Monday, June 18, 2012

MyHealthpak The Importance of Customized Nutrition

Sahadeva El is and old buddy of mine going back at least twenty years. In the past year we ended up of running into each other several times due a couple of trips I took to Philadelphia The City of Brotherly Love; The first time was during  The We Love Water Tour sponsored by the Green Bus  and the second for The Festival Of India in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Through several brief conversations I became reacquainted with Saha  discovering he has many talents including construction, a knack for gourmet vegetarian cooking and marketing. He also seems to embody the song "Rambling Man" because  every time I hear from him he is in a different state about to move onto the next one. An extremely busy man, he still takes time to care for all his friends sending them birthday wishes complete with smiley faces for weeks leading up the actual day. This was the case with my own birthday and every few days I'd get a message like my own personal cheer leading squad about my birthday in April. One day based on a gut feeling, I mentioned that I had a skin care and nutrition business. He wrote me back asking if I had anything for scarring. I said I did and asked him to put me in touch with the lady (I assumed wrongly) who would be interested.  I wanted to explain how USANA's Sense line had two anti aging products that when used in tandem - the  Serum Intensive and the Perfecting Essence - work well together to reduce scarring. The kicker was he said it was actually for him. Intrigued I picked up the phone to understand just what this was all about.

A Mouthful of Poison 

I learned from Saha that he had burn like marks and scars on his lower back, tops and soles of his feet. He had gone to a dentist in India to remove the amalgam fillings in his mouth. Amalgam fillings are made of 50% mercury, the most toxic heavy metal known to man. Mercury literally kills every cell in the body and is rapidly attracted to fatty tissue of which the brain is made up of. Saha explained to me that he was losing his memory and was tired all the time. Microbiologist and micro immunologist Dr. Myron Wentz has written a book on this topic aptly named "A Mouthful of Poison". From the two lectures I have attended with Dr. Wentz where he  gave a live demo on the dangers of mercury with a gaus meter,  I knew that Saha was in trouble. I also remembered that when displaying the the table of elements Dr. Wentz had explained that the cells that maintain our bodies are three to five times more attracted to trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium, selenium and such. He explained that these trace minerals had the ability to protect the cells and tissue in the brain by pushing out the toxins and forming a protective barrier. I thanked God I had had the good fortune to attend his lectures and shared the information with my friend. I said "While I totally appreciate you wanting to take care of your skin, I believe the first priority now is to detoxify your body and rebuild your cells pronto! We've got no time to waste." I considered it nothing short of a miracle that he was alive and functioning somehow weeks after this blunder on the part of the dentist who clearly had used no safety protocols while removing the fillings. The toxins had directly entered his blood stream making a bee line to his most vulnerable organs attacking his brain and nervous system while burning it's way through his skin. Yikes!

My Healthpak Customized Nutrition

After doing a free health assessment for Sahadeva we created a customized MyHealthpak for him that had the targeted nutritional supplements for his needs  in a convenient AM & PM packets. He began taking them twice a day both morning and night and reported back after  a week with the following comments "I am sleeping better at night, have more energy and am less irritable. I just noticed that the ringing in my ears is gone! All this after only one week!" The USANA difference is that these supplements are highly bio available, food based and manufactured in our own facility following stringent rules for testing not once but three times during the manufacturing process. Free of toxins USANA follows GMP standards, is NSF certified and is now an FDA regulated facility. Sahadeva says "I love the fact that these vitamins were made with me in mind. I love the personal touch and feel that I am partnering with a company that really cares."

Watch This Video on How USANA assembles MyHealthpak

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