Sunday, March 2, 2014

New e Book! Bernando LaPallo's " Beyond 100" Shares Tips on Living Well

Grampa feeling great & looking sharp at 112

Beyond 100 - How to Live Well Into Your Second Century is an E Book

 My grandfather has never let changes slow him down. He just keeps rolling with change although the marked exception would be his diet and exercise regimen that he has been following without change for the past century at the request of my great grand father.
 "So many things have changed and more changes coming," he has told me on more than one occasion referring to the innumerable changes he has witnessed in his own century plus of living. From telephones to cell phones, to paper backs to iPads, technology has changed from the "ice boxes" that morphed into refrigerators that we use today without even thinking about it. No one is hauling large blocks of ice up staircases to keep food fresh or bothering to empty a catchment pan for the ice that has melted. Horse drawn buggies, trolly cars, and airplanes beginning with the first Trans Atlantic flight by Lindy and commemorated with a dance "The Lindy Hop" that Grampa was tickled to see in Harlem during his June 2013 visit to New York as part of the advance promotion for this book is part of the phantasmagoria that rules the world it seems. Which brings me to his e- Book; It is now available on Apple iTunes in the iBooks section worldwide in English. You will find more of his personal take on principles that have not changed for him when it comes to taking care of his health which he believes is his first priority and should be yours as well. Bernando says he is looking forward to the print version coming out soon so more people can access it but sagely notes "these things take time."

Special National Geographic Q & A

As an added treat please enjoy this Questions & Answers feature in National Geographic News Watch conducted by David Braun where Bernando demonstrates what a sharp mind he still has. Be sure to tell your family and friends! In a world struggling with a disconnection to their bodies and food they put in it, Bernando's simple and straight forward approach will serve as an inspiration that we can live well into all years of our life if we treat the body as the temple it is. God Blessed us but we need to take advantage of those blessings right?