Tuesday, March 13, 2012

M is for Maidenform - Feeling and Looking Good Beyond the Catwalk

I snapped this self portrait at Maidenform

March 13, 2012
This is a short story that began long ago. Walking into the Manhattan design headquarters of Maidenform today I felt fantastic. Eight years have passed since the last time I worked there as a  model circa 2003. My job description: fit model trying on new garments before hundreds of thousands go out to production. Cool, huh?  Very.  I feel good because I am getting a second chance to pick up where I left off. And as far as looking good for anyone who is reading this blog it won't be lost on you that I am a health nut.  Take care of your health and reap the benefits.
If I Could Go Back In Time
When I first started modeling in Paris in 1989 the first gig I got just days after I arrived was working the show room for Loris Azzarro that well known house of elegant and slightly flashy maker of evening gowns. It meant that I paraded up and down the fuzzy white carpeted room where the buyers would come to make their choices of gowns to sell in the cities and towns around France and beyond. The job was great, my co - model Nelly was a sweetheart, our boss kind and we were paid fairly.
As time went on I was eventually accepted by GLAMOUR model agency and the pressure of trying to "make it big" up on the catwalk took over. I mean with supermodels like Katoucha and Sonya Cole in the same agency it was hard not to feel seduced to try!
Sonya Cole in Paco Rabanne circa 1991

However looking back I often regretted I didn't take that job at Christian Dior working in the showroom beyond the first fitting with Gianfranco Ferre. Alas my brain had been hit by the fever of the live shows. It was exciting going to see Mugler but the truth was I didn't know how good I had it back in the showroom. Like a moth to a flame I was drawn to the bright lights only to be burned by the reality that only a very few would make it to that echelon. You see their are many niches in the modeling world. The women you see on the cover of magazines and in the shows are only part of the story. Behind the industry are the fit models who play a vital role in making sure the garments are production ready by trying them on and giving the designer critical feedback on the true fit of the garment who then relays it to the seamstresses. When the OK is given these same patterns will be turned into thousands of garments sold all over the country. And this is where I belong.  It's a great place for me because I can do two of the things I love: Giving my opinion while modeling.  Happy 90th Birthday Maidenform and thank you for making this lady feel good!

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