Friday, August 17, 2012

111th Birthday Celebration! Bernando LaPallo Living with Health and Vitality

Ekayani and Bernando at The Grand Canyon

This Living Connection blog is dedicated to my Living Connection to Health and God's grace, my  grandfather, teacher and mentor Bernando LaPallo who is celebrating his 111th birthday today August 17, 2012. I give thanks to and for this man whose firm conviction in the healing bounty of His Divine creation has connected me to all good things made for us. He has given me unshakable faith in those gifts and he is living proof of it. Free of dementia, arthritis, heart disease or diabetes with a memory for history that rivals any college professor, I spoke to him this morning and we covered a range of topics on what he forsees for himself over the next year.  Plans for his second book, the possibility of a film on his life, his speech tomorrow at a third more informal birthday party being held at Miss Peggy's Raw Food Potluck (the main was held last night with dancing and live music! ) this is a man to watch and be inspired by. Look out for two of his recipes for health right here and know you heard it as I got it from the horse's mouth. I am sharing one that includes a simple treatment for cancers and a sleepy time smoothie. Bernando has lived his life to the fullest and continues to do so for as he says "I am making plans to live, I know I gotta die." Healing is here for the taking. Knowing how to is wisdom.

111th Birthday - The Celebration

Dancing Shoes


The festivities were held at Warren's Jazz Bistro in Phoenix with a smorgasboard style spread, live band and dancing! My cousin remarked that all the ladies were busy dancing with Grandfather and he couldn't get a dance. Well cousin brush up and look as slick as your grand dad and maybe next year you will have a turn. The meal was prepared by an old ship mate that hadn't seen Bernando for 40 years. They had met and worked together briefly in Sao Paulo, Brazil during a trip. When you pick up a copy of Age Less Live More you'll learn that he worked as a chef for many years on luxury cruises that sailed around the world as well as a merchant marine during the second world war. "What a small world it is!" Grampa remarked to me this morning. I'll say! How incredible that this man, now 60 years of age would have the chance to reconnect with an old colleague who maintains perfect health 40 years later. How did he know it was him? "You haven't changed a bit!". In what could be taken as a joke Bernando replied "No I don't. I've gotten old".

Future Plans A Biographical Cook Book

It appears that due to popular demand grampa is going to be dictating a second book about the story of his life illustrated through recipes. There are thoughts about including a companion DVD. This will be a rich journey as grampa has traveled literally all over the world from Hong Kong to Europe and back to the United States cooking and learning all the while. One of our favorite recipes here at home is his Health Salad that he picked up in Haifa during the War. It's delicious and does a great job in keeping the colon clean which is definitely  his tag line. There may be a film in the works with the setting being aboard a ship, deemed a far more civilised and leisurely way to travel. It's one that Bernando feels quite at home with having spent a considerable portion of his career at sea. He still extolls the benefits of getting lungs full of clean ocean air.

Eggplant Cures A Man's Cancer

This morning Grampa related a story. Friends with a woman whose only brother was dying of liver cancer  she prepared to spend the remainder of his time with him in Washington state. She confided that this was really tough  due to the fact that they were quite close. Suggested was daily consumption of either baked or steamed eggplant and only if necessary, the addition of sea salt as it is mineral rich. "Guess what happened? " asked Grampa. Within the short period of only ten days the man exclaimed he felt terrific and is alive today to tell the tale. Cancer was stopped in it's tracks and his liver healed.  Eggplant contains something called  chlorogenic acid a powerful free-radical scavenger. It is also rich in  manganese, copper and potassium. It doesn't take long to prepare eggplant in these two ways. Whether you are baking or steaming it cook for  about 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Cook until tender. You can test this easily be inserting a toothpick into it.
Let cool slightly and enjoy.

Sleepy Time Banana Smoothie

 If you are having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night try why not try this banana smoothie before going to bed ?  This is one that Bernando uses himself. He  said he no longer wakes up in the middle of the night. When his wife of 50 years passed away two years it was a source of sadness and stress for him and he found his sleep interrupted. Bananas are rich in potassium which is a sleep inducer.
 * Take 2 ripe bananas and fresh squeezed orange juice.
* Mix in a blender and drink.
Bernando says he sleeps like a baby and is usually out cold within ten to twenty minutes. As an alternative you can mix with some fresh green vegetable juice made from greens like kale, swiss chard or spinach.

Happy Birthday Grampa!!! And Many Happy Returns!!!
You can wish Bernando a Happy Birthday on his website here





  1. Happy Birthday Mr. LaPallo! May God continue to richly bless you and keep you! Thank you for blessing us with the knowledge God has shared with you. I am looking forward to hearing a lot more from you!

  2. Thank you Carrie!
    Truly, Ekayani Chamberlin, grand daughter


  3. "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERNANDO LAPALLO!! Another celebration of your birth is a wonderful gift to us all. Rock N Roll and may you continue to impart your happy and healthy living to all those you meet <3 <3 <3"

    Meagan Perry

  4. "Not sure that my post went through on your site but I wanted to pass on my best wishes to Sir Bernando. Hip Hip Hooray, for great wisdom and sobriety. The race is not for the swift but for those who KNOW how to endure.

    All my love to you both,

  5. "That's unbelievable!!! Wish him a Happy Birthday & God Bless him. XOXO Rosalba"

  6. "Hello,
    My name is Stephanie Taylor, I just wanted to send a quick email to connect with you. Let me start off by saying I have such great respect and adoration for you and your grandfather. You both have inspired RawPreservation, and I needed to reach out and let you know. Thank you for your blog it is filled with so much wonderful information.

    Thank you

    Stephanie M. Taylor

  7. My name is Neon Johnson Happy Birthday to your grandfather and I wish him many more
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