on an Enhancer
Last weekend I had the pleasure of treating a new prospect to a Sense facial. When I do a facial for someone I apply the full spectrum of the Sense skin care line from the Basics to the Enhancers. I apply product to one side of the face only and leave the other half untouched. I do this because it is an effective way for people to see and feel an immediate difference in the appearance of their skins texture, color and moisture. The contrast is immediate and visible. As Sense offers targeted solutions for skin concerns the Rice Bran Polisher is one that I always use during the demo.
After cleaning the skin with the soap free cleanser followed by the Hydrating Toner, I move on to the Rice Bran polisher. Rice bran beadlets gently rids the skin on the nose and cheeks of impurities like blackheads. Free of walnut shells or apricots kernals it's easy on the skin.

How Often to Exfoliate
My client asked me how many times per week to use the rice bran polisher. It's personal but in general at least once but no more than three times. There is no need to overdo it. Scrubbing and scrubbing your skin will only leave it raw and irritated. I think the confusion may lie in the fact that the polishers that have been traditionally available to us through commercial outlets have been well, a little coarse. We may equate this rough treatment with effectiveness when really it's just rough treatment. The rice bran beadlets are small and effective bypassing harsh acids. The majority of products available today promise much and deliver little. They strip the skin and provide no fuel for cellular regeneration. 
Topical Nutrition for Your Skin
Sense uses Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) - like salicylic acid - that are fat-soluble and are often used in skin care products to accelerate skin cell turnover and help clear oily pores. They can penetrate more deeply than Alpha Hydroxy Acids, are gentler and help your skin "act younger". Your skin naturally renews itself about every 28 days. Just like the body requires optimal nutrition so does the skin. Exfoliation helps that happen as it allows topical nutition to penetrate the skins layers more effectively. Apply the product to the face in  upward in circular motions.(Gravity is not our friend.) This has the effect of supporting the muscles in the face instead of pulling them down which increases the look of aging. Watch your alcohol intake during the holidays. Drink enough water during winter when we are exposed to extremes of drying heat and cold. Your skin reflects the overall state of your health so do take the proper supplements and get enough rest.
Additional Benefits
The aloe, kukui nut oil hydrate and nourish the skin  while green tea soothes. Sense's Rice Bran polisher has a unique self-preserving formula with no added parabens that nurtures your skin. It also holds a US Patent 7,214,391
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  1. I am very happy to post this testimonial just received from R. King from Staten Island, NY
    "Hi Ekayani,
    Thank you so much for your products which I finally had time to try. They are truly soothing. The smell alone is intoxicating. can you send me info on the line with prices. I'd like to give testimonials to my friends again especially after trying them. I'm taking the ones you gave me previously out of the fridge.They should have a perfume, it smells so makes you want to use it just for the smell.I've only tried it twice so far & am hooked. My face feels smooth & replenished.
    Thanks again."


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