Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nothing But Green Lights? Mad As A Hatter CFL Lights Filled with Mercury

CFL are made with the toxic biohazard mercury

On February 13 New York Magazine ran a piece called "Nothing But Green Lights" which was meant to "illuminate the choices" on a slew of new light bulbs produced as a result of the new energy efficiency laws. Among the options of LED, halogen incandescent and classic incandescent were CFL or compact florescent lights with the notation that " some environmentalists fret over the presence of mercury..." What author Jenni Avins failed to mention is that mercury is considered by scientists like Dr. Myron Wentz to the most toxic metal to the human body. While she did mention that CFL's need to be taken back to Home Depot to be recycled the question is where are they recycled? If the answer is our landfills and water supply we need to take a serious look at the other three options. We are all environmentalists since we all live in this environment called planet earth and until they make a new one we best take care.

Important Facts About Mercury gleaned from the book The Healthy Home
+ Mercury can poison and kill virtually every cell in the body
+ Mercury is many times more poisonous than arsenic, lead or even cadmium. I had an old friend who was a professional painter who poisoned himself with the lead from his use of a certain paint pigment. He became quite ill losing his  hair and weight in the process. Toxic substances need to be handled with extreme care.
+ Mercury has a high affinity for nerve cells, tissues and readily enters the brain
+ Mercury is found in hundreds of products such as antiseptics (!), batteries, cosmetics (like mascara) diaper products, fabric softeners, perfumes,  wood preservatives and in your mouth as fillings to name just a few!

Mad As A Hatter
In the nineteenth century mercury was used extensively in the manufacture of hats in England. Mercury vapors inhaled by the hat makers caused damage to the central nervous system causing trembling. Look at this old video from documented mercury poisoning in Minamata Bay, Japan circa 1957 The Minamata StoryLight bulbs break. If you break a CFL light in your home do not vacuum it up. Open the windows and evacuate everyone in the house. Put on a mask and sweep the contents into a sealable plastic bag like a zip lock. Then take it to a recycling center. Do not toss it into the trash. Here is a case study written up by a State Farm agent in Maine Leavenworth insurance

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