Saturday, August 18, 2012

Children's Hunger Run 5K in Social Media Time!

Photo by Dave Wentz CEO Usana Health Sciences
Social Media can be a wonderful thing. This is a shot of the runners assembled this morning in Salt Lake City, Utah an hour ago (7AM Mountain Time) to run the 5K for the Children's Hunger Run. It looks a bit over cast so I take comfort in the fact that they might not be too bad off running a race in heat that has been in the triple digits in Utah this summer. They would have done so anyway just like last year as all the money raised goes to ophanages established in the war torn countries where countless children have lost their parents due to the folly of man.CHF work is expansive covering many states in the U.S. Programs are broad in scope and includes farming to emergency disaster relief. The programs are impressive. Better yet the overhead is low.

Halfway There! Photo by MJ Holmes
USANA’s Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz created the Foundation (est. 2012) to enable the USANA family to expand and enhance their on-going charitable efforts.

Congrats to All The Runners! Photo by Steve Yu

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