Monday, June 18, 2012

MyHealthpak The Importance of Customized Nutrition

Sahadeva El is and old buddy of mine going back at least twenty years. In the past year we ended up of running into each other several times due a couple of trips I took to Philadelphia The City of Brotherly Love; The first time was during  The We Love Water Tour sponsored by the Green Bus  and the second for The Festival Of India in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Through several brief conversations I became reacquainted with Saha  discovering he has many talents including construction, a knack for gourmet vegetarian cooking and marketing. He also seems to embody the song "Rambling Man" because  every time I hear from him he is in a different state about to move onto the next one. An extremely busy man, he still takes time to care for all his friends sending them birthday wishes complete with smiley faces for weeks leading up the actual day. This was the case with my own birthday and every few days I'd get a message like my own personal cheer leading squad about my birthday in April. One day based on a gut feeling, I mentioned that I had a skin care and nutrition business. He wrote me back asking if I had anything for scarring. I said I did and asked him to put me in touch with the lady (I assumed wrongly) who would be interested.  I wanted to explain how USANA's Sense line had two anti aging products that when used in tandem - the  Serum Intensive and the Perfecting Essence - work well together to reduce scarring. The kicker was he said it was actually for him. Intrigued I picked up the phone to understand just what this was all about.

A Mouthful of Poison 

I learned from Saha that he had burn like marks and scars on his lower back, tops and soles of his feet. He had gone to a dentist in India to remove the amalgam fillings in his mouth. Amalgam fillings are made of 50% mercury, the most toxic heavy metal known to man. Mercury literally kills every cell in the body and is rapidly attracted to fatty tissue of which the brain is made up of. Saha explained to me that he was losing his memory and was tired all the time. Microbiologist and micro immunologist Dr. Myron Wentz has written a book on this topic aptly named "A Mouthful of Poison". From the two lectures I have attended with Dr. Wentz where he  gave a live demo on the dangers of mercury with a gaus meter,  I knew that Saha was in trouble. I also remembered that when displaying the the table of elements Dr. Wentz had explained that the cells that maintain our bodies are three to five times more attracted to trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium, selenium and such. He explained that these trace minerals had the ability to protect the cells and tissue in the brain by pushing out the toxins and forming a protective barrier. I thanked God I had had the good fortune to attend his lectures and shared the information with my friend. I said "While I totally appreciate you wanting to take care of your skin, I believe the first priority now is to detoxify your body and rebuild your cells pronto! We've got no time to waste." I considered it nothing short of a miracle that he was alive and functioning somehow weeks after this blunder on the part of the dentist who clearly had used no safety protocols while removing the fillings. The toxins had directly entered his blood stream making a bee line to his most vulnerable organs attacking his brain and nervous system while burning it's way through his skin. Yikes!

My Healthpak Customized Nutrition

After doing a free health assessment for Sahadeva we created a customized MyHealthpak for him that had the targeted nutritional supplements for his needs  in a convenient AM & PM packets. He began taking them twice a day both morning and night and reported back after  a week with the following comments "I am sleeping better at night, have more energy and am less irritable. I just noticed that the ringing in my ears is gone! All this after only one week!" The USANA difference is that these supplements are highly bio available, food based and manufactured in our own facility following stringent rules for testing not once but three times during the manufacturing process. Free of toxins USANA follows GMP standards, is NSF certified and is now an FDA regulated facility. Sahadeva says "I love the fact that these vitamins were made with me in mind. I love the personal touch and feel that I am partnering with a company that really cares."

Watch This Video on How USANA assembles MyHealthpak

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Fun with USANA Health Sciences

Raymond mans the Rev3 Nutrimeal and RESET stand at the Sugar Shack Fire Island
Markus Skand and Dr. Roya approve the treats we served up from Usana Health Sciences Test Kitchen
Pete Brundige  shows off Booster - C
Deer on Fire Island! A national park you see nature up close and personal on the beach side!

 Summer Fun with Usana

Work should be fun and life with Usana Health Sciences is proving to be a great way to get out of doors and meet new people.  As a sponsor, it is really rewarding for me to get out of the house and get involved in the lives and businesses of my downline wherever that may take me. One of my all time favorite activities is going to the beach and being by the water. This summer thanks to the relationship I have with the staff at Sugar Shack Spa and Salon  I get to talk to people about being proactive in their health, be near the water and create wealth by sharing the vision of Dr. Wentz! I  hope you enjoy this mini photo album that's just a glimpse of the fun we are having. Please join us!

The view from the ferry from Sayville to The Pines a quick ten minute trip. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Interrupt This Blog Post For A Word About Water

Governor Cuomo is toying with our water supply in the Southern Tier of New York State. Trouble is New York State is the watershed for the ENTIRE Eastern Seaboard. Yep you heard right.
Ekayani, yours truly. delivers a bottle of contaminated water from fracking to Govenor Cumo's Office at 633 Third Avenue. I wonder if he ever got it tested? They guy who came downstairs to pick it up was worried after I explained what it was. Photo S. Sheddy
In a New York Times article published June 13, 2012 Governor Cuomo says he wants to "sacrifice" the Southern Tier of New York State to the chemical nightmare known as hydro- fracking. Sacrifice comes from the word SACRED and there is nothing sacred about poisoning our water supply with known carcinogens for the sake of extracting gas. If ever there was folly, arrogance or greed it is in play here. Destroying the eco - system to produce paltry amounts of gas is short sighted when we have options to invest in known about for decades.

Why this insistence on outmoded ideas?

Any given night of the week you can attend a lecture on sustainable energy be it Solar or Wind. Recently ReNew New York has been sponsoring a series of talks on the Passive House in Brooklyn on my old block. Just last night Green Drinks held a Solar Energy Mixer  sponsored by the NYSEIA. Without clean air to breathe or  water to cook with we are in a canoe literally without a paddle. I've heard the Governor enjoys white water rafting in this state that he claims to love. His girlfriend heads up a food bank system in the Southern Tier. How on earth is that going to continue when the groundwork is being layed to destroy land and water that produces food? Has it occurred to the administration at all that further developing our farm to table food system right here in New York State would be a much more sustainable option to boosting the local economy and would employ thousands of people? They say they do and there has been great PR on that front but the devil is in the details. Water seeps everywhere and there is no amount of "attempts" to reduce contamination from injecting 900 plus chemicals into a fluid entity that feeds aquifers,streams rivers, creeks,wells and by extension farms, birds,fish,wildlife, trees,plants, flowers and yes humans too.

New York State Watershed for Eastern Seaboard

To me it appears that the Governor must be held accountable for not only making a move to poison the citizens of this state but also of everything and everyone else that is downstream. New York State is the watershed for the entire Eastern Seaboard and for those rusty on geography that means Pennsylvannia, New Jersey, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Tell us Governor how are you going to control that? Are you God? No. Then why are you playing God? The "plan" I have heard to monitor the damage is some of the most outlandish nonsense I have ever heard in my life.  Science and sheer common sense would dictate that New York can truly be the Empire State leading the way in sustainability. The way the Governor is acting you'd think he had no daughters to protect.  And to those daughters please talk some sense into your father.
Please call the Governor at 1-866-584-6799 now. The time is now. God blessed us! Let's not squander it with this lack of gratitude and disrespect for life. There will be no where to go for anyone rich or poor without the resources that sustain our very life.

Rivers and Lakes Waterfalls and More That Run Through New York State

Hudson, East River, Delaware River, Twin Rivers- Chenango and Susquehanna, Otsego Lake, Great Lakes, Moose River, Chesapeake Bay Watershed,Niagara Falls,Croton Resevoir, Catskill Aqueduct,Long Island Sound, Jamaica Bay, Lake George... What Is Your Beloved Source of Water?

Changing Lives with USANA; The Oliva Family

Emory, Cathy and Rosa Oliva posing in Nutritious Cream Masque

Sunday June 10, 2012 Brooklyn New York

Cathy Oliva is a new associate with Usana Health Sciences. She has recently advanced to rank of SHARER. I met Cathy two years ago at a boot camp training where I had an USANA booth. When Cathy went through a health scare recently she called me. Her doctor urged her to start taking supplements to boost her immune system. After taking the Health Assessment Advisor we designed a customized MyHealthpak for Cathy to address her specific needs. After just two weeks her energy levels increased and the lady who used to struggle with fatigue is now bounding up and down the staircase in the school where she works. Her co - workers have noticed the difference in her and have been inquiring -  and buying!  Cathy began drinking Strawberry Nutrimeal shakes adding some  Fibergy.
Weight fluctuation has been a problem and after explaining to Cathy that not eating breakfast can contribute to weight gain, she quickly embraced Usana's easy to prepare meal replacement shakes. Why the body reacts this way is an interesting topic.  In essence the body bulks up to protect itself from starvation. Millions of Americans are depriving their bodies of essential nutrients and are paying the price with little to no energy as they struggle to get through the day. Nutrimeal has provided a reliable and convenient way for Cathy to get the nutrients her body needs in the limited time she has without the extra calories. 

Making Health Salad

Managing Time for More Fruits and Veggies 

As a single working mother of three finding the time to insure adequate intakes of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can be a challenge. We visited Cathy at home and showed her a couple of simple recipes that could be prepared ahead of time and then stored for use during the rest of the week. Based on the ideas set forth in Sunday Set Up by dedicating two hours on her shopping day she saves time. She  simply cuts up nutrient rich foods and stores them. (This  also saves her  money ordering fast food.) A variation of this idea is a health salad recipe we shared with Cathy gleaned from my grandfather Bernando LaPallo. Cabbage, carrots, red or green peppers, celery and onion are finely sliced, dressed with apple cider vinegar and honey and then stored until ready to eat. Before serving simply sprinkle olive oil on top and garnish with fresh tomato or avocado slices. It's absolutely delicious!  We also showed Cathy how to make a Fresh Fruit Salad recipe.

The Skin Your In
At USANA we definitely emphasize the importance of nutrition not only inside the body but outside the body. Cathy says, "I want to be the person who is an example of health to others." Taking care of the skin is important. It is one of the first things a person sees about you. Healthy skin is radiant and Sense's products contain built in topical nutrition without harsh chemical preservatives. I conducted a spa party and product demo for the Oliva women with mother Rosa, Cathy and kid sister Emory around the dining room table. Explaining the full line of Sense paraben free personal care products is an empowering experience. As women we exercise a profound influence on the lives of our children, communities and environment by the shopping choices we make. In a world of fads and dangerous petrochemicals, Sense BeautifulScience stands out while raising the bar on beauty.
Dr. Myron Wentz founder of Usana health Sciences
Dr. Wentz and his team spent ten years on research and testing to find a way to eliminate the use of parabens.This is extraordinary! The result has been a breakthrough product line.  Based on pain staking research and study, Sense harnesses the genius of nature using concentrated formulas that are hypo allergenic and suitable for all skin types. "My skin feels soft and smooth." Rosa said. "It looks more moist. " said Emory. Cathy is planning her first Sense Spa Party for her girlfriends in July.

RESET Four Ways

Lose the Cravings Lose the Pounds Find the New You
Cathy, Rosa, Emory and one more sister are all gearing up for their RESET 5 Day Jump Start Cleanse program. Now this is what family is for! Each Oliva has a slightly different reason for wanting to do the challenge. Rosa wants to clean herself out. Emory wants to get swimsuit ready. Cathy wants to lose the weight that has crept up on her while the oldest sister wants to get started on healthier dietary habits. Stay tuned for a future update on their progress.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recipes with Usana Fruit and Veggie Shake

Ekayani's Test Run with Green Monster Fruit & Veggie Shake
Diana Yin is the person responsible for testing recipes with USANA Health Sciences test kitchen. I decided to give her take on Green Monster fruit and veggie shake using French Vanilla Nutrimeal a go. Although the idea of adding strawberries and a banana seemed strange,  I was moved by Diana's story about her vegan days in San Francisco. She did a lot of juicing!  Over time she found it difficult to maintain so she was happy to try a new twist on something old that added protein. Diana hasn't steered me wrong so far so I went for it. Verdict? Delicious!

Do's and Dont's
The recipe is easy enough yet I realized that for a smoother blend, taking the time to remove the stems from the spinach I used would have been worth it. Luckily, it was only me drinking this "test runso I was the only one who got greens caught in her teeth! Be sure to pulse the banana, strawberries or grapes with water in the blender first as this will prevent the shake from becoming too frothy. You don't need more than 60 seconds to whip this up!

10 to 12 oz of cold water
1 scoop of  USANA French Vanilla Nutrimeal
A handful of stemmed and finely chopped spinach
A handful of stemmed and finely chopped kale
1/2 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries
1 fresh banana
Pulse the banana,strawberries,greens and water in blender till smooth.
Strain through a sieve
Put juice mixture back into blender and discard the pulpy matter.
 Add 1 scoop of French Vanilla Nutrimeal.
Blend for 45 to 60 seconds.
Bottoms Up! You will want to use a sieve to remove the green pieces.

I thought this recipe was great! It was truly satisfying and easy to make and made two servings.
Tip: If you want you can add a scoop of Fibergy for a little extra fiber. French Vanilla Nutrimeal is a gluten free non GMO soy based product.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Frozen Strawberry Yogurt with USANA Strawberry Nutrimeal

Easy peasy! 15 minutes later I was eating a satisfying nutritious dessert!
I am an avid biker and even though my friends probably think I am a bit mad I ride all over Brooklyn and Manhattan across bridges and the sides streets to get where I want to go. It has been a great way for me to redevelop my core strength, see the sites while doing my part to save my environement. Saturday June 9th I biked to Washington Square Park to take in a cultural festival. The day was warm and due to the never ending construction that happens in New York a bit dusty. By the time I got home at 6:30 I was craving something cool and summery. But what?

Strawberry Blueberry Fro Yo with Usana Nutrimeal  

I remembered I had saved some strawberries in the freezer and had some left over frozen blueberries. Along with that I had some Eastern European style yogurt on hand.  Following Diana Yin's recipe from the Usana Test Kitchen within 17 minutes I had a delicious and satisfying treat that didn't leave me feeling bad after a sugar crash.

How I did it
In a metal bowl I placed 1 cup of plain yogurt and
3 scoops of Strawberry Nutrimeal.
I blended these two ingredients together with a whisk.
Next, I took  2 cups  (total) of the frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries I had on hand and put them in the blender. I added 2 tbs of o.j. and 3 tbs of agave. I pulsed the fruit mixture for about 45 seconds because I like small fruit chunks.
Then I added the mixture to the yogurt mix and blended evenly. I popped the bowl in the freezer for 15 minutes and voila! I was happily chowing down my own homemade cooling treat in moments (relatively speaking) from when I conceived it! After eating a bowl I placed the rest in an airtight container to enjoy later.
If you are looking to take care of your nutrient intake while enjoying your summer I suggest you try this recipe! Just don't tell your friends (or your kids)  it's good for them.
Learn more about his product here. Look under FOODS

Monday, June 4, 2012

Transformation with RESET in the Big Apple

Jessica Dilbeck ready to RESET!
Jessica Dilbeck is an actress who is pursuing her dream in the Big Apple. Originally from Florida, she has been having small successes most recently as a paid extra in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" featuring Ben Stiller. "That might not  have seemed like much to some people but for me it was a breakout moment!"  We agree and an actress needs every edge she can get in a town that's known to be competitive! Being in show business Jessica realizes that looking and feeling her best is important.  Her face and her figure are, quite literally, her fortune. Like many actors that come to New York City her side job is in the food industry. Over the course of the winter months weight slowly creeped up on Jessica as the dessert case proved to be a quick energy pick- me - up though perhaps not the best choice. Even though Jessica is an avid runner and eats lots of fruit, she found the weight just wasn't coming off so easily. After answering Jessica's initial concerns about the  RESET 5 Day Jump Start Cleanse she was ready to go. Jess wanted to make sure she was not on a fad diet with harmful ingredients. She also wanted to be sure there was a plan in place to keep the weight off while she progressed to her targeted ideal weight. It also didn't hurt that she had a bet going with a friend on who could lose the most weight within a two week period that kept her motivated to stay on track.


I explained to Jessica that RESET was a scientifically formulated weight loss program designed to get a person off the carb and sugar roller coaster that is the downfall of so many North Americans today. Using studies on the glycemic index and rigorous in house testing, Usana's RESET is a sane way to lay a good foundation to your lifestyle choices and eating habits over the long term. Designed to be a complete meal replacement program that is nutrient rich and calorie poor, the kit contains a 5 day supply of strawberry,vanilla and chocolate nutrimeal shakes, oatmeal raisin nutrition bars, peanut butter crunch bars and AM & PM sleeves of the  Healthpak.
The Healthpak is an essential part of the program that should not be skipped as they provide the optimal amounts of chelated minerals, mega anti oxidants the body needs, an auto immune booster made of green tea and resveratrol and a vegetarian form of  Active Calcium that also contains the all important mineral magnesium. Magnesium helps maintain energy levels and metabolize food. A lack of it and you may find that what you are eating is sticking to your thighs!  The Nutrimeal shakes are gluten free non gmo soy based protein shakes that contain 2400 grams of sodium, 15 grams of protein and essential nutrients and trace minerals such as Vitamins A, C, B6, B12, D, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Folate, Copper,Thiamin, and fiber. Weighing in at only 240 calories per serving, they surpass a traditional latte and blueberry muffin that you'd pick up at the deli which has 770 calories, 111 carbs and a whopping 83 g of sugar. Swap that out for a 22 oz. glass of orange juice, 8 oz. of egg and sausage muffin with 2 oz. of hash browns and you are looking at 880 calories, 103 worth of carbs and 60 g of sugar. By comparison Nutrimeal has 32 crabs and 17 grams in sugar.

Drink Plenty of Water & Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Reset comes with a chart that keeps you on track with additional guidelines. At least one serving of low glycemic fruits and vegetables should be eaten every day along with adequate water while on the program. The amount of water you should drink is calculated by taking your body weight and dividing that in half. The result is the amount of water you need to drink daily in ounces. If you weigh 150 pounds you should be drinking 75 ounces of water daily. Eating fruits and vegetables are extremely important as it helps keep things moving through your system and provides phytonutrients. You can add berries for example to your nutrimeal shakes or even chopped greens to the vanilla nutrimeal if you prefer going green. It's an easy way to get your veggies with your protein.

End of the Run
Jessica  lost a total of 3 pounds in 5 days and noticed some things that made her want to change her habits.
Though Jessica didn't win the competition, she has no regrets because she feels she is on the right path as she moves into the Transformation phase of the program.
As she says,  "It's all good." She now goes to sleep much earlier than 2AM which helps keep her body at a normal weight (See my article on sleep here). She also is taking time to read food labels more carefully.  "I didn't realize the cereal I was using as a snack food had so much sugar it it! I was eating it all the time!"  Jessica is committed to taking her Essentials daily to make sure he gets her essential nutrients and is replacing several meals a week with her faves strawberry and chocolate nutrimeal while she sticks to her exercise regimen of yoga and running.  Way to go Jess! Are you ready to start your journey to improved health? Drop me a line!