Friday, August 31, 2012

Hydrating Toner - A Rave Review from A Tough Audience

Lee Chamberlin

One of my toughest customers has been my own mother. A fountain of support in innumerable ways convincing her to try the Sense skin care line was not easy. I thought I had a slam dunk at Christmas time. The Basic Pack was the perfect gift. It's a rare woman that can resist beauty treatments right?  What could be sweeter than getting a little TLC in the form of spa grade products from your  own daughter?  I was excited at the prospect of how thrilled I thought she would be and imagined she would scamper off to the bathroom right away to try them out. I was pleased knowing that I had given her something that was easy to travel with, packaged to protect from UV rays and bacteria, that would last her months and was nourishing and healing to her skin.When the Big Day arrived with everyone unwrapping their presents I anticipated her squeals of delight.

                                                 Frosty Reception?

Perhaps it was because she had already tried a bajillion products that had disappointed her again and again. Perhaps my claims that the products would heal, nourish, hydrate and balance her skin at a cellular level just seemed too farfetched. Whatever the case, my mother the veteran of spa facial treatments from the top purveyors of said services in the cities of Los Angeles and New York was unmoved. Why should she believe these products would help her complexion when expensive treatments had only provided temporary relief?  How could it be so simple? She had endured steaming, squeezing and laser treatments for all those years and had spent a small fortune on products. In short, I was just her daughter and what did I know? While she assured me she would try them once back in France (much to my chagrin) and only after all her other products had run out,  it was clear I was going to have to wait. And wait. And wait.


December 2011 to August 2012

Clary Sage, Green Tea & Grape Seed help refine and brighten the skin

Last week and nearly a year later I finally got this amazing testimonial.

 "The hydrating toner is just that. At last I have found the perfect solution for my skin that truly balances it- and that's a good thing.

 - Lee Chamberlin, Artistic Director, PIP 

The combination of clary sage, green tea and grape seed extracts help refine and brighten the skin while gently removing excess dirt and makeup. Pores are closed and the skins natural ph balance restored. I discovered in our follow up conversation that she had been using soap to clean her skin. This is a big no no. Soap is drying and clogging and while it might be okay for your body depending on what kind it is I do not recommend it for the face. I had assumed she knew that and had failed to ask more probing questions from the outset. She revealed that she realized the soap had been clogging her pores and drying out her skin which lead to her sebaceous glands producing more oil to compensate for the drying effect of the soap which created more pimples. You can see the round robin effect of drying, clogging and oily breakouts. I asked her how she liked the soap free cleanser and she said "It works well!" It turns out these two products are her favorites. And there you have it -  The equivalent of a rave review from one of the toughest critics in the world. (Love you forever Mom.) 

To Learn More About the late  Lee Chamberlin go here (1938 - 2014) 

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