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Summer Fun with USANA - Healthy BBQ on Cape Cod

Cape Cod Canal Massachusetts
The Ferry building in Hyannis Port

Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Hyannis Port were all magical, almost mythical places to me while I was  growing up as in kid New York City. It was a far away watery land where Carly Simon and James Taylor sang and the Kennedy Family sailed. In my imagination everyone there spent  endless summers playing games of frisbee. My dream of visiting this absolutely stunning and picture post card region of the Eastern Seaboard came true the weekend of June 30. I traveled there to assist Meagan Perry, an USANA associate throw her first USANA event for friends and family with a Healthy BBQ.
Meagan Perry and I in Hyannis Port

Meagan is a student at the local community college. She has a passion for nutrition and permaculture and spent days inviting like minded friends. With the gracious assistance of her family, Meagan provided the space and place to showcase healthy meals and refreshments with recipes from the Usana Test Kitchen (Thanks Diana Yin!)

Rev3 Fruity Punch Bowl

 On the Menu

Meagan wanted to give everyone a taste of healthy living that was not only good for you but delicious! Rev3 Fruity Punch and Superfood Black Bean Burgers with Fibergy provided refined energy and delicious protein while assisting in digestion. It was a delight to hear guests rave about the Rev3 punch and the Rev3 surge packs that we served.
"It's  just like iced tea!" (Yes but it's Rev3 iced tea!)  The beauty is there is no fuss, no muss and not the insane amount of sweeteners and other additives that add calories and contribute to the jitters. We added one sachet to a tall glass of ice water and stirred.
 "Oh that's good."  said Meagan's Mom.
Rev3 Surge packs comes in convenient sachets
While I might have been accused of being  a little pushy with the drinks I knew that just one sip would change attitudes forever so push I did!  After introducing myself as Meagan's sponsor and explaining just how much it would mean to her if they would just take a sip, guests would relent - and then rave!
The spread

Supplementing Your Supplements

Plenty of fruits and vegetables were on hand from beet and radichio salad, a fragrant strawberry and blueberry fruit salad, arugula salad, pasta salad and whole grain breads. USANA supplements are there to supplement healthy eating habits by providing optimal nutrition so the body can thrive and not just survive. This is due to the fact that topsoil has degraded to a mere 6 inches from the 100 inches it was only a century ago when my grandfather was a boy. With that loss of nutrient rich topsoil came  a loss of nutrients. There were plenty of Usana Testimonials illustrating the importance of optimal supplementation with the most dramatic coming from Meagan herself.

Broken Arm Dramatic Testimonials

On June 18th, only two weeks before the big day I returned a phone call from Meagan. She had been in a biking accident that had broken her arm. I was worried that she might feel the need to cancel the event but when I spoke to Meagan it was full steam ahead.  She felt the accident was a blessing in disguise. When she arrived to pick me up at the ferry building there was no cast in sight.
 "I thought you broke your arm? Where's the cast?",  I asked.
"The doctor took it off. My bones healed so fast that I only have to wear a sling.
 He has encouraged me to move it as much as possible!"
I bet these bikers could use Rev3!
 As I looked at her arm as we set up for the party, there were no detectable bruises of the black and blue variety. Meagan says that she is confident that her MyHealthpak with it's optimal  dose of chelated minerals and mega anti oxidants speeded up her recovery time. Still to see this with my own eyes was incredible. It made all the testimonials by USANA's world class athletes on how they depend on USANA to aid in recovery time ring that much truer. And while I take the Healthpak myself feeling better than I have in years, there is a dramatic "aha!"  moment when you see results in someone else.

Parents Chime In 

Mr. Perry, Meagan's Dad who is now approaching 60 said he can't believe how good he feels. "I've lost 20 pounds!" He is now exercising daily and eating a lot more fruits and vegetables. This was particularly gratifying for me to hear. When I spoke to him last fall, he told me that he believed he was most likely powerless over his health as it all came down to genes. To his credit and at his daughter's urging, he gave optimal nutrition a try and began taking USANA's core product The Essentials and is feeling the difference. While it may be true that we can't do anything about our height or the sound of our voice, we can take control of what we put in our body. The last testimonial came from Meagan's mother who said that her energy level increased and the pain in her legs went away simply from taking The Essentials. In a panel on Healthy Aging, Dr. Heather Tick shared that in the majority of pain management cases she deals with, the root cause finds it's way back to a nutritional deficiency. The body is a fine tuned machine that requires over 52 minerals and vitamins to perform at it's best. Remove any of them and we have  compromised performance that effects everything from digestion, rest and energy.
Two out of three guys shown at Megs backyard spa bar Ekayani holds up Skin Assessment

Sense Spa Party
After covering the essentials of health it was time to have some fun! I ran a Sense Spa Party for 5 of Meagan's guests. I am happy to say that three or those guests were guys. I am really pleased to see that the trend is moving towards fellas taking more than just a superficial interest in their appearance. With a Sense customized Skin Assessment we were able to pin point specific skin concerns and address them with targeted solutions. The biggest complaint the guys had was oily skin and breakouts. The Rice Bran Polisher, Nutritious Cream Masque and Serum Intensive helps balance ph, lift out blackheads, improve circulation, remove impurities and excess oils gently without spreading infections. Squeezing is out and TLC is in! The Serum Intensive's light formula gives guys the protection they need at night without adding extra oils. Visit Meagan's website here !!! You'll be glad you did! Rock n' Roll right Meagan?!

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