Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Postcards from Summer

The Ferry at Sayville, LI

Summer is over and as usual way too soon. Ice cream, less clothing, longer days and time outside  are what I love about the season. This summer was one of expanded vistas because my Usana business took me all over the place. This was a direct result of getting involved in the lives of my team members that live and work in 3 different states. It was full of adventures, scenic drives and a few mishaps. (Spilling chocolate nutrimeal all over my white sweatshirt inside my bag anyone?) Aside from any rain storms I was caught in or buses I missed, I persevered pushing through with the support of my sponsor. It took me to a lot of wonderful places both externally and inside the lives of others. Without wanting to sound corny, it was really a healing journey listening to dreams. Giving voice to the restorative properties of nature and nutrition I know I did touch lives giving the persons I encountered the courage to kick medications, lose weight, get on a healthier program of daily living and overcome any fears they had about being a business owner. Far from being the scary, cold and callous world of traditional business, this USANA business is fun!  Why? Well just look at the photos! Being outside and meeting new people while sharing the wisdom of Dr. Wentz is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I have been able to marry my love of travel, exploration, wellness and public speaking and mentorship in one. Thanks to those who drove for hours. (You know who you are!)

Fire Island The Pines

I have the most photos from Fire Island being that we made it out several times. Nature walks, jumping in the pool, dipping in the ocean, window shopping, meeting wonderful wellness professionals during sunny days and of course sharing samples of healthy alternatives and ways to keep energy up on a resort that is known for non stop parties and very limited food options was a joy. Rev3 and various takes on Nutrimeal shakes were a huge hit here! We also connected with organizations like Cycle for the Cause that we never would have otherwise.

Dr. Wang poses in front of GALSTON in The Pines

Time to Swim
Healthy Set Up at The Sugar Shack Spaaah Thursdays

Rosehips and Connecticut Lakes

Rosehips grow along the seaside in Ct. These were huge
Nells Lake The best office ever
 A lovely and rapid train ride to Connecticut I got off at Bridgeport. I was taken to this lovely lake where I conducted a one on one outdoor business orientation. How's that for an office setting? Rosehips were plentiful and grow abundantly. I came back to Brooklyn  with a large bag of sea shells that I mixed in the garden soil. The East Coast is truly a lovely watery jungle with low farmlands. Riding through the towns of Guilford, Strattford, New London and back down to New Haven with a customary stop at Pepe's Pizza was perfect. Pools, pool, pooches and beaches made it feel like summer. Thanks.

Ice Cream &  Light Houses

Ice Cream stop in the Cape!
Classic! Light House on the Cape
 Cape Cod is one of the loveliest places in the world with waterways that ring around the landscape like necklaces. I learned about the fragility of the ecosystem there, enjoyed one of the largest ice cream cones I have ever had in my life and was shown unparrelled hospitality. Beach trips and dining by the marina in good company have made for great memories and a desire to go back as often as possible! Donna Sullivan and Meagan Perry are doing great things up there!
With Team Members at at Local Eatery

London Games Garden Party Brooklyn Style

Vanessa Soto, LMT showed us how to stretch
USANA sponsored athlete Conor Dwyer placed during our party!
Our set up for Sense
We threw our own London Olympic Games party and invited about half a dozen over for a RESET presentation, health consultations and Sense mini facials which are always a hit! Vanessa Soto, LMT stopped in and answered questions on the best time to stretch for the avid runners in the group. It was great having Vanessa and her mother stop by and give their testimony. Our gathering was tri- lingual with Spanish , English and Chinese speakers present. Imagine how thrilled we were to hear that the USANA sponsored swimmer Conor Dwyer who went on to win Gold placed for the games during our event! It made it all much more real for us. My kichari dish got nods of approval and samples were appreciated as being good! If your looking for a departure from chalky tasting protein shakes we've got your number.  I covered hundreds of miles and thank goodness that I had my Healthpak, nutrition bars, Sense, and Nutrimeals to keep me going strong while looking as  fresh as a daisy. Here is to creating more valuable memories while supporting  and not destroying nature. This is the business for the 21st century that enters into an easy going conversation that brings fun into the picture. All I can say is I am looking forward to more!
How was your summer?

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