Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bernando's Wisdom On Sea Salt and Asthma

My grandfather Bernando LaPallo has told me many a tale of his time as a Merchant Marine during World War 2. From two near misses with death escaping two separate bombings including that of a bus that slammed the door in his face while he was trying to get back to his ship in port during an air raid, life at sea was quite the adventure. He worked as a chef on board during the war being a trained  graduate from La Sorbonne's School of Culinary Arts in Paris, France in 1928. A creature of good habits, one of his favorite pastimes to tell is his daily intake of "fresh salt air. Today at 111 his whole body still goes into a visible state of  relaxation just remembering what it felt like.  "It's good for your lungs!" he says. Recently on the Billionaires Mindset Forum he was giving a talk on the 46 Reasons Why Water Is Important for the health of the body and the benefits of sea salt.

While salt has been much maligned it's important to understand that Sea Salt is rich in minerals that the body requires such as iodine. Iodine is just one of many trace minerals critical to the health of the immune system. Dr. Myron Wentz points out that disruptive and even deadly chemicals found in common household cleaning supplies, Rx drugs, anti- depressants, cookware, nasal sprays, antacids, fertilizers and even baking flour (yikes!) contain bromide, fluoride, chloride can be counteracted with optimal amounts of iodine. Eating adequate amounts of sea vegetables and sea food help protect your body from health hazards such as diabetes,obesity, various cancers and fibromylagia. Fluoride retards fetal brain development and is unfortunately found in most municipal water supplies, toothpaste and in our non stick cookware. Lately,  I have been horrified by Duane Reade chain drug stores selling fluoride water targeting infants! Infants are the most vulnerable and should not have their small bodies flooded with poisons that will damage their development. Fluoride contrary to popular folklore destroys teeth by destroying the enamel. Read the label on your fluoride toothpaste and notice the poison warning label. Children under three are to be taken to the hospital to have their stomachs pumped in case of ingestion.

Asthma and Sea Salt

One miracle of sea salt is it's ability to provide relief from asthma's attacks. The next time you feel an attack coming on drink two glasses of water first. Then place one teaspoon of sea salt of the tongue. Leave it on the tongue for a minute and then wash down with a third glass of water. One lady reported that after trying this simple approach  with her son the boy was joyfully jumping up and down able to breathe freely. This poor lady had been taking him to doctors for years to find a cure for the childs asthma only resulted in an empty wallet, many ineffectual prescriptions and no improvement.  Working a weekly seaside walk to breathe in fresh salt air can only be beneficial. Note that even optimal supplements like USANA are restricted by the FDA from adding the needed amounts of iodine to products to reverse the results of deficiencies. This is a problem that will be reversed sooner rather than later as the public becomes more aware of the benefits of the bounty and healing properties the natural world offers and demands it.
Enjoy this video and story of Bernando Lapallo covered by ABC affilliate 15. A few corrections though are that he was born in Victoria, Brazil not New York City. He lived in New York for 90 years.  And he is not a complete vegan. Watch here on ABC NEWS

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