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Breast Health

 The Short List on Self Care for Breast Health

1. Read More Books (list at end)
2. Ingest More Iodine. Find out how with "The Iodine Crisis"  by Lynne Farrow If you've got fluoride and/ or chlorine in your water supply check this out. Most cities and municipalities do. It's also in your toothpaste.
3. Take grape seed extract and vitamin C combo found in USANA's  Proflavanol C. It can  help reduce burning during radiation, boost immune system for both chemo and radiation. Reduces risks of infection. Helps your body produce healthy cells. Not to be taken with blood thinners
4. Increase intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acids has been shown to improve rate of breast cancer recovery.
5.  Soy Isoflavones Soy has been made into a bogeyman as of late but nutritional science shows that it can be beneficial to breast health. Non GMO please.
6.  Take Vitamin D
The epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency has hit 70% in North America. The long hours spent inside and the copious amounts of sun block applied has made it virtually impossible for your body to produce the critical amounts it needs to keep your immune system strong. Take USANA's  Vitamin D supplement. There is just D in it. In my counseling work I regularly encounter people who are woefully deficient.They always have a flu, a cold, feel rundown or are feeling depressed. Don't write if off. If in doubt get a blood test.
7.  Check your Teeth
If you have mercury amalgam fillings (falsely advertised as silver) go to a biological dentist and get them removed. Mercury is considered the most poisonous heavy metal and has nasty side effects.

Baby You Have Options

Breast health is a huge problem today and it deserves taking a look at from many different perspectives. Cancer just doesn't spring out of nowhere. Our lifestyle choices play an important role in our health. It's what we do today and day after day no matter our family history that is imperative. After all you can't live somebody else's life and you can influence your own. We already know that the rate of mastectomies, chemo and radiation treatments is through the roof for women here in North America and it's skyrocketing around the globe.What needs to be looked at more closely is a woman's own immune system. What may be affecting it adversely or undermining it?  Tell me how often do you hear doctors speaking about the  quality of water you are drinking, the amount of iodine you are consuming or what kind of beauty products you are applying? For me the old argument that your health has got nothing to do with what you are eating, drinking, breathing has hit critical mass. A woman's body is a living breathing reproducing organism intimately tied to that other living breathing reproducing organism Mother Earth. So how are we doing ladies? The good news is that you can choose and improve your life.

 Beauty and The Breast

The average female uses 15 products a day
 Beauty products are affecting women's health. It's just so obvious we can't even see it. The beauty industry would do well with some pressure to step up their manufacturing process by finding solutions other than toxic ones to use as preservatives in products we use day after day and year after year. And ladies that toxic effect is cumulative! Once our official obsession with looking our best at all times has begun in our teens, it can have a deadly effect on a woman's breast health. The carcinogens found in everything from our makeup, shampoos, soaps, body gels, body lotions and facial creams are applied once, twice and sometimes three times a day. And guess what? You are ingesting that. Your skin ingests everything applied on it. In fact, it is a conduit from the outside world to your internal organs, reproductive system, brain, and digestive tract. As the saying goes, If you wouldn't eat don't put it on your skin.What you put on your skin will end up inside you. The cells of your body that make up your immune system will react poorly if they don't have what they require to live a healthy life cycle. If they poisoned instead of nurtured the outcome is predictable. Anything that isn't pure and cannot be excreted successfully ends up becoming lodged inside the fatty tissue that makes up the breast. In the Journal of Applied Technology published in January 2012 from the University of Reading UK a study of breast cancer patients found that 99% of  the tissue samples had parabens in them. 60% of the women had no less than five parabens in their breasts.

Meet Ethyl, Butyl & Methyl

Surely you've heard of Ethyl, Butyl and Methyl Paraben. Just look on the label of one of your fave beauty products. While they might sound like ladies names their behavior is less than ladylike. Any word that ends with paraben is a  petroleum derived product. It's purpose is to kill bacteria and mold.Unfortunately they are also carcinogens.  In today's world where water, food and nutrient supply is so deficient, my advice is to stay away from them while upping your optimal nutrients. Keep your immune system as healthy and strong as possible. That can be achieved. I was led to use and distribute Usana's Sense skin care and body care line because it uses a self preserving technology using liquid crystals. It has cell protecting ingredients in it like green tea and grape seed extract. Sure a lot of products claim to have those ingredients but the point is even if they do their effectiveness has been destroyed due to the presence of parabens. It becomes more about window dressing than results.Products need to be pure and properly manufactured meeting all standards to make them  fit for human consumption and not just marketed as if they do.

Recommended Reading  - Get Smarter Get Wise

A friend of mine is a breast cancer sur- THRIVER. She credits that to a few qualities she possesses. She had an unrelenting thirst and curiosity to know why she got ill and was always questioning her doctors and oncologists about the treatments she was receiving and why she was receiving them. She was active in her self care all through her treatment, refused to be bullied into taking medications she felt she didn't need, took daily walks to clear her mind and spirit, and supplemented while paying careful attention to her diet. To her I owe her  a lot of the credit for the reading list you find here. Read and Educate yourself with the words of these leading edge MDs and breast cancer survivor.Most importantly trust yourself and listen to your body. Try calming yourself everyday and operate as much as possible from a place of no fear. That will empower you to heal.
Dr. Ray Strand What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You
Lynne Farrow The Iodine Crisis She's  breast cancer survivor
Dr. Myron Wentz Poison in Your Mouth 
Dave Wentz and Dr. Myron Wentz The Healthy Home  Learn how to detoxify your home room by room
Dr. Christiane Northrup OBGYN leader in Women's Health Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom 
Dr. Ladd McNamara The Power of Cellular Nutrition

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USANA New Product Webinar Thursday 8/22 with Doctors Wolfe & McNamara

Usana Health Sciences New Product Info Thursday 8/22

Free Webinar 22 August on New & Improved Usana Health Sciences Products

Every year at USANA Health Sciences International Convention new and improved products are presented to a crowd of thousands and this year there were 8000 to be exact. USANA just rolled out Nutrimeal plant based protein powder, a bunch of improved snacks that looks suspiciously like junk food... But they are not! What's Up With that? Learn WHY these work and HOW they've been formulated with Dr. Ladd McNamara & Dr. Karen Wolfe.
Date:    Thursday, August 22, 2013
Time:    6:00-7:30 PM (PDT) / 7:00-8:30 PM (MDT) / 8:00-9:30 PM (CDT) / 9:00-10:30 PM (EDT)
FREE Reserve your Webinar seat now REGISTER Here
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About Dr. Karen Wolfe
Karen is an Australian born  MD and author of Is Your LifeStyle Killing You? Glycemis Stress Sugar Addiction and Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Ladd McNamara is a board certified OBGYN, author. lecturer and former member of the Scientific Advisory Council for USANA Health Sciences. He has a great series of podcasts and DVDs out on called The Cholesterol Conspiracy. I always learn a great deal from him.

Bernando LaPallo Kick Off Whole Health Ministry Event September 28

Bernando LaPallo 112 Birthday Party Dobson, Az

 Whole Health Ministry Kick Off with Bernando LaPallo & Friends

Pastor Randy Jones and Dr. Bradley are pleased to present their kick off community event with guest speakers Bernando LaPallo with Peggy and George Nungesser. These authors and living examples of healthy lifestyle will be traveling to California to inspire you to take care of your health. After performing over 800 funerals in the past year Pastor Randy Jones knew it was time to inspire positive change in his community towards healthy eating habits and lifestyle. He has teamed up with Dr. Bradley to present the first in a series of inspirational events. This event is FREE and books are for sale.

Event details

 Location: Valle Vista Church AG 
Address:45252 East Florida , Hemet, Ca 92544
Time: 10AM to 12PM
 Call (951) 927-6968 for more information
Bernando just celebrated his 112th Birthday August 17, 2013 in Dobson, Arizona amongst an enthusiastic throng of 80 guests at the monthly Raw Food Pot Luck hosted by Peggy and George Nungesser. Bernando espouses daily exercise, drinking pure water, restorative sleep, fresh fruits, green vegetables and moderation in all things as taught to him by his father Bernando LaPallo Sr. a herbologist and medical doctor who specialized in the stomach. Bernando is free of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer or any of the common ailments that plague two thirds of the American population today. Learn more about Bernando here

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Love and AIDS - Antoine, Mon Amour

Don't infuriate a girl waiting for love in Paris

Paris 1994. Maybe 1993 but pretty sure it was '94. That was a collapsed year in between frustration, a night mare and finally leaving the country heading home to New York in '96. I was taken for a ride in an old yellow Volvo by paramour Antoine de la Motte. Our love was unconsummated.
He had a yellow Volvo
He was tall, handsome, with dirty blonde hair and he adored me. Our day together after a blow out was a reconciliation of sorts since I had refused to speak with him for about a year.  Maybe two. In spite of a friend of his imploring me to come back over to his side I let it be known that I was infuriated by his shenanigans. Really if he wanted to speak with me at all he'd have to make an effort and grow up as hell would have to freeze over first before I played his stupid game again. And I meant it. He'd been playing with my heart in the City of Love a faux pas. We had met one day by chance in mon deuxiemme bureau Le Cafe de L'Industrie owned by my pal Gerard LeFlem who kept a fierce and watchful eye on me and all the other filles who stepped foot in the place or worked for him. To say he was protective was an understatement. I was a regular and we spent long hours talking.
I sat on the extreme left. Antoine reached through the window
He didn't approve of Antoine. I didn't know that at the time. As I sat  eating my salade by the window that opened out onto the side street suddenly there was a smile and an out stretched hand caressing my cheek through that window. It was Antoine. How funny. I didn't think much of it or at least told myself that. I see his face so clearly now. He walked away towards his apartment somewhere in the 20th, cigarette in hand and said he would call me or some such. I think he gave me his phone number on a cafe receipt. I thought no more about it. Eventually there was calling that began a frustrating series of encounters with someone who was definitely flirting with me hard over the phone but who somehow was always unavailable and distant once I appeared in the flesh. What was his deal?  He'd invite me to his home and when I arrived there was always another girl present. Our conversations were shallow. He was avoiding me even though he'd invited me. Weird. I was angry that he would waste my time and after a drink (if I even drank it) and chewing on some cocktail nuts I left. Retreating home I'd think WTF?  French men. Who knew what they wanted. It was a cat and mouse game that I was simply not up for. I let him know by letting him have it resoundingly when he dropped me home by car after another ridiculous evening. I remember him looking ashamed while dawdling with his cigarette. I told him in a high rage to never, ever, ever call me again. (He told me I was being too harsh. I told him I didn't think so). Much later he said that he found me absolutely ravishing when I was angry. A sign of love for sure.  As I get older it's nostalgic fun thinking of how I must have appeared to him with my green eyes flashing, my hair wild and chin turned upward. Proud and indignant.

Morrocan Style Wedding?

Purple is the color of choice for weddings
Now we were at a bar having a glass of absinthe or some such before he was taking me to a new Espagnol recently opened in the troisieme. He had tried to reach me when I had moved. Hadn't I gotten the messages he'd left for me at L'Industrie? (I hadn't. Gerard). I was open to talking now, my anger having cooled with his forthrightness and surprise return. I had a sense of forboding. He was going to open up and tell me the truth at last. About something.
That Parisian afternoon I was feeling like a Queen. I dressed in my most elegant exotic casual ensemble. Purple robe stitched with white (or perhaps it was gold) thread over an ankle length purple batik skirt from India. I had a lot of fun swishing in and out of the car as we drove around. Antoine had BIG blue eyes and was enjoying this low level flirting I was doing while I was not really flirting.

I was hopeful. He told me I shouldn't worry, that he had a good nose and he knew I was going to marry the guy il faut. Of course I thought he was referring to himself in the third person and that somehow this night was leading up to an ardent and clever marriage proposal. Finally we ended up at Le Cave St Gilles. That's when told me everything I already knew in my heart. We were sitting by an open window my back to the street the whole place painted Valentine red. I had thought about him from time to time wondering why two people who were so attracted to each other just couldn't get it together to get together. When I asked my heart I knew I was being spared. And so he began with just that thought. After telling me he had Le Sida (AIDS) he confessed that was the reason why he could never bring himself to be alone with me. He might dare with other women but jamais toi.  I was off limits simply because he would never be able to forgive himself if he infected me. He wanted me to know just how far he had gone in his minds eye imagining our life together living by the sea with two beautiful children. He wanted me to know just how far gone he was. Just how much I'd been a part of his dream. And he wanted to come clean with me. I listened as he confirmed everything.  My heart sighed a sigh and broke a little more. He was only 32 maybe 33. The perfect age to have kids.

Sacred Heart

The last time I saw Antoine was in his apartment near Sacre Coeur. I could see the cathedral from his bedroom window. He had a mattress on the floor and was still chain smoking those hand rolled jobs. We spoke and I remember becoming impatient with him. He told me of his illness in such a fatalistic way, it's progression, how he felt. I felt like he was giving up. He was so fragile emotionally. He had nothing but tender feelings for me always. Why couldn't I be the same? I left after a couple of hours not sure what to do, not wanting to cross the line. I left armed with his phone number and left troubled. My Antoine seemed to be dying. Some time passed and I called him. A woman's voice answered the phone and I asked for Antoine. She replied he wasn't there. I asked when he'd be returning. And that's when she told me he wouldn't be. He had died two months before. How I demanded? How? She explained that he had contracted pneumonia and rather than wait for the inevitable he injected himself with an overdose of heroin. He died dreaming. He is buried in a family plot somewhere in a region outside of Paris but I don't know where. Antoine how frustrated I was not being able to visit you and lay roses on your grave. You know I wanted to right? Today you came to me during a beach like atmosphere at twilight as I sat on the roof overlooking the city. It was still warm and the fog was about to roll in. We were sitting so close, you right behind me. I felt you so near and you telling me not to cry. Tears are hot. I miss what we never had. I hope that nose of yours is still working. xo 8/13/2013 Brooklyn

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HGH Sleep Stress Nutrition with Dr Ladd McNamara

Here I present notes from a live webinar by Board Certified OBGYN,  Dr. Ladd McNamara on Sleep Stress and Nutrition.  Let's start with HGH, sleep and growth in children.
Dr Ladd McNamara is a Ruby Director with Usana Health Sciences

Human Growth Hormone 

or HGH is manufactured by the humanbody naturally  and released during sleep. You've noticed perhaps that your children seem to grow overnight? This is because they do and HGH is the reason why. Sleep is essential for everyone. Avoid stunted growth making sure your children are getting enough restorative sleep at night. HGH burns fat cells which begs the question about the relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity and diabetes in our children today. in addition to the poor diet the majority consume.  The statistics show that 70% of kids have Type 2 Diabetes by the age of 9. This is also the first generation of American children that is not expected to outlive their parents.
(Sound the alarm!) Children require much more sleep than adults with babies requiring up to 16 hours. Teenagers need nine  hours of sleep and a healthy adult averages  seven to nine hours of sleep. With 60% of Americans including kids sleep deprived in today's digital age these numbers have decreased drastically. Dr. Christine Wood pediatrician weighs in on this increase in multi- tasking here

Glucose Sleep and Your Liver


The amount of HGH reduces the livers uptake of glucose. When there is too much glucose in the liver, when the liver can simply not store anymore the excess turns to fat. When you exercise the body actually taps into the glucose known as glucosan that is stored in the liver. This glucosan is your body's energy reserve.Choosing water over diet sodas and regular sodas will be something your liver will thank you for. The consumption of die soft drinks actually does nothing towards your weight loss goals. The artificial sweeteners, sugars and sugar substitutes glut the liver with excess empty sugars. Supplying your body with fresh pressed juices that contain fructose or using a low GI food such as Usana's Nutrimeal is the better move. The nutrimeal shakes contain 15 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber which is actually twice as much fiber as an apple. And speaking of apples fresh fruits are a healhy way to obtain the fructose that your body needs. They are whole and unprocessed packed with miconutrients, anti oxidants and fiber

More Benefits of HGH

* Builds and strengthens muscles
* Builds bone mineralization
* Strengthens collagen that is used in your skeleton keeping bones supple, skin youthful
* Required for your immune system
* To conclude lack of sleep adds undue stress to he body. Do take care.

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WTA Usana and Billy Jean King

Billy Jean King shares her passion for winning!
I wrote this back in 2011 after arguably the biggest health convention held anywhere in the world! This was exciting! For someone like me who grew up on Soul Train, Elton John and The Battle of the on! Usana welcomes a new WTA ambassador this year Sloane Stephens.

Billy Jean King, the WTA & USANA - my'duh moment at  USANA Convention 2011

by USANA - The Masters Team on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 7:55pm
I am back from Convention and my time in Salt lake City from August 24 - 27th seems like a marvelous dream. I was excited before day one to have the chance to attend.  The excitement continued to build each day. I had to keep reminding myself to stay in check lest my excitement turn into exhaustion preventing me from taking full advantage of the dozens of events planned for us. Here is one highlight; Billy Jean King!
 My D'uh moment came when Billy Jean King told all 6,000 of us the story behind the WTA one which is now intimately linked with USANA. If you didn't know, USANA HealthPak has become the official multi-vitamin and today we have six brand ambassadors from the association that include Kim Clijsters, Sam Stosur, Zheng Jie, Liezel Huber, Melanie Oudin, and Aleksandra Wozniak. It all seems so easy now doesn't it?
 .... but way back in 1973 for one tough minded lady who would not take "not good enough" for an answer and changed the course of history. Like so many, I remember Billy beating the crap out of Bobby Riggs and was glued to the television with my brother in the famed Battle of the Sexes match  in 1973. What delighted me about Billy's story was she says she respected Bobbby Riggs and that was the only reason she beat him. Ladies and Gentleman behold the heart and mind of a warrior champion! Respect your opponent.
"I knew his history. I studied him. I knew the war had messed up his career. Everyone said Bobby was a jerk but I loved Bobby. I respected him and that's the only reason I beat him."
 Wow! Now this was impressive. In fact,  Billy Jean had hoped that men and women would be able to play togther but "we weren't wanted." In spite of her professional dissappointment, or rather because of  it, she went on to found the WTA. "It finally got to the point where I said this is either going to happen or it's not. We just couldn't seem to get everyone on the same page. Finally, I begged everyone to come to a meeting and got 45 of us in a room.  I had the doors locked. At the end of the meeting nine of us had signed a contract to the WTA for a dollar."
A dollar? Can you believe that?
Billy went on to say that she knew that they wouldn't be the ones to make the big bucks and get the endorsements but she knew they were pioneers for women everywhere and that her dream was that any girl anywhere who wanted to play tennis should be able to and be taken seriouly. I'd say that dream has come true in a global way wouldn't you!? The USANA WTA Ambassadors alone come from South Africa, China, Australia...
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
Elton John...
Elton John is a huge fan of BJK. BJK is a huge fan of Elton John. Now back in the 70's a guy named Jack, who I believe was a good friend of Billy's, invited her to a party in L.A. "I am so not a party person. I'd rather stay home. But it was Jack so I went. When I arrived I said , So what's cooking Jack? What's the occasion? Birthday party? Anniversary?"  She was led to a table that was adjacent to Elton Johns. Thing is both were too shy to speak to one another so all night long Elton would look over to Billy and Billy would think "Oh God!" and look away. Finally, the last half hour of the party Tony, Elton's manager came over and asked her " Have you you said hello to Elton yet?"
"No. I can't talk to him! I'm too shy."
"Too shy?" Tony roared. 'This is RIDICULOUS! Come here!" and dragged Billy Jean over to Elton's table.
"Hi" she said shyly and at last the two spoke.
At the end of their exchange Elton said:
"Alright when you come to London I'll call you."
Billy thought to herself, Yeah right. But sure enough when she reached her hotel room in London, there was a note waiting for her that said  Please call Elton.
She thought 'Oh my God!" but dialed anyway.
Elton answered the phone. "HI!" said BJK shyly.
After a few minutes Elton asked "Can I come over?"
"Sure," she replied incredulously  and soon  Elton drove over in his Rolls Royce with the 28 stereo speakers. In the parking lot they sat listening to LPs for four hours.
A few days later Elton rung again and said "I want to write a song for you."
You can guess what BJK reaction was yet tactfully she agreed that Yes that would be great. And so they discussed it and soon "Philadelphia Freedom" was born the huge crossover hit that some of you may remember seeing on SOUL TRAIN.
What I learned:
1. Always accept opportunity even if you can't believe it's happening to you.
2. The next time I go to Convention I will be sure to be nearer to the floor instead of twenty six rows up so when BJK hits autographed tennis balls to the sounds of Philadelphia Freedom into the audience I can catch one!
How wonderful it must be for her to see the WTA that she founded in 1973 grow into the world class organization that it is today with athletes getting the highest quality nutrition they need from the best manufacturer of nutritional supplements in the world. How did she do it without the benefits we have today?
Sheer determination!
- Ekayani Chamberlin