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Skin Care 101 - for Men! Guest Post from Jessica Reimer

USANA’s Inside Beauty #2: Skin Care 101 — for Men!
When a man looks at a woman he loves a girl with beautiful clear skin but did you know gals look for the same thing in guys? Gentleman a healthy glowing skin is sexy and attractive to the ladies! It also shows you care about yourself and are willing to do what it takes to be healthy. After all if she loves you she's going to want you around for a long time. This article first published on What's Up Usana Inside Beauty series October 14 2010 written by Jessica Reimer

Let’s face it — men like things simple. Easy, no-fuss solutions to everyday concerns. In many cases, skin care is probably the least of a man’s concerns and seems far too complicated or feminine to approach. Navigating through cleansers, toners, and moisturizers can be confusing and intimidating. So it comes as no surprise that men tend to spend much less time than women caring for their skin. However, that is starting to change (thank goodness!).

“It took me 6 years to drop my manly stupidity and try my wife Vicki’s Sensé products. I love it so much that I now use it every day … men, you must try it if you have not. Don’t be such a late starter like me!”
— Claude Everard Fullinfaw, USANA Associate

There is a rapidly increasing trend when it comes to men’s grooming products. More and more, men are starting to realize the importance of caring for their skin properly. After all, your skin is a mirror of your overall health. It is the largest organ and the first line of defense for your body. Healthy skin is essential for today’s modern man and taking a few extra steps can yield dramatic results. Forget complicated regimens and take a look at 5 steps to healthy, leading-man skin.

1. What’s Your Type? Know your skin type. In general, men tend to have much oilier (and thicker) skin than women and most will fall into the “Normal” or “Combination” skin care categories. If this sounds like you, it means that you have active sebaceous glands which help you look younger, but also can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Choosing products that balance your sebum (natural moisture) levels will help keep skin clear. However, if your skin is usually very dry and possibly flaky, you fall into the “Dry” or “Sensitive” category. This means you are more prone to developing premature wrinkles due to the lack of moisture in your skin. You will want to choose products designed to replenish lost moisture and increase elasticity.

2. Keep it Clean. Washing your face (preferably morning and night) with lukewarm water and a mild daily cleanser will help remove the dirt, excess oil, and pollutants that tend to build up on your skin during the day. Excess dirt and oil can clog your pores and cause unsightly breakouts. Avoid using soap which can be very drying, and instead reach for Sensé Gentle Daily Cleanser which gently removes dirt and oil without leaving your skin thirsty.
3. Out with the Old, In with the New. Exfoliating is different from cleansing. Using a gentle exfoliator like Sensé Rice Bran Polisher before you shave will leave your skin feeling baby soft. Sloughing off dead, flaky skin cells prior to using a razor helps prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. Be sure to completely rinse the exfoliator off before shaving. Also, don’t skip the shave cream. This layer of moisture guards your skin from nicks and cuts.
4. Treat Yourself. Moisturizing isn’t just for the ladies! Shaving can make your tough, manly skin quite dry. Apply moisturizer every day after shaving. If you wash your face at night (like you should!), apply your moisturizer after cleansing. For excessively oily skin, use Sensé Perfecting Essence as your moisturizer. This gentle, light formula is perfect for renewing the skin and visibly improving its texture. For all other skin types, try Sensé Daytime Protective Moisturizer during the day and Sensé Night Renewal Creme before bed.

Shape Up! Eat well and exercise. Taking care of your skin from the inside out is part of the routine. Eating plenty of fruits and veggies high in antioxidants will help maintain healthy, glowing skin. Also, exercising regularly will not only help you feel better, but it will help you look better too! Sweating during exercise allows your body to cleanse itself naturally and helps unclog your pores. Trust me, you won’t be the only one noticing a difference!
So there you have it. Steps to better skin and a better you! That wasn’t so hard was it?!
For more information on men’s skin care and an interview with our own Dr. John McDonald, visit Shane Farmer's Skin Project


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