Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Changing Lives with USANA; The Oliva Family

Emory, Cathy and Rosa Oliva posing in Nutritious Cream Masque

Sunday June 10, 2012 Brooklyn New York

Cathy Oliva is a new associate with Usana Health Sciences. She has recently advanced to rank of SHARER. I met Cathy two years ago at a boot camp training where I had an USANA booth. When Cathy went through a health scare recently she called me. Her doctor urged her to start taking supplements to boost her immune system. After taking the Health Assessment Advisor we designed a customized MyHealthpak for Cathy to address her specific needs. After just two weeks her energy levels increased and the lady who used to struggle with fatigue is now bounding up and down the staircase in the school where she works. Her co - workers have noticed the difference in her and have been inquiring -  and buying!  Cathy began drinking Strawberry Nutrimeal shakes adding some  Fibergy.
Weight fluctuation has been a problem and after explaining to Cathy that not eating breakfast can contribute to weight gain, she quickly embraced Usana's easy to prepare meal replacement shakes. Why the body reacts this way is an interesting topic.  In essence the body bulks up to protect itself from starvation. Millions of Americans are depriving their bodies of essential nutrients and are paying the price with little to no energy as they struggle to get through the day. Nutrimeal has provided a reliable and convenient way for Cathy to get the nutrients her body needs in the limited time she has without the extra calories. 

Making Health Salad

Managing Time for More Fruits and Veggies 

As a single working mother of three finding the time to insure adequate intakes of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can be a challenge. We visited Cathy at home and showed her a couple of simple recipes that could be prepared ahead of time and then stored for use during the rest of the week. Based on the ideas set forth in Sunday Set Up by dedicating two hours on her shopping day she saves time. She  simply cuts up nutrient rich foods and stores them. (This  also saves her  money ordering fast food.) A variation of this idea is a health salad recipe we shared with Cathy gleaned from my grandfather Bernando LaPallo. Cabbage, carrots, red or green peppers, celery and onion are finely sliced, dressed with apple cider vinegar and honey and then stored until ready to eat. Before serving simply sprinkle olive oil on top and garnish with fresh tomato or avocado slices. It's absolutely delicious!  We also showed Cathy how to make a Fresh Fruit Salad recipe.

The Skin Your In
At USANA we definitely emphasize the importance of nutrition not only inside the body but outside the body. Cathy says, "I want to be the person who is an example of health to others." Taking care of the skin is important. It is one of the first things a person sees about you. Healthy skin is radiant and Sense's products contain built in topical nutrition without harsh chemical preservatives. I conducted a spa party and product demo for the Oliva women with mother Rosa, Cathy and kid sister Emory around the dining room table. Explaining the full line of Sense paraben free personal care products is an empowering experience. As women we exercise a profound influence on the lives of our children, communities and environment by the shopping choices we make. In a world of fads and dangerous petrochemicals, Sense BeautifulScience stands out while raising the bar on beauty.
Dr. Myron Wentz founder of Usana health Sciences
Dr. Wentz and his team spent ten years on research and testing to find a way to eliminate the use of parabens.This is extraordinary! The result has been a breakthrough product line.  Based on pain staking research and study, Sense harnesses the genius of nature using concentrated formulas that are hypo allergenic and suitable for all skin types. "My skin feels soft and smooth." Rosa said. "It looks more moist. " said Emory. Cathy is planning her first Sense Spa Party for her girlfriends in July.

RESET Four Ways

Lose the Cravings Lose the Pounds Find the New You
Cathy, Rosa, Emory and one more sister are all gearing up for their RESET 5 Day Jump Start Cleanse program. Now this is what family is for! Each Oliva has a slightly different reason for wanting to do the challenge. Rosa wants to clean herself out. Emory wants to get swimsuit ready. Cathy wants to lose the weight that has crept up on her while the oldest sister wants to get started on healthier dietary habits. Stay tuned for a future update on their progress.


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