Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Holidays Anyone? How To Get Through

The (other) set of Holidays are fast approaching and I am wondering if anyone (other than me) is giving any thoughts to a Holiday Party this season? It may sound corny and you hear the stats on CNN but people really do spend money on gifts so why not on USANA products?
Here are Some Ideas to Snazz Up Your Get Togethers while keeping it healthy.

Delicious Egg Nog recipes & other snazzy Nutrimeal  recipes will keep you and your guests satisfied. Yay! Get the nutrients and deliciousness without the thousands of empty calories. Look here ... the Ginger Snap is darn good.

Very Tasty Low Cal Egg Nog Recipes

Bloating? Liver Aching? Holiday Travel got your Gut in a Rut?
Digestion/Detox Products
Get Through Thanksgiving Christmas New Year Hannukah Holiday Office Parties
Yes, we all know how much people complain about the weight they gain over the holidays. It's one big eating marathon with a lot of sitting around. The most exercise people get is working out their elbow drinking...Prepare them for the onslaught!
We've got it covered with Digestive Enzyme, Probiotic and Hepasil DTX for cocktail swiggers.The sachets of probiotic are slim,small, require no refrigeration and slip into your pocket.

Snacks & Dinners
The new vegan Go Nuts n Berries are like the perfect holiday bar!
Cranberries make them look festive, the nuts are in there and they are just sweet enough.
Packed with Omega 3 of the vegan variety like flax and chia they are perfect for adding to trick or treaters goody bags!
Roasted Apple &  Butter Nut Squash Soup from the Usana Test Kitchen! YES! Cooking with Fibergy

Gluten Free Celiac Safe Chocolate cake made with Garbanzo Beans? Donna Sullivan of Menu for Life said it was fab and had guests guessing on what it was made with. Let them guess!
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