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Becky Tarbotton of Inspiration 1973 - 2012

Yes she is gone but surely not forgotten. These words strike the balance between science and faith, the importance of perseverance. the necessity of passing the torch, looking hard at the reality of our failures while appreciating the importance of victories. Neither Apathy, Cynicism or Idle Dreams stopped her. For me this address is pure inspiration and and a continued call to action for Earth. Rest in peace somehow does not seem appropriate. Her spirit is so strong! It feels as if she has just lifted off to do MORE! Thank you Sister!!! Surely you are dear to the Creator's Heart for all the gratitude you expressed via action. Let us do the same. Read her Vision for the Future here rans-vision-future

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Book Keeping Company of New York City Hosts Sleepinar

This is a recapitulation of a SLEEPINAR  for the employees of The Book Keeping Company of New York City held on Wednesday December 19, 2012 at their offices located on 27 West 20 Street in New York City. 

Practical Tool; Take the True Health Assessment
Thank you for liking and leaving your comments on I conducted with Karen Yanku of Karina Yanku Healing Arts. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with all of you.  Let's keep the conversation going. Healthy & Prosperous New Year to You! - Ekayani

There are multiple factors that contribute to poor sleep.
According to Dr. Breus "the sleep doctor" some of the benefits of sleep are
* lower blood pressure
* better memory
*increased energy
*slimmer waist lines
*strengthened immune and endocrine system
* increased lifespan
Your B Vitamins help convert tryptophan to seratonin a hormone that effects sleep and mood.

Later Bedtimes = Weight Gain
*Try going to bed at the same time every night - at least as often as possible!
* Late night snacks and later bedtimes prevent weight loss
* Eating at 10PM a no no. If you must eat consume fresh fruit salad, health salad, or a smoothie/protein shake
* Eat breakfast and lunch so you are not starving by dinner time
Sleep Deprivation Leads to a Shift in Hormones that boost appetite and less of the hormone that signals fullness
* The body can't burn calories during the day
* Compromised immune & endocrine system
* Premature aging (and who wants that??)
*Weakend heart

Tips and Strategies to Improve Sleep

* Unplug and Unwind. Turn off all electronic devices in the bedroom
* Sleep in a darkened bedroom. Light keeps you awake as we were made to get up with the sun. Digital clocks, nightlights, iPads, cell phones, TVs, etc. interfere with your sleep pattern
* Hazards of EMFs and  Box springs - like sleeping in a microwave oven all night as the emfs are attracted to the metal springs in your bed. This is running through you body all night long when you should be repairing oxidative damage you were exposed to during the day. Give your body a chance to heal and avoid cancer
* Get bedding made from natural organic materials if possible. CocoMat, Hastens, Savoir, Futon beds
* Use cotton organic sheets
* Off gas your solidified petroleum bed once a week. Open the windows, air out the room.
* Caffeine & Alcohol - Cut back. An up and down cycle is started. Your drink coffee for the jolt in the morning but more than a cup after 3PM is going to keep you up at night. So what do you do? You go for that cocktail to unwind. When you wake up at 3 AM from a fitful sleep the cycle starts again.

Begin a Bedtime Routine of Self Care
You deserve it! Start to turn inward by setting out your clothes for the next day, preparing your lunch or breakfast. Make your to do list so you don't lie awake all night. Take a relaxing bath, get a massage of perform self massage. Increase your melatonin intake,increase your magnesium intake, make a sleepy time smoothie like this

Your Nutrition Your Health Your Productivity
Optimal nutrition is the most important factor in staying healthy & having a functioning immune system that can beat cancer,anxiety,depression,fatigue,heart disease,obesity, diabetes and more. And it begins with your CELLS! Your body is made of 50 trillion cells that all have an excretory, respitory and reproductive system. Your body REQUIRES 45 vitamins,minerals and nutrients on a daily basis to remain healthy. For the sake of being targeted to your needs here at TBC of NYC I am focusing on just four (4) today.
They are
Vitamin D
Vitamin E or Omega 3 Fatty Acids

VITAMIN D The Sunshine Vitamin that is really a hormone
Vitamin D is a miracle. The Linus Pauling Institute recommends 2000 IU per day for adults. Notoriously absent in 70% of the US population including children the benefits of are too long to mention here but include normal brain development , function, cognition. Cancer prevention, mood upliftment (I've got sunshine on a cloudy day!), immune system boosting against the common cold. If you are an office worker, night shift worker or live in a big city where we spend the majority of our time indoors you need to look into this. If the winter is one long cold and flu season check into this. Dark winter months, shorter days, lack of sunshine can be counteracted with a high quality Vitamin D supplement. Usana makes an excellent version of this. Spending 30 to 45 minutes in the sun daily without sunscreen is ideal. Sunlight needs to hit the skin directly to produce D.

MELATONIN the Sleep Hormone and Free Radical Scavenger

 Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that decreases with age. By promoting sleep and inactivity while your cellular activity is at it's highest while you sleep it allows the odys natural antioxidant defenses to overcome the oxidative stress that occurs during the day from stress,sun,smog,emf's. Remember the body repairs itself at NIGHT not during the day. An excellent source of melatonin is PURE REST. It's not a sleeping pill and it's non addictive.

MAGNESIUM for Energy Metabolic function Nerves Skin Bones Nails 
Magnesium is required for more than 300 metabolic reactions many of which are important for brain function. Energy levels, good skin, solid nerves, strong nails and bones need magnesium. It works in tandem with Calcium and unlocks calciums ability to do it's job. Magnesium is the "keys to the car". Your cells cannot convert food into energy nor can they excrete waste matter properly without this fuel. Deficiencies can appear as muscle spasms, muscle cramps, menstrual cramps,tremors,acne,eczema, and "flying off the handle". Usana has a non shell fish or no bones sourced  vegetarian friendly bio available form of this.

VITAMIN E or OMEGA  Fatty Acids the Fat Soluble Anti Oxidant

 Protect your eye sight andbrain function with adequate in takes of Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps maintain the cells that maintain the retina. They help protect against damage to the sensory nerves, help maintain with balance and coordination. Also the moisture in the skin. For vegans and vegetarians this can be found in the oils/seeds of sunflower,pumpkin,chia,flax and olive oil. Cold water fish such as salmon,sardines,mackerel. It can also be obtained in a mercury free triple distilled supplement BioMega by Usana Health Sciences.


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Imagine No Fracking Comment Period Ends Jan 11. 2013

Sign of the Times;  Imagine No Fracking by Yoko and Sean Lennon

In Williamsburg on  December 8th, 2012  I was biking to a get together when I spied this sign Imagine There's No Fracking Love Yoko and Sean . This is the new battleground and after seeing LINCOLN I am ready to type out my comments daily until January 11th . Why January 11, 2013 you ask?
January 11th is the day that the comment period that didn't  hear about up till now closes. The Governor the DEC , the Mayor of New York  really need to get a lot more serious on this and wake up to the fact that poisoning water is a dead end.  Really this should be a non issue...but it's not. I found this approach presented by UNITED for ACTION  to be a very creative way to reboot and send back to the netherlands with a resounding NO  the inadequate approach to poisoning our water supply. Drinking, bathing, cooking,swimming, gardening, recreational, habitat for wild itself - all those things I appreciate and need.  Don't you? Come on New York let's do it again.. The consequences are death. Don't Let the DEC grinch ruin your holidays or your water supply

Thanks for sharing on google plus,twitter, linkedin and whatever social media you use.
Make beer? Have a farm? Love your children? Into the outdoors? Get concerned, get informed,get busy. It's up to us.

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Meet Your Sleepinar Team - Profiles of the Experts

Meet your Sleepinar Team!  Sheryl Rosenthal AADP , Karen Yanku,Lmt, Maher Benham, certified JivaMukti teacher and Martha Graham dancer, and myself Ekayani Chamberlin Sense skin care expert. It's clear that North Americans are not getting enough sleep.Find Sleepinars on facebook.

The Art of the Lullaby - Getting Your Child to Sleep Through the Night an interactive for children and parents with Maher Benham
An interactive session for parents and children! Learn how music, dance and creative movement can calm and soothe you and your infants and children preparing the family for a sound and restoring sleep. Bring your family and join us for fun and relaxing session!

Maher Benham is a certified JivamuktiYoga Teacher, a Martha Graham dancer, and the Founder and Artistic Director of Coyote Dancers, a modern dance troupe.Martha Graham gave Maher her permission to teach the Graham Technique anywhere in the world in her name.  Maher is also the Founder and Artistic Director of Shakti Raja Yoga and The Hummingbirds Institute, a program of dance, yoga and music for people with special needs.  She is now establishing The Maher Benham School of Dance and Yoga in Soho.
Effective Treatments for Restorative Sleep with Karen Elaine Yanco, LMT
Interactive: Learn simple self massage techniques for a better night's sleep.
* How A Bad Mattress & Pillow Can Harm Your Body
* How Effective Massage Can Mimic Restorative Sleep
* Circadian Rhythms - How Sound  Music Affect Sleep
* Color Therapy for Sleep
Karen has been in practice for 15 years. She finds that three of the most profound healing elements on Earth are sound, rhythm and touch. They are the most primal forces we humans resonate with, regardless of race, gender, age and culture.  A warm, reassuring touch or the sound of beautiful music can literally restore and lift your spirit, grounding you and letting you know that you are safe and loved.The mission of Karina Yanku Healing Arts is the discovery and creation of new ways to merge these powerful energies of massage and music to affect an even greater sense of balance and well-being.  Whether it is Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hawaiin Lomi Lomi, massage accompanied by live didgeridoo, vibrational sound therapy, or composing exclusive musical scores for OANAMASSAGE ®, she seeks to provide increasingly innovative healing therapies for the 21st Century, specializing in touch, rhythm and sound for the body, mind and soul.
The Importance of Sleeping in a Toxin Free Environment
   with Sheryl Rosenthal owner Broadening Horizons, CHHP, AADP 
Sheryl will be giving an introductory talk on positive changes you can make in your home and lifestyle to support your sleep, including an interactive meditation exercise.
* Are hidden toxins in your environment sabotaging your sleep?
 * Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Health and Wellness
* Setting Up for Sleep Success
Sheryl Rosenthal is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Sheryl trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia Teachers’ College. As a NYS licensed Special Educator with a Masters in Educational Psychology and certification as a Music Therapist, Sheryl has over 25 years of experience helping children, adolescents and adults improve their quality of life through step by step individualized plans based upon their bio individuality and lifestyle.
Night Renewal & The Care of Your Skin- Restoring the Look of Youth While Mending the Look of Aging
with Ekayani Chamberlin, Sense Beautiful Science Usana Health Sciences

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and is the barrier between pathogens and your internal organs. Protecting your skin from sun, smog, smoke, and stress during the day is just half the picture. Night time is the right time to reverse the signs of aging on our skin. Proper sleep and the right ingredients that hydrate, protect against oxidative damage and supply topical nutrition for the health of your cells are critical to younger looking skin that’s truly healthy from the inside out.
* Learn About the Importance of Beauty Sleep
* Learn How RegenisomesTM Enzyme Technology mends the look of aging
* Learn About the Harmful Effects of Parabens and the wonders of Self -  Preserving Technology
* Learn How to Protect Your Cells from Oxidative Stress
* What Does Nutrition Have to Do with Your Skin?
On the Web:
Ekayani Chamberlin is a Sense Skin Care expert for Usana Health Sciences  a, pharmaceutical grade company that specializes in internal and external nutrition for optimal health. Her passion is educating both men and women about the importance of the nutritive value of what they ingest through the skin, the body's largest organ. Now 49, Ekayani got her start in fashion where she was exposed to many of the "top" products and found them to be expensive and ineffectual. A third generation healer, Ekayani's foundation for healthy living comes from her 111 year old grandfather, author, lecturer and chef Bernando LaPallo, who impressed upon her benefits of optimal nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude.

Miami Weekend with Synergy Yoga Castle Beach

It's been two months (September 29th, 2012)  since I performed a funky and healing house music from our album Yoga on the Dance Floor and Sanskrit Mantras (Glide Recordings) at Synergy Yoga Miami's new center housed in the massive Castle Beach on Collins Avenue. Aside from the usual report back on show attendance (good), level of engagement (great), level of enthusiasm (fantastic!), devotion (thanks Victoria!)  there were added layers to the entire weekend that were sweet, healing, mystical, cooperative, delicious. The wonderful thing about going on tour is the chance  to steep myself in the locality and the culture of the people. By nature it is short thus intense and for that reason more memorable. My four day jaunt to Miami and SoBe has been on my mind ever since I got back to Brooklyn so why has it taken me so long to write about it?  It is in part because I feel like I am still there savoring every moment. The above photo is of the view to the ocean behind the Castle Beach condos. A throw back to the days of 1950's idea of luxury it is large, massive and eccentric even with the valet parking.

  Healing Moonlight Meditation with Arjan Kaur

One of my new friends Arjan Kaur, a teacher at Synergy Yoga Miami was about to set up for a Moonlight Meditation. We rode up together and my usual reservations about participating dissolved.
Arjan on left & Ekayani
This was going to be my first one and it was outdoors on the beach. The weather was perfect. 86F with a slight breeze a huge yellow moon that looked more mystical than usual due to it's being draped with clouds floated above the water. In fact the entire time I was following along doing "kriyas" or movements with Arjan and the gang I couldn't help but feel I was getting a glimpse into one of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's past times, the enormous personality of paramount mercy who is compared to a Golden Moon. He was in fact the reason why I was in Miami. Singing about paha dui jana had gained me entry so witnessing this golden moon suspended above the ocean seemed to me to be non different from Sri Caitanya.
Caitanya Mahaprabhu in an ecstatic mood mistaking the ocean for the Yamuna river

As I had had a very late night Saturday with the concert and the (hilarious) drive home, my body was feeling the stiffness from extended travel and little sleep. I bowed to Arjan whose Greek wedding style shoulder movements had helped loosen my spine and made my way inside the Russian Turkish Baths the Floridian counterpart of New York's East Village bath house. Outlandish as it is with Roman statues, red glass chandeliers and labyrinthian corridors leading to various hot rooms, it proved  both relaxing and amusing. I was in good company with a show attendee who delivered a healing invocation that I had been hoping for regarding healing our waters. Read about that in Heart Technology here

Cranking Sound Collective Efforts Delicious Vegan Food Stuffs

Hire Chef Amanda Resto for your next groovy event. You'll be glad you did!

Being a non traditional performance venue the challenge in a yoga studio is getting a club worthy PA system.  Big thanks to Ray at 7th Circuit from the Moksha Family who donated a sound system that did the job . With  Len donating the club lights, Tato on set up, Serge who set up the projector we had a real disco! The joke was on Victoria Brunacci and myself who got to  the center at Castle Beach  ten minutes before the doors were set to open to a crowd waiting for the doors to open! So much for the general wisdom  that "everyone always comes late" in Miami. With the good graces of Vegan Chef Amanda Resto of Flameless Foods we had a feast that was out of this world! Sadhu (who posted the video below)  had purchased us a live pizza replete with black olives that I happily devoured along with her delicious apricot chia sweet balls reminiscent of laghlu's a specialiy from Jagganatah Puri. I enjoyed a walnut humus that was a welcome departure from the classic chickpea and Amanda's  delicious uncooked flax seed squares.
Hire this lady by finding Flameless Foods on facebook!
Enjoy this clip from the party. Ekayani on the mic while Victoria does asanas to our track Third Eye.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Relaxation Station or How I Threw a Sense Foot Care Spa Party

Tools for a Spa Pedicure

Who says business has to be boring and staid? Business is all about having fun with people you like to spend time with. Enriching peoples lives through self knowledge and a better understanding of the miraculous machine they are inhabiting known as the human body is very satisfying to me. To prepare for my Holiday Spa Foot Care Party I sent out  hand written invitations three weeks in advance by post asking everyone to RSVP 4 days before the event. This gave me plenty of time to pick up extra things I might need and adjust recipes. It also made the invitees feel special. Which they are. In North America today with rising insurance costs and a sub par medical system strained to the limit, there is an ever expanding audience yearning for real simple solutions to solid everyday health. Sharing this info can be as creative as you are with your special stamp on it. For example, I wanted a cozy fire but since we don't have a fireplace a Yule Log "burning" on the DVD complete with sound effects provided a soothing and amusing atmosphere while serving as a  backdrop for my Sense display. At the end of the party everyone was given the instruments we used plus an Usana magnet to gaze fondly upon every time they pass their fridge, a Winter Product catalog to shop by and a snowflake to decorate with.
Yule Log DVD Display

 What to Eat? Serve Healthy Snacks!

Get your hands off my vegan bars!
 Inspired by the holidays I served guests what I like to call Un-Egg Nog and Ginger Snap originating from Usana's Test Kitchen whipped up by the brilliant Diana Yin. Just using extracts and a few spices blended together with   French Vanilla Nutrimeal  I was able to offer everyone a complete meal replacement disguised as a decadent beverage without the sugar rush and insane amount of calories. It also opened peoples taste buds to a food based protein shake that didn't taste like chalk! Nutrimeal boasts only 250 calories per 10 ounce serving if made with a water  base. In bowls I placed an antioxidant trail mix of almonds (which are great for your skin) along with organic dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds making for a colorful and yummy low cal treat. Of course, Usana also makes a delicious version of this with the new vegan Go Nuts and Berries bar that is as satisfying as it is good. A great stocking stuffer or treat for the kids! Get them on the good stuff young.

Relaxation Station for Your Feet!

We have been through a lot here in New York City with Hurricane Sandy so I wanted to do a holiday party that was warm, comforting and inviting. The advantage is that it is easily worked into a weekly self care routine if not daily. Your feet carry you every day through life while suffering the indignities of wearing shoes that are too tight, hidden away from air, sunlight and the feel of the green grass. In the Big Apple our feet look like they have been run roughshod. Bunions, callouses and dry heels are the norm. Everyday you see people struggling painfully to walk up flights of steps from the subway because their feet are hurting them so badly. The concrete sidewalks are rough stuff and seems to have a way of showing how unkind it is no matter how fancy the foot wear. Using a simple tub procured at the 5 and dime,  guests placed their feet inside it  while I poured warm water with the antioxidant Energizing Shower Gel  over them. After a soak for 15 minutes, a gentle exfoliation with the metal scraper of the all - in - one home pedicure tool took off an initial layer of dead skin.
Guys Need Pampered Feet Too

After a rinse, a liberal amount of Sense Rice Bran Polisher was applied to the dry areas including the tops of the toes and heels.
The papaya enzyme is an exfoliator so it was allowed to sit on the feet for 10 minutes or so before being gently massaged in with the pumice stone. The rice bran polisher is full of orzaynol very rich Vitaman E  to further soften the skin and hydrate it. The beadlets gently removed more dead skin with the action of the pumice stone. Another rinse and my guests were marveling at how smooth and soft their feet were feeling and how relaxed they were feeling! After toweling their feet dry Sense Night Renewal Cream (that has extra emollients of A C & E in a shea butter formula) was applied.  If they felt their heels were particularly cracked Serum Intensive was applied which penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin. As a finishing touch everyone got a dab of Intensive Hand Therapy which Vanessa Soto, LMT, says is "the best hand cream"  she' s ever used. It's rich and absorbs readily into the skin leaving hands feeling nourished and protected without parabens.

Deck Your Halls with Usana 

 I placed gift ideas around the room add to the cheer and inspire thoughts of the specific needs of loved ones in the guests lives.  A trip to the 5 and dime revealed  lovely and inexpensive holiday bags and papier de soie embossed or printed with reds and golds. A Men's Shaving Kit with Rice Bran Polisher, Gentle daily Cleanser and Hydrating Toner to replace burning after shaves were just one of the ideas.

Paiges's Perfections Aromatherapy Candles

Inviting a special vendor who makes a complimentary product for guests to try and buy is a plus as it provides a well rounded selection that enhances what you are trying to accomplish. I invited local artisan Paige Graham who brought some of her seasonal creations like Red Berry Spice, Winter Spruce and Blueberry Cobbler along with her classics Earl Grey, Hot Chocolate, and Natural Lavendar candles. Paige's Perfections warmed up the room and added another dimension to our relaxation. Her candles are non toxic, hand poured and made from soy. Organic cotton wicks are used and no lead with a life of 40 hours. Check her out here : Paiges Perfections

Send Thank You's Send Info Shared

Finally don't forget to thank your guests with a note or an email no more than a week after the event. Include the information you shared during the party so they have that reminder at home. Provide links to recipes, tips and photos of your guests having fun. Providing sincere and quality service will grow your reputation for delivering what's good and expand your business through word of mouth. When someone has had fun with you it's easy to ask if they'd like to do it again or if they'd recommend you to anyone. Share the good life and be happy!
Share the good life and be happy!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lee Chappell's Holiday Inspiration Using the Beauty of the Season

Lee Chappell expertly uses shapes,colors textures to create fall place settings
A mini pumpkin becomes the bowl to hold a pureed pumpkin squash soup

Deck Your Tables With Seasonal Bounty for the Holidays

Last week I had the great good fortune to be invited to a home cooked meal at the residence of legendary nightlife party thrower and promoter of creative expression Mr. Lee Chappell. Lee has an eye for talent and knows how to throw a party be it large or small regardless of the venue. Using local seasonal fare and exploiting the red, green and golden colors of Fall the effect for this dinner was warm, inviting and dazzling. The center piece was no more expensive than New York State apples like Jonagolds, and Cortlands set in an attractive bowl in the middle of the table. Lee is expert at mixing in real ingredients with naturalistic looking props creating a rich and sensual feast for the eyes. Beaded napkin holders, glass acorns, gold rimmed stemware and orange colored "leaves" worked perfectly with the patterned yet more subdued table cloth. As for the dinner itself, the ingredients were found in the local markets no more than a few blocks radius from his home. As you see here, a mini pumpkin was used as a bowl to serve a popular autumnal soup of butternut squash. The pumpkins were baked the night before and hollowed out after cooling. The seeds were saved to roast with the leftover pumpkin meat pureed and added to the existing soup base. Once the lid was removed the roasted pumpkins seeds were revealed to be sitting on top of the soup with an elegant flourish of thyme and rosemary used as garnish. Waste not want not. Talk about good and good for you! Everything was edible including the bowls as the pumpkin skin was tender and thin after baking.
As we sat in wonder my appreciation for every season grew even those we have been taught to regret. As my grandfather says "Everything God makes is good but you need to know how to use it. " Indeed.

Traveling to the Green Markets 

In Union Square the Green Market is back after being displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Gone are the power trucks and back are the farmers vending surprisingly colorful fare. Although I assure you my photo above doesn't capture the brilliance and vibrancy of these bunches of kale they were just as sunny as a summer bouquet. Exactly like over sized flowers I wondered how it was that I had never appreciated them this way before. A victim of pre - packaging like just about everyone else I know,  I only see them already picked clean from the heart , tied in bundles and laying flat in the supermarket looking boring. Here they were in their full splendor! The uses for decor are obvious with very little work on my part. I simply place them on a ceramic platter or other surface that will protect the furniture  while instantly adding seasonal beauty to the room. Post party the same kale will find itself washed, finely chopped and lightly sauteed for a nutrient  rich  dish filled with magnesium, calcium , C and fiber sure to boost any flagging energy with the onset of cold weather. It's worth taking a look at your local community farmers markets during this season with a new appreciation for colorful squash gourds, cabbages, and  celery root  considered less glamorous. Hearty and substantial they will add an entirely new dimension to your dining experience.
What have you planned for the holidays? How will you be incorporating natures bounty artfully into your festivities? I'd love to hear it! Happy Thanks Giving everyone! Blessings to those who find themselves homeless post Sandy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

111 Year Old Bernando LaPallo Speaks Thursday 15 November 2012

Bernando LaPallo Dial In Call This Week

Bernando at Coral Hall in Brooklyn NY January 2012
A special treat awaits those who are ready to live by the creed, "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise." this week. A free dial in call featuring author Bernando LaPallo is being hosted by the Billionaire Mindset Forum at 8AM sharp EST/5AM PST

Born in 1901, Bernando is undoubtedly a man of the world with a sharp mind and sound health. A regular speaker on the  secrets of his health and longevity, he has had distinguished careers as a chef, a merchant marine during the Great War, as a reflexologist, massage therapist, and podiatrist. He will share his pearls of wisdom on how to add more life to your years and talk about his upcoming book. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see or hear him in personhere is your chance. Get up early and make the call!
To Your Health,
Ekayani Chamberlin


Featured Speaker: Bernando LaPallo

Date: Thurs Nov. 15, 2012

Time 8AM to 9AM EST/5AM to 6AM PST

To Listen in:

(712) 432 - 0075
PIN 915358#
Hosted by;  Billionaire Mindset Forum
To learn more about Bernando visit his website here: Age Less Live More Store

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Hurricane Sandy Post from Greenpoint Brooklyn

What my life looked like on Halloween night

I have been sharing information on where people can get help around the 5 boroughs and that is about the extent of what I can do being somewhat landlocked here in Greenpoint. I do not drive and even if I did gas has been reserved for first responders. Although buses were running last week the details regarding how things are running can be your doing or undoing. There was no way to check the frequency of the B62 bus on Manhattan Avenue. After waiting for an hour, when temperatures started to dip I thought it wise to head back home. The number of people in New York City is literally in the millions. During trying circumstances like these it's better to think thoroughly and slowly about the outcomes than find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation with little to no recourse. As for getting around, finally the bike is being repaired today. The L and G trains to Manhattan are not going to be ready in the forseeable future. In Union Square as of Saturday there was a corral of trucks parked on the market square. The task is on to clear the water and repair the damage to that stop. For those who have asked ; "What use a bike could possibly be?"  or "Why is staying healthy important? ',  Hurricane Sandy has made that abundantly clear.  I was able to walk for four hours  without losing my breath or suffering swollen ankles, over and back on the Williamsburg bridge.  With a snow storm headed here this week I pray that all those who are freezing in the Rockaways, Staten Island, Breezy Point, Red Hook, etc. have much needed blankets. I will be open about my wondering aloud what the Red Cross is doing exactly on the ground here as basic things such a warm blankets are badly needed. If anyone has any information to share regarding that kindly comment in the comment section here.And I don't mean just to give them more money. Personally I'd like some proof of activity.
Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop

Walking through the lower east side Saturday 11/3/12, I saw plenty of signs that New Yorkers are pulling together to help each other with donations of food,water, clothing and general supplies. The ING NYC marathon had been cancelled and many of  runners that were  here are headed to Staten Island to help the flood victims that have been really hit hard! So many homes have been destroyed and it is humbling to see that Mother Nature exacts respect. Obviously we need to change the way we live here on the East Coast. New York City uses something like 90% of energy compared to the rest of the state! My downstairs neighbor Mr. Woodrum went out to the Rockaways and said it was pretty grim. He said he thought he was mentally prepared but really nothing could have prepared him for the shock of "third world" conditions with many renters sitting in the cold with no food,water or heat abandoned by landlords who "just don't care". The other extreme were those who were somehow able to mobilize. The bonds of community are apparently coming back into style. Governor Cuomo looked genuinely worried.

It is good to know that a company like Usana Health Sciences  is actively using solar and wind in their manufacturing plant, sourcing only non contaminated ingredients and that anyone not using a hybrid car has to park at the back of the lot and walk to the front. If only EVERY company on the planet was doing the same Mother would be feeling well.  It's clear that the rubber has met the road and that really no more fooling around kids. If you are building a house use solar and wind, if you can conserve and recycle your water do so.
Look here for more info on what USANA does to make a difference.

Wake Up Govenor Cuomo & Mike Bloomberg You are Playing with Fire Water and Gas

Dear Govenor let this be a cautionary incident. Anyone who is native to this city like your Honor, knows that New York is literally layers of 450 years of new upon old construction. Rickety would be an apt desciption in terms of the way everything by some act of God fits together. But there is a lot we don't know.  The 91 homes that caught fire on Breezy Point make it clear that running a gas pipeline is the equivalent to running a bomb through the region. New York, as much as I love her (and I do) , is held together with spit and masking tape. Her fragile infrastructure is sitting on arguably THE most important watershed on the entire East Coast with a straight shot to the oil refineries in New Jersey right across the Hudson river.  The plan is reckless and heedless. I hope that Super Storm Sandy has made it abundantly clear that the Governor and Mayor need to put a screeching halt to all fracked gas constructions in The Rockaways to the Spectra Pipeline on the Hudson River to a stop. You ain't seen nothing yet!  The dimensions of human misery, ecological disaster are hard to fathom but if you think about it just a little bit and multiply what just happened by the entire East Coast and throw in some explosions you will want to stop before you begin. Companies from Texas have no idea what real weather is like. Fury doesn't really begin to describe what will happen if we don't wake up now.  And I mean NOW. Apparently so does Sandy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sleepinar Wrap Up - Night Renewal

A guest at the Sleepinar testing one of COCOMAT's beds SoHo
The first in a series of our Sleepinars held at COCO- MAT Soho on Thursday October 18th was both fun and informative. I'd like to take the opportunity now to thank everyone who attended as your feedback has been tremendous! Clearly we are hitting on a nerve as 60% of North Americans including children are sleep deprived. Many elements were incorporated into the 3.5 hour workshop by our featured presenters who covered different aspects of the benefits of a night of sound sleep.  Were people surprised when Michael Jackson or Brahms appeared on the soundtrack of Maher Benham's Art of the Lullaby?  Sure they were and expecting the unexpected is part of the fun. Movement, meditation, pressure points and questionaires kept everyone alert and engaged. A note of thanks to the staff of COCO MAT who layed out a beautiful spread of anti - oxidant fruits with complimentary camomile tea for our guests. Blueberries, bananas, figs, almonds,walnuts, tomato and feta cheese salad and even mangoes were all provided free of charge making for a decidedly generous and  opulent evening. Door prizes included the heavenly lavender filled aromatherapy pillows in trademark cotton bags, samples of Sensé Night Renewal Cream, a certificate for free private 90 minute yoga session with Maher Benham, a copy of  Karen Yanku's  OanaMassage CD, a book on nutrition courtesy of Sheryl Rosenthal, AADP,  and an extra surprise in the form of a toxin free soy  aromatherapy candle hand poured by Paige's Perfections a Brooklyn based company.
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"That was an interesting evening - I really enjoyed.  I even tried a few of the exercises and pressure points.  I suspect one of my problems is the fact that I spend too many hours at the computer and can't easily quiet my brain..." - Sharon K. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Water Lovers Inter Faith Day of Action Nov 13th

Dear Water Lovers
PLEASE NOTE: *This day of action has been rescheduled for November 13th! Due to Hurricane Sandy the dates were changed.  Check here for locations and remember if there isn't one YOU are a location as well.

At last a spiritual interfaith based approach to turning the tide in favor of water. I sent a suggestion to Food and Water Watch a few weeks back that we  all intercede using a technology that is powerful and emanates from the heart; Prayer or Meditation. Time passed. Then I got a notice asking for my participation on  October 29th in this different kind of action. Please join us whether you are  near or far. Visualize the change of heart in the "powers that be".  Feel it  Meditate on it, Change this for our Mother Earth. Thank you.  - Ekayani
New Yorkers Against Fracking logoJoin Us for a Statewide Day of Spiritual Action....!!!!

"On October 29, interfaith leaders across the state will be holding faith vigils in their own communities, 
calling on Governor Cuomo to ban fracking in New York." 
You don't know HOW happy I was to see this Spiritual Day of Action sent out. At last!!!
I am going! See link for details.  There are inside locations in case of rain. The list seems to be growing. Please spread the word, the vibration, the heart felt prayer. 2012 is on!

A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking, Binghamton, NY
Confluence Park

Join us at Confluence Park for a "A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking:
Vigil to Protect Our Sacred Land & Water" on Monday, October 29 in

We often talk about fracking as an environmental or public health
issue. But really thi...
October 29, 2012 5:30PM
RSVP A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking, Cortland, NY
Market Place Mall

Join us at Market Place Mall for a "A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking:
Vigil to Protect Our Sacred Land & Water" on Monday, October 29 in

We often talk about fracking as an environmental or public health
issue. But really t...
October 29, 2012 5:30PM
RSVP A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking, Brooklyn, NY
Grand Army Plaza Memorial

Join us in Brooklyn for "A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking: Vigil to
Protect Our Sacred Land & Water" on Monday, October 29 at Grand
Army Plaza.

We often talk about fracking as an environmental or public health
issue. But rea...
October 29, 2012 6:00PM
RSVP A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking, Long Island, NY
Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock

Join us on Long Island for "A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking: Vigil to
Protect Our Sacred Land & Water" on Monday, October 29 at Unitarian
Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset.

October 29, 2012 6:00PM
RSVP A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking, Otego, NY
Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery

Join us in Otego for "A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking: Vigil to
Protect Our Sacred Land & Water" on Monday, October 29 at Holy
Myrrhbearers Monastery.

We often talk about fracking as an environmental or public health
October 29, 2012 6:00PM
RSVP A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking, Syracuse, NY
Clinton Square, Downtown Syracuse

Join us for a candlelight vigil in downtown Syracuse's Clinton Square
with music, speakers, poetry and non-denominational ceremony to protect
our precious food and water resources in upstate New York. We will be
October 29, 2012 6:00PM
RSVP A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking, Buffalo, NY
Delaware Park, Hoyt Lake, Next to Marcy Casino

Join us in Buffalo for "A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking: Prayer
Service to Protect our Sacred Land and Water" on Monday, October 29 at
Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park..
October 29, 2012 6:30PM
RSVP A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking, Upper West Side, NY
Riverside Church, Manhattan

Join us on the Upper West Side for "A Spiritual Call to Ban Fracking:
Vigil to Protect Our Sacred Land & Water" on Monday, October 29 at
Riverside Church. Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary, and his
daughter Bethany, wi...
October 29, 2012 6:30PM

Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Holidays Anyone? How To Get Through

The (other) set of Holidays are fast approaching and I am wondering if anyone (other than me) is giving any thoughts to a Holiday Party this season? It may sound corny and you hear the stats on CNN but people really do spend money on gifts so why not on USANA products?
Here are Some Ideas to Snazz Up Your Get Togethers while keeping it healthy.

Delicious Egg Nog recipes & other snazzy Nutrimeal  recipes will keep you and your guests satisfied. Yay! Get the nutrients and deliciousness without the thousands of empty calories. Look here ... the Ginger Snap is darn good.

Very Tasty Low Cal Egg Nog Recipes

Bloating? Liver Aching? Holiday Travel got your Gut in a Rut?
Digestion/Detox Products
Get Through Thanksgiving Christmas New Year Hannukah Holiday Office Parties
Yes, we all know how much people complain about the weight they gain over the holidays. It's one big eating marathon with a lot of sitting around. The most exercise people get is working out their elbow drinking...Prepare them for the onslaught!
We've got it covered with Digestive Enzyme, Probiotic and Hepasil DTX for cocktail swiggers.The sachets of probiotic are slim,small, require no refrigeration and slip into your pocket.

Snacks & Dinners
The new vegan Go Nuts n Berries are like the perfect holiday bar!
Cranberries make them look festive, the nuts are in there and they are just sweet enough.
Packed with Omega 3 of the vegan variety like flax and chia they are perfect for adding to trick or treaters goody bags!
Roasted Apple &  Butter Nut Squash Soup from the Usana Test Kitchen! YES! Cooking with Fibergy

Gluten Free Celiac Safe Chocolate cake made with Garbanzo Beans? Donna Sullivan of Menu for Life said it was fab and had guests guessing on what it was made with. Let them guess!
Check out this post

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Postcards from Summer

The Ferry at Sayville, LI

Summer is over and as usual way too soon. Ice cream, less clothing, longer days and time outside  are what I love about the season. This summer was one of expanded vistas because my Usana business took me all over the place. This was a direct result of getting involved in the lives of my team members that live and work in 3 different states. It was full of adventures, scenic drives and a few mishaps. (Spilling chocolate nutrimeal all over my white sweatshirt inside my bag anyone?) Aside from any rain storms I was caught in or buses I missed, I persevered pushing through with the support of my sponsor. It took me to a lot of wonderful places both externally and inside the lives of others. Without wanting to sound corny, it was really a healing journey listening to dreams. Giving voice to the restorative properties of nature and nutrition I know I did touch lives giving the persons I encountered the courage to kick medications, lose weight, get on a healthier program of daily living and overcome any fears they had about being a business owner. Far from being the scary, cold and callous world of traditional business, this USANA business is fun!  Why? Well just look at the photos! Being outside and meeting new people while sharing the wisdom of Dr. Wentz is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I have been able to marry my love of travel, exploration, wellness and public speaking and mentorship in one. Thanks to those who drove for hours. (You know who you are!)

Fire Island The Pines

I have the most photos from Fire Island being that we made it out several times. Nature walks, jumping in the pool, dipping in the ocean, window shopping, meeting wonderful wellness professionals during sunny days and of course sharing samples of healthy alternatives and ways to keep energy up on a resort that is known for non stop parties and very limited food options was a joy. Rev3 and various takes on Nutrimeal shakes were a huge hit here! We also connected with organizations like Cycle for the Cause that we never would have otherwise.

Dr. Wang poses in front of GALSTON in The Pines

Time to Swim
Healthy Set Up at The Sugar Shack Spaaah Thursdays

Rosehips and Connecticut Lakes

Rosehips grow along the seaside in Ct. These were huge
Nells Lake The best office ever
 A lovely and rapid train ride to Connecticut I got off at Bridgeport. I was taken to this lovely lake where I conducted a one on one outdoor business orientation. How's that for an office setting? Rosehips were plentiful and grow abundantly. I came back to Brooklyn  with a large bag of sea shells that I mixed in the garden soil. The East Coast is truly a lovely watery jungle with low farmlands. Riding through the towns of Guilford, Strattford, New London and back down to New Haven with a customary stop at Pepe's Pizza was perfect. Pools, pool, pooches and beaches made it feel like summer. Thanks.

Ice Cream &  Light Houses

Ice Cream stop in the Cape!
Classic! Light House on the Cape
 Cape Cod is one of the loveliest places in the world with waterways that ring around the landscape like necklaces. I learned about the fragility of the ecosystem there, enjoyed one of the largest ice cream cones I have ever had in my life and was shown unparrelled hospitality. Beach trips and dining by the marina in good company have made for great memories and a desire to go back as often as possible! Donna Sullivan and Meagan Perry are doing great things up there!
With Team Members at at Local Eatery

London Games Garden Party Brooklyn Style

Vanessa Soto, LMT showed us how to stretch
USANA sponsored athlete Conor Dwyer placed during our party!
Our set up for Sense
We threw our own London Olympic Games party and invited about half a dozen over for a RESET presentation, health consultations and Sense mini facials which are always a hit! Vanessa Soto, LMT stopped in and answered questions on the best time to stretch for the avid runners in the group. It was great having Vanessa and her mother stop by and give their testimony. Our gathering was tri- lingual with Spanish , English and Chinese speakers present. Imagine how thrilled we were to hear that the USANA sponsored swimmer Conor Dwyer who went on to win Gold placed for the games during our event! It made it all much more real for us. My kichari dish got nods of approval and samples were appreciated as being good! If your looking for a departure from chalky tasting protein shakes we've got your number.  I covered hundreds of miles and thank goodness that I had my Healthpak, nutrition bars, Sense, and Nutrimeals to keep me going strong while looking as  fresh as a daisy. Here is to creating more valuable memories while supporting  and not destroying nature. This is the business for the 21st century that enters into an easy going conversation that brings fun into the picture. All I can say is I am looking forward to more!
How was your summer?