Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Calling Week Save New York State Beer & Water

New York State is a Beer State

One of the things that I learned at my latest job stint at LittleTown gastro pub is that New York State produces a lot of beer. A Lot  Of  It. So much beer in fact that 18 to 22 on tap nightly is average at Littletown with 100 more in bottles. They include everything from Fruit Ales to Ciders, Ports, Stouts, IPA's, Lagers. When I started working there as a hostess I had NO idea where Newburgh was let alone that they had a brewery. While Brooklyn Lager and Six Point even I knew about, other one's like McKenzies (which makes an excellent Apple Pie ale), Kelso,Three Philosophers, Bronx Pale Ale (!), Mothers Milk , I had never heard of before.

Calling Week! Call Governor Cuomo & Tell him you want your Beer forever

Hops, wheat and our precious clean New York State water is what goes into this and it employs a lot of people. It seems to me that even more than a coffee economy New York is a beer economy! And wine -  let's not forget about wine. We have a lot of vineyards on Long Island and the Great Lakes region. And Jesus turned water into wine. Let's keep our water clean and pristine and keep drinking beer. Hey Governor Cuomo want some peanuts with that beer?
Check this out
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++ Please follow them and tell any freaked farmers, brewers, vintners, beer drinkers you know that they are not alone and that farming and making stuff the old fashioned way is still HUGE in New York State. Thanks for calling.

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