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Sage Advice and Health Salad from a 110 Year Old

My Grandfather's Health Salad  Recipe that he picked up in Haifa 
My Grandfather is approaching his 111th birthday this August 17, 2012. He is of sound mind and body and most importantly healthy. He cracked me up last year when a large key lime cake was trotted out for him to cut on the occasion of his 110th. After being handed a microphone he was asked if he had anything he wanted to say.
"All I have to say is keep your colon clean." 
Laughter ensued since the irony was not lost on anyone regarding what we were about to partake in.
Bernando  on the mic; "Keep your colon clean." 

Bernando's Key Lime Cake

Keep Your Colon Clean

Keeping your colon clean is extremely important because it keeps the toxins and waste that your body does not need out of your system. Left to linger in your colon,  toxins that should have been expelled re- enter your blood stream and cake the intestinal wall. There is a link between colon cancer and just feeling generally "crappy" when you have a dirty colon. After all, the poisons have to go somewhere and if they can't find a way out, round and round they go. Being "regular" is important and 90% of Americans don't get adequate fiber. Fortunately, there is this delicious, nutritious and colorful way to get that. I got this top recipe from Grampa. This is his famous health salad that he discovered while working as a merchant marine with a stop in Haifa during WW2. It has become a beloved favorite right up there with the fruit salad he raised us on.


Full of phyto nutrients and minerals, Health Salad consists of purple and green cabbage, onion, celery, carrots and red peppers. Dressed with apple cider vinegar and honey to keep it fresh and crunchy, it stores easily in an airtight glass container or bowl. Here are my grandfather's reasons as to why he uses these easy to find ingredients.

Contain vitamins and antibacterial sulfur compounds but the biggest benefit are flavanoids, which also kick cholesterol and cancer. A cure for the common cold try peeling one whole and place by your bedside on your night table. In the morning the onion will be black and your cold gone. No I am not kidding.

Red Peppers 
Loaded with vitamins C, B6, E and A some people eat these like apples. Good for the heart, skin, immune function and liver they add color and a sweet taste to the salad.

Lot's of Vitamin A for your eyes and caratenoids for cancer and heart disease prevention. Also lots of fiber.

Great source of fiber and vitamin C, as well as phytochemicals that reduce cancer risk. Can help with muscle and electrolyte replacement.
Cabbage  Inexpensive it packs a variety of vitamins and minerals. Higher in Vitamin C than oranges and rich in E &  K, it aids in making blood clotting proteins. Rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulfur compounds. High levels of fiber help cleanse waste, improve digestion and can ease constipation. Hailed as a cancer inhibitor due to the compound isothiocyanate. Cabbage leaves can be used to treat acute inflammation and discomfort associated with stiff or arthritic knees. Open the pores on your knee by placing a very warm towel for a few minutes. Remove the towel and place a stemmed cabbage leaf on the knee cap. Wrap tightly with an ace bandage. In the morning you should notice a reduction in swelling and pain.

Bernando's Health Salad Recipe How to Prepare
Half a head of red and green cabbage (remove the stem)
1 red bell pepper
2 - 3 celery stalks
1 onion
2 - 3 carrots
1 cup Apple cider vinegar (great for digestion & detox)
    2 to 3 tbs raw honey (not cooked. keep the nutrients in)

Core the cabbage, core and seed the red pepper. Thinly slice all vegetables either by hand using a sharp chopping knife or using a "mandarin' aka  professional food grater. (For the carrots I usually use a hand held grater.) Thin slicing is to insure that this delicious raw salad can be chewed with ease. Try to make the slices similar in width. When you have slices of all different sizes you'll find that the apple cider vinegar and honey dressing will not coat the salad in a uniform way. Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and pour the apple cider vinegar and honey dressing on it. Mix thoroughly. On individual plates add ripe avocado or tomato slices. Dress with olive oil. Serve! You will rave over this one! Great for dinner parties, buffets and BBQ's.

Bernando's Tip: Do not dress the salad with olive oil before you serve it. To avoid a soggy mess drizzle on the salad right before serving. The apple cider vinegar has a preserving almost picking effect while raw uncooked honey adds just the right amount of good sweetness while boosting your immune system. Cover properly and it will stay fresh and crunchy for up to a week!
For more sage advice on health and longevity pick up a copy of Bernando's book Age Less Live More here

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  1. This is a great way to get that full feeling while keeping your intake of vegetables on the uptick! It is delicious! True story guests at a garden party got into a mild scuffle when the bottom of the bowl was reached! Everyone calmed down when I brought out the next batch. Be prepared to watch this dish vanish!


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