Monday, January 28, 2013

Bernando LaPallo 111 Oldest Member USANA Health Sciences

Bernando LaPallo age 111 years young

 111 Year Old Bernando LaPallo Joins Usana Health  Sciences

Author, lecturer and possibly the healthiest living centenarian on the planet, Bernando LaPallo, is now the oldest living member of Usana Health Sciences, the nutritional manufacturing company founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz. Bernando's website for his product offerings is scheduled to launch Tuesday, February 5, 2013 and will be posted to his official facebook fan page and be linked to his official website Age Less Live More Store   USANA manufactures a personal skin and body care line that uses pure botanicals, antioxidant complexes and marine enzymes using a  patented self preserving technology that has revolutionized the skin care industry by removing the need for harsh chemical preservatives. The line is free of parabens (petroleum) and pthaltes (plastics) that Bernando feels is detrimental to the human organism. Bernando is happy to introduce this complete skin and body care line suitable for the entire family that provides topical nutrition to the skin. The skin is the first to bare the brunt of contact with the elements and the last to receive nutrients from the body. Green tea, Proflavanol - T, Proteo -  C  are some of the featured ingredients and complexes that help slow down the visible signs of aging. 
"This is nutrition for the skin at a cellular with nothing harsh to dry it out.
The skin is the largest organ in the body and it's important to keep it healthy and soft. If you use it on a regular base maybe your skin will be as soft as mine."
  The Sense skin care line is manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices.
Bernando is working on his second book which is scheduled to be released the Summer of 2013 just before his 112th birthday. Stay tuned!

It's Calling Week Save New York State Beer & Water

New York State is a Beer State

One of the things that I learned at my latest job stint at LittleTown gastro pub is that New York State produces a lot of beer. A Lot  Of  It. So much beer in fact that 18 to 22 on tap nightly is average at Littletown with 100 more in bottles. They include everything from Fruit Ales to Ciders, Ports, Stouts, IPA's, Lagers. When I started working there as a hostess I had NO idea where Newburgh was let alone that they had a brewery. While Brooklyn Lager and Six Point even I knew about, other one's like McKenzies (which makes an excellent Apple Pie ale), Kelso,Three Philosophers, Bronx Pale Ale (!), Mothers Milk , I had never heard of before.

Calling Week! Call Governor Cuomo & Tell him you want your Beer forever

Hops, wheat and our precious clean New York State water is what goes into this and it employs a lot of people. It seems to me that even more than a coffee economy New York is a beer economy! And wine -  let's not forget about wine. We have a lot of vineyards on Long Island and the Great Lakes region. And Jesus turned water into wine. Let's keep our water clean and pristine and keep drinking beer. Hey Governor Cuomo want some peanuts with that beer?
Check this out
Chefs for Marcellus TWITTER
97 Listed Breweries Get Your Beer Map Here!

++ Please follow them and tell any freaked farmers, brewers, vintners, beer drinkers you know that they are not alone and that farming and making stuff the old fashioned way is still HUGE in New York State. Thanks for calling.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Women Building Wealth though Network Marketing

The Business of the 21st Century is Network Marketing
The traditional Prussian system created by the banks to create income for the average person means trading your hours for dollars. Let's establish right now that the most important asset you have is your time. The catch is whether you make $12, $50, $125, or minimum wage you will never make more than the hours you work following this Prussian system. If you happen to be working 40 to 50 hours per week, that translates into about 2500 hours per year or 100, 000 hours during a 40 year span. After 40 years in the workforce retirement is expected. Here's hoping that in spite of inflation, heavy taxes, monthly bills and a social security system that is intact you have enough to retire on comfortably to enjoy your golden years barring any unforseen illness. In the days of company stability you could count on a healthy retirement package. For many that seems like a fairytale of a time long ago and faraway. In today's world more and more people are participating in what is called 'network marketing" or "direct sales" looking to generate another stream of income because you can leverage your time by working smart and not hard.  In a world of downsizing, cut backs, outsourcing, inflated insurance plans, and skyrocketing health care costs, doing business from your home base makes sense. The majority of those people are women. 82% in fact of network marketers are women. The advantages are
1. Minimizing taxes
2. Getting paid more than once for your efforts (creating residual income)
3. Maintaining your health
4. Flexible hours
5. Being your own boss
6. Working with people you like
7. Pursuing your dreams and vision of life
8. Getting paid weekly
I want to address prejudices and fears that many women still hold concerning network marketing by  empowering you with a reality check and parties. Parties?
Word of Mouth is still the most powerful tool

Celebrating Life Generating Revenue

 Cold calls and hustling come to mind when one thinks of going into business.Who wants to wear out your shoe leather walking around town looking for prospects? Women are naturally good at network marketing because it's something we already do. Having fun while improving lives including your own is what is dear to our hearts. Women love to talk and share information with other women and we are good at it! Throwing a get together around around well being makes an otherwise uncomfortable situation into a party! Skin care, aging gracefully, a healthy home, the health of our children and managing weight are perennial favorites. Turn your business into a party and talk turkey as we get down to business together sharing a vetted product that we need on a monthly basis. And that ladies is how you build a down line and solid customer base that allows you to pay for your life in a sustainable way while paying it forward. The possibilities on how to do this are only limited by your imagination.

  Be in the Tree Pick the Fruits - One is a Lonely Number

 If you are thinking that sounds overwhelming, you can still benefit without doing any of the above simply by enrolling as an associate with a sponsor and staying commissionable by purchasing products from your own business center that you would buy elsewhere. This way you build your income. The products you consume are the rent you pay.This is called redirectional spending. When you go to the store you're money is not working for you. Why? It is being externalized. Buying from yourself and getting a commission on it makes much more dollars and sense. Let me explain Usana's binary compensation plan this way; It's like a tree. A tree absorbs nutrients through the roots that travel upwards to the uppermost branches. Every part of the tree from the roots to the top receives nourishment. So instead of being "one the lonely number"  join an organizational way of doing business where everyone reaps the benefits with a much smaller effort multiplying the results exponentially. By being in a the "tree" of Usana's compensation plan you receive checks. Wasn't that easy?

What a binary compensation plan looks like

Banking  CD's Retirement - Will You Have Enough Money and Health to Enjoy It?
Let's look at the trad ways we've looked to to shore up wealth. Let's say you have $50, 000 of disposable income to sock away in a CD with an annual interest rate of 2.5%  Your annual yield will be $1250.00 That is less than what the average person pays for their rent in New York City in a month. What you want to do is grow your assets with teamwork and hit a higher goal and keep growing. For example, $2000.00 a month would be more like it. $2000.00 is the equivalent of $1.2 million dollars growing at at 2% interest rate. A Diamond Director in USANA Health Sciences can make $34,280.00 per month based on the cumulative sales volume generated by a team working together consistently towards the goals using the business tools like Life Time Matching Bonus Program, Retail Sales and other incentives. Switching to a cooperative business model is smart.
Ekayani is a Builder & Platinum PaceSetter with Usana Health Sciences
That concludes my installment of Women Building Wealth Through Network Marketing & Usana. Please leave your comments and questions below. I'll do my best to answer them. - Ekayani

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Women & Money Creating Sustainable Life in 21st C

Women & Money Creating a Sustainable Life in the 21st Century

Brief Description:
Women have the ability to create wealth but do women have the ability to retain it while build a sustainable future? The answer is YES.  Ekayani Chamberlin addresses the issues women face in these challenging times with a refreshing business model that uses our natural strengths. Retirement,a greener world, long term health, leaving a legacy & feeling beautiful while radiating strength for our communities on solid financial ground are addressed.

Your Invited to a Live Twitter Stream

Join me at 10AM this  Friday January 18th, 2013 via my Twitter handle The Living Connection for this introduction to Women & Money Creating a Sustainable Life in the 21st Century

To Our Dreams, Our Futures, Our Health 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Parabens & Cancer Conserving the Eastern Seaboard Water Table

Delaware River Basin runs through NY,NJ,PA,DL and out to Sea

One of the things I appreciate the most about USANA Health Sciences is the commitment it has made to being green in it's manufacturing practices utilizing solar panels, wind energy, cutting back on printed materials, and making employees who do not drive a hybrid car park at the back of their parking lot to walk to the front thus ensuring they get a a little exercise in the process!  The company states that they realize as people we cannot be healthy if the planet we live on is not healthy. Amen to that. After all, the raw materials used to manufacture the nutritional supplements, foods and the personal body care lines are sourced and derived from Mother Earth. I personally use the Sense skin care and body care line because it is free of parabens  that damage my skin's ability to produce collagen and damage my immune system. As a female, I have absolutely zero interest in contracting breast cancer or any other form of cancer. Armed with the understanding that my skin ingests anything and everything I put on it, I use the entire Sense body care line with great joy knowing that it is protecting my skin from the damages of oxidative stress now found everywhere from the air I breathe to even my water supply.

Carcinogens and Cancer

 8.5 years of research was poured into the Sense line to find a way to remove parabens while preserving the healing effects of the pure botanicals without adding harsh chemical preservatives. Now the time has come to ban these same carcinogens from our water supply forever. When I see the endless campaigns for racing for a cure for cancer by various foundations in the here in now of  2013, I wonder how can they be so ignorant of the link between toxins in products women are using daily? How could they have missed the research that has come out on the importance of Vitamin D, iodine and basic optimal nutrition to boost the female body's ability to protect itself from the production of unhealthy cells? Surely it's high time that females reclaim their health by understanding the inner workings of their bodies right down to their cells and how that is mirrored in the health of the Great Female we are all dependent on EARTH. I have written several posts about the links between cancer and petroleum products. This time I am asking you to take action by speaking up now until January 11, 2013

January 11 Birthday or Last Day to Comment -  It's the Water Stupid

January 11, 2013 is a significant day for me and my family and for Dr. Sandra Steingraber a cancer survivor. On an intimate scale, it concludes the birthday  week of my beautiful nephew who will be turning 11 years of age. He is smart, full of life and full of plans to live a life of adventure and as his aunt I am here to help see him do it. It is also the last day for New Yorkers to have say on the inadequate fracking regulations hastily thrown together by the DEC that affect every living entity on the East Coast that share the Delaware River Basin. To be clear those lakes, rivers, parks, camping grounds and beaches you and your family escape to find refuge in Spring, Summer, Fall and for the extra sturdy Winter are under direct threat. Scholar in residence at Ithaca College, Dr. Steingraber is the subject of the documentary, "Living Downstream" linking her own cancer intimately to the agriculture practices to where she grew up in Illinois. She has put together the brilliant and informative website to deliver out comments to the DEC on the folly of fracking Thirty Days of Fracking Regs. Damascus Citizens group had this to say about our final days to submit our comments to the DEC and the importance of our voices.
"The oil/gas industry has exemptions to major portions of protective federal legislation (the Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, the Community Right to know Act and others). What this means is that the drilling companies don't face liability for damages they cause.  The surrounding community and regions downstream absorb those costs - even the global implications are externalized.   Yes, they should have to PROVE the processes will cause no harm, but we have seen what damage they actually do.   Have your say - so later when we go to court you will have helped make the case for sanity and health.  Our comments do make a difference."

Have a Healthy New Year. Please comment here now: 30 Days of Fracking Regs

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bernando's Wisdom On Sea Salt and Asthma

My grandfather Bernando LaPallo has told me many a tale of his time as a Merchant Marine during World War 2. From two near misses with death escaping two separate bombings including that of a bus that slammed the door in his face while he was trying to get back to his ship in port during an air raid, life at sea was quite the adventure. He worked as a chef on board during the war being a trained  graduate from La Sorbonne's School of Culinary Arts in Paris, France in 1928. A creature of good habits, one of his favorite pastimes to tell is his daily intake of "fresh salt air. Today at 111 his whole body still goes into a visible state of  relaxation just remembering what it felt like.  "It's good for your lungs!" he says. Recently on the Billionaires Mindset Forum he was giving a talk on the 46 Reasons Why Water Is Important for the health of the body and the benefits of sea salt.

While salt has been much maligned it's important to understand that Sea Salt is rich in minerals that the body requires such as iodine. Iodine is just one of many trace minerals critical to the health of the immune system. Dr. Myron Wentz points out that disruptive and even deadly chemicals found in common household cleaning supplies, Rx drugs, anti- depressants, cookware, nasal sprays, antacids, fertilizers and even baking flour (yikes!) contain bromide, fluoride, chloride can be counteracted with optimal amounts of iodine. Eating adequate amounts of sea vegetables and sea food help protect your body from health hazards such as diabetes,obesity, various cancers and fibromylagia. Fluoride retards fetal brain development and is unfortunately found in most municipal water supplies, toothpaste and in our non stick cookware. Lately,  I have been horrified by Duane Reade chain drug stores selling fluoride water targeting infants! Infants are the most vulnerable and should not have their small bodies flooded with poisons that will damage their development. Fluoride contrary to popular folklore destroys teeth by destroying the enamel. Read the label on your fluoride toothpaste and notice the poison warning label. Children under three are to be taken to the hospital to have their stomachs pumped in case of ingestion.

Asthma and Sea Salt

One miracle of sea salt is it's ability to provide relief from asthma's attacks. The next time you feel an attack coming on drink two glasses of water first. Then place one teaspoon of sea salt of the tongue. Leave it on the tongue for a minute and then wash down with a third glass of water. One lady reported that after trying this simple approach  with her son the boy was joyfully jumping up and down able to breathe freely. This poor lady had been taking him to doctors for years to find a cure for the childs asthma only resulted in an empty wallet, many ineffectual prescriptions and no improvement.  Working a weekly seaside walk to breathe in fresh salt air can only be beneficial. Note that even optimal supplements like USANA are restricted by the FDA from adding the needed amounts of iodine to products to reverse the results of deficiencies. This is a problem that will be reversed sooner rather than later as the public becomes more aware of the benefits of the bounty and healing properties the natural world offers and demands it.
Enjoy this video and story of Bernando Lapallo covered by ABC affilliate 15. A few corrections though are that he was born in Victoria, Brazil not New York City. He lived in New York for 90 years.  And he is not a complete vegan. Watch here on ABC NEWS