Monday, July 9, 2012

Transformation with Usana - Spotlight on Meagan Perry

After: Meagan May  2012
Before: Meagan third to the right May 2011

Spotlight on Meagan Perry

Transformations can be subtle. They can also be dramatic. Subtle because as we change we don't always notice how we are transforming. We get up everyday and look at the same old face in the mirror with the same old mouth, same old eyes, same old hair. But what if that same old you could get an upgrade just by adding the good stuff to your life? Like Aretha sings "I got a brand new smile ...just because of you!"..or in Meagan Perry's case a good dose of cellular nutrition.

I met Meagan in the Spring of 2011 in her persona as a talented musician. Since that time Meagan has gone through an incredible transformation. In the six short months (as of this writing) since joining Usana as an associate she has changed. To my eyes it couldn't be more dramatic. She has become a "product of the products" and that is a difference obvious to me from looking at the "AFTER" and "BEFORE" photos of her here. I snapped the "after" photo of Meagan in May 2012 when she came back to Brooklyn for a visit from her home town. I hadn't seen her in five months since she had left to pursue her studies. I was amazed at the transformation! Her skin glowed and she had lost weight. I felt I was now seeing the beautiful gem of a girl radiating health. I had enrolled Meagan back in December after she had tried Usana's Probiotic. Although we kept in touch by phone nothing prepared me for what I saw.
Improve your digestive health with Usana's Probiotic

Dr. Myron Wentz founder of USANA Health Sciences

Becoming a Product of the Products

At Usana Health Sciences Dr. Wentz's vision for health means starting with the very people who share his vision and his products with others. Rather than spending millions of dollars on advertising with paid spoke persons, he felt that an authentic testimonial by someone who was actually using the products on a regular basis and feeling the benefits would be much more powerful. (All active associates are enrolled in autoship and get the products of their choice every month.)  In Meagan's case her increased health and energy, radiant skin, stronger nails, and healthy hair had the people closest to her taking notice! At 26 this is quite a statement. Skin that was plagued by blemishes was suddenly clear and glowing from the regular use of Sense's paraben free skin care line. Those stubborn pounds were shed and stayed off just by taking The Essentials daily and incorporating Usana's Nutrimeal shakes and bars. Meagan has become a touchstone for her family and friends as her inner beauty comes to the forefront. I anticipate more changes in Meagan as the months unfold. As she continues to develop her Usana business and her dreams of health and freedom for her community her path will only get brighter. A solid foundation of health and wealth makes it all possible.  I want to close by personally thanking you Meagan for taking care of your health and inspiring every one around you to do the same. It is a joy to watch and be a part of! Thank you! You can visit Meagan's site here


  1. Thank you so much for this great testimonial Ekayani!! I am proud to be apart of this team and will continue to grow with it. The universe provides when we co-create with it.

    <3 Meg

  2. You are so right!! Love having you dear!


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