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Heartburn for the Holidays? Watch your B12 The Essentials of Health

If you have been indulging for the holidays (and who hasn't?) you may be experiencing a little heartburn just about now. Below is the clinical proof on the downside of taking all those heartburn medications. Before you start popping Rolaids, Zantac and Alka Seltzer  here is the GOOD news; You can take Active Calcium (by Usana Health Sciences)  which has a ratio of 800 mg of Calcium to 400 of Magnesium per serving size. MAGNESIUM is a trace mineral critical for your body and what helps you digest food, helps your cells turn food into energy, and excrete what your body won't use. It's a natural anti acid! USANA"s Active Calcium is plant based and comes in chewable form too. You can get it with or without Vitamin K and if you need  it dairy free it comes KOSHER.
Check out the study! Dr. Oz has this to say about B12

December 25, 2013

Acid reducing medications increase risk of B12 deficiency

At a Glance

A recent study has found that acid reducing drugs used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can reduce the amount of vitamin B12 that is absorbed and may lead to a deficiency.
Read more about this research below. 
Vitamin B12 insufficiency is relatively common, especially in older adults. Over time, an insufficient intake of vitamin B12 can cause an outright deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency, if is not corrected, may lead to serious complications such as dementia, nerve damage, anemia and other potentially irreversible conditions.

A recent study has shown that the use of the acid suppressing drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and histamine 2 receptor antagonists (H2RAs) suppress the production of gastric acid and may further complicate B12 malabsorption.

In this study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers sought to examine the association between long-term exposure to these medications and vitamin B12 deficiency.

The study included 25,956 adults diagnosed over the past 4.5 years with B12 deficiency and 184,199 subjects that were not deficient. Pharmacy records were used to provide information to determine who had been prescribed PPIs or H2RAs for at least two years.

Compared to those not taking the medications, there was a 65% greater risk of a B12 deficiency among those who were taking proton pump inhibitors and a 25% greater chance of deficiency among those using the histamine 2 receptor blockers for 2 years or more. The risk of deficiency was nearly doubled in those taking the higher dosages of PPIs compared to those not using the medications. After discontinuation of the drugs, the strength of the association was lessened.  

The results of this study show that previous and current gastric acid inhibitor use is associated with an increased risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. While these findings do not recommend against the appropriate use of these medications, these results should be considered when balancing the benefits and risks of using these medications. In addition, it is also advisable that the lowest effective dosage should be used.
Lam JR, Schneider JL, Zhao W, Corley DA. Proton pump inhibitor and histamine 2 receptor antagonist use and vitamin B12 deficiency. JAMA. 2013 Dec 11;310(22):2435-42. doi: 10.1001/jama.2013.280490.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fascinating. Food. Exercise Infuences Neural response in the Brain

How many times have you heard that cardio or high intensity exercise is important for healthy weight and just groaned? It turns out it's true and for you geeks out there who need convincing to get off the couch, onto the trampoline, into the pool,on the bike or running track,  check out this fascinating study from Usana Health Sciences weekly Essentials of Health bulletin. Your brain is a genius that loves exercise! So get up, get out and work in 25 minutes of exercise daily even if its just walking! Your brain and waistline will thank you!

The effects of high-intensity exercise on neural responses to images of food

At a Glance  Increased physical activity is known to be associated with long-term successful weight loss maintenance due to mechanisms more complex than simply increased energy expenditure. A new study using MRI imaging has shown that intense exercise not only affects energy output, but it also may influence how people respond to food cues.

Read more about this research below.

Short bouts of intense exercise are known to suppress hunger through appetite regulating hormones. In a new study published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers aimed to determine the effects of high-intensity exercise on central (brain) response to visual food stimuli.  The study included 15 healthy men of normal weight that completed two 60 minute experiments: exercise (running at 70% maximum aerobic capacity) and a resting control. After each trial, images of high and low-calorie foods were viewed and the brain response to the foods was measured using an MRI.   After the bout of exercise, thirst and core body temperature were increased while appetite response was significantly suppressed. Exercise significantly suppressed ghrelin (an appetite stimulating hormone) and enhanced the release of peptide YY (an appetite reducing hormone). When compared to the resting control, neural (brain) response in the brain’s reward related regions were stimulated in response to viewing the images of low-calorie foods but suppressed upon viewing images of high-calorie foods. 

This study has shown that high intensity exercise increases neural responses in reward-related regions of the brain in response to images of low-calorie foods and suppresses activation during the viewing of high-calorie foods. These central responses are associated with exercise-induced changes in peripheral signals related to appetite-regulation and hydration status.

Daniel R Crabtree et al. The effects of high-intensity exercise on neural responses to images of food. December 4, 2013, doi: 10.3945/​ajcn.113.071381

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Limited Time Offer RESET for Destination Transformation

My Gift To You - Get Started on Solid Footing for 2014 - Five questions 1. Have you been wanting to lose weight and just don't know HOW to make lasting changes? 2. Are you feeling bloated and sluggish after your Christmas with all the trimmings? 3. Do you lose weight only to put it ALL back on again? 4. Would you like to find a community that's supportive and non judgmental? 5. How about getting away with a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Sanoviv just for losing weight and tracking your story?
If any of these sound like you, then listen up!I am running a 12 week RESET Destination Transformation Challenge that begins January 6th and to help you get started I am offering a deep discount on the RESET kits.Take a look if you have reached your wit's end om weight loss. This offers expires January 4th. Click on the widget below to be taken to the event page, watch the video and register now. - Ekayani Chamberlin, Health & Lifestyle Coach
Real Results Real People: "One of the easiest cleanses I've ever done!" Karina Yanku, LMT and host of The Healing Artist Radio, New York, NY "My sugar cravings have decreased a lot!" Florence C, Attorney, Miami, Fl "I feel much better. I lost ten pounds in 5 days!" - Cheri R., New Jersey

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Lose Weight Win A Trip to Sanoviv January 6 2014

 Lose Weight - Win An All Expense Paid Trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute!

A view from the pool of SANOVIV a healing oasis in Mexico

It's The Living Connection with Ekayani Chamberlin  and I am thrilled to announce this 12 week challenge today! This is a  sponsored event by the company I partner with, USANA Health Sciences. We are  offering an all expense paid trip to 15 Grand Prize Winners just for losing weight and making positive changes to your attitude and lifestyle! I have been talking about Weight Creep and the affect it has on adult obesity for 2 weeks now on my Video Channel I am always looking for ways to motivate you to take control of your life and "change your genes" by making positive life choices. A trip to Mexico facing the ocean at a unique oasis of healing in the world is just the ticket! Did I mention all the products are gluten free, low GI, Non GMO and delicious?

Dates:  Begins January 6 ends March 30, 2014. 

* You will need to purchase your supplies. * You will need to register by becoming a PC

What it's all about:

DESTINATION TRANSFORMATION is back and you’re the first to know. Last year, we had more than 3,000 people participate in one of USANA’s largest weight-loss events. Collectively we lost more than 17,500 pounds! This year we’re doing it again.
USANA’s RESET Challenge:
DESTINATION TRANSFORMATION officially starts Jan. 6. But don’t wait for the new year to start forming some good habits. Stock up now on USANA’s newly redesigned gluten free RESET kit, Nutrimeal shakes, and delicious protein snacks to help curb cravings during the tempting holiday season. Right now is the time to commit to changing your life for the better. Grab a friend and get them involved too! If that is not possible for you know that I am providing guidance and support all throughout your 12 week journey to the new you!
Karina Yanku, Lmt

Testimonial - "Easiest Cleanse I've Ever Done!"

I'd like to insert here a testimonial from licensed massage therapist Karina Yanku, show host and owner of  Karina Yanku Healing Arts, Inc  She successfully completed the RESET program while working all week long! Karina wrote: "That shake kept me going for hours. And I just had one of those brownies (insert smiley face here) One of the easiest cleanses ever. And boy, did I cleanse!" - in New York City 12/5/ 2013

 5 Categories - 15 Winners

With three winners in each category, the odds are in your favor! (We also have our international markets competing as well in their own separate categories. We’re excited to include Australia, New Zealand and our European markets in the 2014 contest!) DESTINATION TRANSFORMATION is the only contest that completely maximizes your chances of being a grand-prize winner.  We have five different categories to place in including: 
- Percentage Weight Loss – male
- Percentage Weight Loss – female
- Total Weight Loss – pounds
- Partners - Team up with a friend, spouse, life partner. Egg each other on and win together!
 -  Best Essay (There are some of you that write very well that I could see easily nailing this category!)

Ocean view at SANOVIV

Grand-prize winners will receive:

1. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Sanoviv — a holistic healing center located in sunny Mexico
2  Each winner will receive a shopping spree, hair and makeup, photo shoot and more!
3. In addition to these tangible items the gift of deeper insight into the control you have over your own health, the exercise classes led by the staff, delicious organic food and heightned sense of self esteem are yours. Learning in foundational principles for a lifetime of good health are priceless! So what are you waiting for? Message me here to get started! To Your Success!! - Ekayani

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Testimonial - Lost 10 Pounds in 5 Days RESET works

I wanted to share this testimonial from a real person to underline the talk I gave on Weight Creep on the Healing Artist Radio Show Tuesday November 12, 2013. It's important to hear from real people.

"I wanted to try again another way to lose weight and I've lost my ten lbs and I want to lose another 10. It's always a decision one has to be ready for a commitment to make a healthy choice in changing what we put into our mouths."  C.R. -  New Jersey
RESET kit comes with a variety pack of Nutrimeal  shakes, health pak, delicious bars and instructions

RESET is an easy stress free weight loss program that literally helps reset the body helping to establish healthy eating patterns and self care in just 5 short days. The average weight loss is 4.5 pounds and I have seen people lose as much as 12 pounds safely. This is possible when you remove the culprits of fluctuating weight and inflammation such as highly denatured processed foods that have virtually no nutritional content your body can use to heal and maintain itself much less thrive.

Quality Control

As Dr. Oz pointed out on his show, food labeling can be misleading.The word "natural" and similar terms  doesn't oblige the manufacturer to ensure that the product is Non GMO, free of toxins, molds or even contain the complete spectrum of vitamins and trace minerals your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, bones and digestive system require. It can contain only a small amount of that which ludicriously qualifies it for a rubber stamp of approval in the market place. But that doesn't mean your body is buying it. The rate of obesity in North America is now at 49% for adults  giving one pause to really question what's in the food aisle at your local WalMart. Usana Health Sciences tests all raw materials that enter the facility quarantining them for 90 days while running a battery of tests before manufacture. More importantly there has not been one recall in 21 years of operation. In today's world of increased environmental pollution that is a stunning accomplishment which attests to a level of comittmment that is simply unsurpassed.

 Stress Not! Gluten Free Options! Non Dairy Too

The KIT removes the worry about what to eat and when to eat allowing you to go about your daily life. It comes with instructions and a motivational magnet and wristband. Gluten free, low glycemic, tasty and convenient RESET can help you avoid hypertension, diabetes and obesity that reduce your quality of life. Need to avoid Soy or Dairy in your diets? Behold NutrimealFREE  a completely plant based protein made from pea and potatoes!
The Kosher version of The Essentials multivitamin is free of dairy. I also recommend adding a scoop pf Fibergy Plus a combination of soluble and non soluble fiber to help clean out your colon and help you feel fuller during this jump start phase. Drinking plenty of water, moderate exercise and eating low glycemic fruits and vegetables during the program will set you on the path to feeling fantastic and looking fabulous. And who doesn't want that? Ready to get started? Learn more here
Tip: A great anti inflammation food is watercress that helps repair DNA damage. Dr. Nicolas Perricone speaks on this.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Please Support Emergency Relief Efforts in the Philippines | USANA Video

Replay Links & Tips to Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain or Weight Creep

Hey Everybody! I have put some highlights of the episode  here with links to the studies and blogs I used for research. (The Healing Artist Radio Show 11/13/13)
Tip 1
Green tea with a at least 25 minutes of exercise daily burns 4.4 pounds of fat with the added joy of targeting belly fat so you can show off your new six pack faster!
The Replay of Weight Creep or How to Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays is now archived on City World Radio - look in the Healing Artist Radio Show folder
Links to Articles & Blogs
I shared with you several tips on how to practically avoid the traps we can fall into with food that I culled from this post by Diana Yin that first appeared on What's Up Usana?
Nick Pederson lost a lot of weight and wrote about his findings here FANTASTIC case for cardio and intake of quality proteins.  Good Snacking In addition the keeping apples, pears, tangerines at your desk at work and at home, here are some yummy snacks that look evil but actually provide 15 grams of quality protein, are low GI, and gluten free! These nutrition bars are truly a step above. Warm up the Fudge Delite and you'll feel like your breaking the rules when you're not! Also don't forget the smoothies I mentioned!  Check them out here
Here is the combined study by the National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease and the
National Institute for Child and Human Health Development

Alcohol is the big pitfall as your are drinking hundreds and hundreds of calories with no nutrients unless you count that olive in your martini! Simple rule of thumb is for every drink you have drink a glass of water. Give your liver a break and help flush out the booze.
You can also add sparkling water to the wine you are drinking by 50%. You'll still be drinking with half the consumption of calories.
Liver tabs I also recommend that you stock up Hepasil DTX
by Usana that gives your liver - the gateway for clearing all toxins in the body-  a huge boost by providing it with clean, pure and effective combo of milk thistle extract, green tea and Vitamin C. 3 daily will assist your liver in keeping the weight off and supporting your immune system which comes under assault during the darker, colder and food heavy months.
Blender bottle on display with Karina Yanku host of The Healing Artist Radio Show

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sneak Peak on Weight Creep - How to Avoid Gaining During the Holidays & Beyond Nov 12 ...

Sneak Peak Video on Weight Creep! Listen in as I will be making Special Offers today  so Tune in with your smart phone with TuneIn app or via the web 4PM @ City World Radio

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays and Beyond

You  are 150 pounds which is just perfect for your height and then one day inexplicably the scale tells you you are 170. What happened? The reality is that Americans gain an additional one to two pounds every year usually around the Holiday Season and never lose it! If you'd like to learn How To Avoid this dilemna and learn about the programs I am offering to avoid even making a New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight this show is for you! Listen in via smarphone or the web Tuesday November 12 @ 4PM EST/1PM EST when I return to The Healing Artist Radio Show!

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Sex Drugs Rock N Roll How To Have a Healthy Liver - RIP Lou Reed October...

We just lost Lou Reed at the young age of 71.
 I made this video inspired by him as the cause of his departure was related to liver function. Diseased livers are epidemic in North American today and the good news is it can be prevented and avoided  easily. If you are looking for a way to have increased energy, longevity and would like to support your body against cancer and environmental stresses enjoy the video I made on this topic. I put forth the wisdom and share some easy tips I have imbibed from my first teacher Bernando LaPallo my grandfather who has always stressed keeping your liver clean. I made this video for you to sum it up! Make your health your first priority -
The Living Connection with Ekayani Chamberlin
WATCH NOW   Quick Video on Sex Drugs & How to Have a Healthy Liver

Bernando LaPallo and I at his 110th Birthday Party on Phoenix

Healthy Liver to Diseased Livers

Lou Reed's ode to his drug pick up uptown from his Velvet Underground days.
On A Personal Note:
My musical performance and the formation of my first band (Ekayani and the Healing Band) first found a home in the East Village of the late 90's. The atmosphere of  PUNK was still in the air and CBGB's was still open for business. Even though my "genre" was TRIP - HOP,  I loved going to CBGB's! The Ramones are one of my fave bands &  I felt them strongly as Joey was still alive then leaving us in 2000. (The Continental ran a Christmas show with Joey for a couple of years). Part and parcel of  this scene was Lou Reed who inspired so many kids to form bands and express their observations about society. life. addictions. struggles. fame.
I got to see Lou and his wife Laurie Anderson for the first time in person at Joe's Pub (2004)  as part of HOWL!  a sprawling week long festival dedicated to Allen Ginsberg. As usual, Lou was terse and got right to the point playing his song, thanking us for the Honor and leaving the stage wearing that ubiquitous black leather jacket of his. Death is a great part of this cycle of Life as one generation makes room for the next. Still as a Health Coach I couldn't rest easy without making this video inspired by Lou.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to Exfoliate for Younger Looking Skin VIDEO Demo in Greenpoint

          Watch the Video with Carla Lynne  Here!

Carla Lynne Hall is a NYC based Singer & Songwriter
Exfoliation of your skin helps it look younger. As we age our cells lose the ability to regenerate as quickly. This contributes to the look of aging and can look like dull, uneven and blotchy skin. The benefits of exfoliation include preparing the skin for the other products you will use. They no longer will have to fight through layers of dead skin to nourish your epidermis. Guys also benefit from exfoliation reducing the likelihood  of nicks and cuts. I used Rice Bran Polisher by Usana Health Sciences. The combination of rice bran beadlets and papaya enzymes exfoliates well while the kukui nut oil from Hawaii adds a healthy lipid deposit so your skin remains moist. It also also contains green tea which soothes and grape seed extract which is also great for guys  too who can have very irritated skin from shaving.  All skin needs to be cleansed, exfoliated, nourished and hydrated. Exfoliate once a week to keep pores free of sebum or oil that turns into blackheads.(Don't squeeze, you will only scar and reinfect your skin)  I recommend for older skins exfoliating twice a week if needed. Your skin will breathe easier and will glow as you uncover the younger cells hidden underneath the old, dead and dry skin. Thank you Carla Lynne Hall for being our model!
What I used: Rice Bran Polisher by Sense

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Huge Events Kirtan Yoga + Global Frackdown September 25 October 19

FOUR BIG EVENTS ARE COMING UP September 25October 19, October 23 and November 26. Here's what's going down!!!
Inline image 2
KIRTAN YOGA is a NEW interactive evening we are launching September 25th @ 8:30PM at JivaMukti Yoga School off Union Square by donation. It's happening  9/25, 10/ 23 & 11/26 (right before Thanksgiving) It's going to be fun,spirited, meaningful, & dedicated to our Water which is under threat from fracking for gas, a destructive process that the residents of Boulder, Colorado have been suffering under during massive floods right now. New York is a water city like so many on the East Coast. I live right on the waters edge. I am coming out now to speak my truth because our lives are in danger and hope many of you will join me in trying something NEW. For a long time now I have felt that an added dimension is required to saving this planet. So I am leading an Intentional Meditation as part of the Global Frackdown a Day of Action on the 1st Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. It's happening October 19 at the Park at Pier 61, NYC 10011. PLEASE see Show Schedule to RSVP and spread the word. Meanwhile, check this link out about Boulder
Please  share with friends who you think would appreciate. Parama Karuna!
Inline image 1

Love from
EKAYANI and The Tom Glide Space

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dr Karen Wolfe on Glycemic Stress, Sugar Addiction & Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Karen Wolfe gave a talk on Glycemic Stress, Sugar Addiction and Type 2 Diabetes via the web and I took notes to encourage you to look into your lifestyle and discover whether or not it is killing you or someone you love. Dr. Wolfe went over the roots of sugar addiction and diabetes making important points that 1. Lot's of insulin that's not working properly. 2. Too much blood sugar that exhausts the pancreas leads to weight gain and more. What can this battle look like? For example, a "typical" breakfastof orange juice and a bagel are empty carbs high in caloric content. An example would be a latte and a blueberry muffin that has a whopping 770 calories. When you consider that the average healthy daily adult intake is 2000 calories you can see that this type of breakfast sets you up for a roller coaster ride of highs and lows in energy all day long. Maybe you are the person who doesn't eat breakfast at all and rationalizes that you don't need it.
What is insulin exactly and how does it play out in diabetes? Dr. Wolfe explained that insulin is secreted to lower blood sugar. When you become insulin insensitive you have  diabetes because your blood stream is flooded with sugars that have no where to go. Your body can only absorb so much. You  body then becomes insensitive to your own insulin. On the other end of the spectrum is having low blood sugar known as glycemia or unstable blood sugar.  In an effort to deal with these fluctuations, your body produces more cortisol (a hormone) and up and down you go in weight gain. If you think it's only your weight that's a problem think again. Free radicals are increased by elevated blood sugars which damages the arteries. This makes them constrict which leads to high blood pressure which means less blood flow to the heart. Your body has to work extra hard just to pump blood through and this causes damage to the arterial walls. When this becomes critical it is called a heart attack. A healthy balance between these two extremes is the goal.

Insulin Insensitivity Longevity &  Obesity

Our lifestyle has created chronic cellular stress. Case in point: Presently 70% of North American children are not expected to outlive their parents due to the fact that they have Type 2 Diabetes by the age of nine years. Please read that sentence again and try to envision a country where only 30% of the kids you see today will be alive by the time they are 60. (Have you noticed children walking to school in your neighborhood drinking Coca Cola for breakfast like me? Sound the alarm!) The progression to diabetes begins with glycemic stress which leads to metabolic syndrome or pre - diabetes to Type 2 diabetes. In other words, a Big Glucose Sugar Addiction = Bigger Insulin Response. High Insulin and High levels of Cortisol means your body is storing more fat. You can feel like you are always hungry and just can't stop eating. This is because the hormone that signals to the brain that you have had enough food to eat, leptin, is no longer receiving messages and so binge eating continues. Here are some simple actions you can take to improve your health.
1. Exercise is important because it is a lymphatic pump. Exercise improves insulin insensitivity. So if your kids have had recess cut from their school program, be sure to involve them in some fun physical activity to set them on the path for lifelong good habits. It could be jumping on a trampoline, taking a walk, riding your bikes, getting into yoga or just rough housing in the backyard.
2. A good nights sleep will provide you with enough energy to get through your day instead of going to food all day long for energy. Make sure you and your kids get a good nights sleep by turning off those electronic devices two hours ahead of bed time. It will also help your child grow and avoid tempermental meltdowns. Crankiness is a symptom of sleep deprivation.
4. Come up with a food plan and stick to it 80% of the time or work you way towards that goal. Just keep adding more good stuff and pretty soon the not so good stuff will be a non issue. Remember fiber first, adequate Omega 3 fatty acids, Active (Magnesium) Calcium and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are tasty and ripe.No one likes eating rock hard tasteless produce.
5. Detoxify your body on a regular basis by drinking clean water. If you or your kids are resistant to drinking water try livening it up with some of the fabulous recipes from Spa Water  by Pam Wenzel, a breast cancer survivor.
Tangerine Lime Spa Water by Pam Wenzel

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Govenor Gillibrand Drags Her Feet Minisink Poisoning 9/11 First Repsonders

The town of Minisink located in southwest Orange County NY , NE of NJ

Tomorrow in the 12th anniversary of 9/11. Several weeks ago I learned that the town of Minisink, New York was being poisoned by the three gas compressor stations built by Millenium Pipeline. How ironic  that Minisink is home to many first responders to 9/11 whose health has already been compromised from that disaster. When I learned the news, I truly  felt as if I had just learned that my entire family had just been murdered. Murder is in effect what is happening in this town only 84 miles from New York City. How is it possible that it is so under the radar in regional and national awareness in terms of the hazardous effects of gas shale drilling? Senator Gillibrand has been doing her part to keep it hush hush by not responding at all Check this out   It's acceptable to plunk down a gas compressor spewing out toxic methane gas across the street from a family farm. It is not acceptable to commit this crime. It begs the question Is the right of quiet enjoyment  being defied in a manner that goes beyond brazen? For those not familiar with the term quiet enjoyment it is something I learned during my brief stint as a real estate agent. It means quite simply what it says: A  right to enjoy ones property quietly.
Show Minisink you support here

About Minisink is a town located in southwest Orange County, New York northeast of the New Jersey border between the Town of Greenville and the Town of Warwick. The population was 4,490 at the 2010 census. The residents get their water from the aquifer or their own wells. This water is now being poisoned by the "blowouts" of methane gas being released into the air already 7 times since June. Millenium the company responsible for this has deceived regulators by saying there would ONLY  be four per year. Four per year is  bad enough and for first responders to 9/11 in this town who are already suffering respiratory diseases this is a nail in the coffin. The quiet clean lifestyle they opted into by living in this rural town is now gone but they are bravely rallying to stop the pollution before it goes any further. This is what the Halliburton loophole looks like. Watch this video of the toxins being released into the atmosphere.

 “There is a vast infrastructure of pipelines, compressor stations, frack waste storage facilities, etc., growing at a phenomenal speed in our state; terrible harm is already occurring to people who live near this build-out. And the dangers are not just local—we are in the watershed and farmlands that provide for New York City—so this infrastructure presents incredible new risks for city-dwellers an hour away, as well.” - Asha Canalos, Resident of Minisink

Geography (From Wikipedia)  Historically, the name Minisink, which dates to the mid 17th century, has applied to a much larger area than the current town, running as far north as Minisink Ford, twenty miles northwest of present day Minisink, south to the Delaware Water Gap, thirty miles southwest of present day Minisink, and from the Kittatinny Ridge to the east to the Poconos to the west (See [1]). The Minisink Patent, granted in 1704, was a somewhat smaller area, but still far larger than the present town, which was given its present boundaries in 1800. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the New York - New Jersey border was previously seven or eight miles north of its present location: Minisink used to be in New Jersey.First settled by Europeans around 1725, the jurisdiction was organized by Americans as a town in 1788 following the Revolutionary War. In the following decades, the Town of Minisink lost territory to newer towns: Deer Park (1798), Wawayanda (1849), and Greenville (1853). In 1871, the community of Unionville set itself off from the town by incorporating as a village.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Breast Health

 The Short List on Self Care for Breast Health

1. Read More Books (list at end)
2. Ingest More Iodine. Find out how with "The Iodine Crisis"  by Lynne Farrow If you've got fluoride and/ or chlorine in your water supply check this out. Most cities and municipalities do. It's also in your toothpaste.
3. Take grape seed extract and vitamin C combo found in USANA's  Proflavanol C. It can  help reduce burning during radiation, boost immune system for both chemo and radiation. Reduces risks of infection. Helps your body produce healthy cells. Not to be taken with blood thinners
4. Increase intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acids has been shown to improve rate of breast cancer recovery.
5.  Soy Isoflavones Soy has been made into a bogeyman as of late but nutritional science shows that it can be beneficial to breast health. Non GMO please.
6.  Take Vitamin D
The epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency has hit 70% in North America. The long hours spent inside and the copious amounts of sun block applied has made it virtually impossible for your body to produce the critical amounts it needs to keep your immune system strong. Take USANA's  Vitamin D supplement. There is just D in it. In my counseling work I regularly encounter people who are woefully deficient.They always have a flu, a cold, feel rundown or are feeling depressed. Don't write if off. If in doubt get a blood test.
7.  Check your Teeth
If you have mercury amalgam fillings (falsely advertised as silver) go to a biological dentist and get them removed. Mercury is considered the most poisonous heavy metal and has nasty side effects.

Baby You Have Options

Breast health is a huge problem today and it deserves taking a look at from many different perspectives. Cancer just doesn't spring out of nowhere. Our lifestyle choices play an important role in our health. It's what we do today and day after day no matter our family history that is imperative. After all you can't live somebody else's life and you can influence your own. We already know that the rate of mastectomies, chemo and radiation treatments is through the roof for women here in North America and it's skyrocketing around the globe.What needs to be looked at more closely is a woman's own immune system. What may be affecting it adversely or undermining it?  Tell me how often do you hear doctors speaking about the  quality of water you are drinking, the amount of iodine you are consuming or what kind of beauty products you are applying? For me the old argument that your health has got nothing to do with what you are eating, drinking, breathing has hit critical mass. A woman's body is a living breathing reproducing organism intimately tied to that other living breathing reproducing organism Mother Earth. So how are we doing ladies? The good news is that you can choose and improve your life.

 Beauty and The Breast

The average female uses 15 products a day
 Beauty products are affecting women's health. It's just so obvious we can't even see it. The beauty industry would do well with some pressure to step up their manufacturing process by finding solutions other than toxic ones to use as preservatives in products we use day after day and year after year. And ladies that toxic effect is cumulative! Once our official obsession with looking our best at all times has begun in our teens, it can have a deadly effect on a woman's breast health. The carcinogens found in everything from our makeup, shampoos, soaps, body gels, body lotions and facial creams are applied once, twice and sometimes three times a day. And guess what? You are ingesting that. Your skin ingests everything applied on it. In fact, it is a conduit from the outside world to your internal organs, reproductive system, brain, and digestive tract. As the saying goes, If you wouldn't eat don't put it on your skin.What you put on your skin will end up inside you. The cells of your body that make up your immune system will react poorly if they don't have what they require to live a healthy life cycle. If they poisoned instead of nurtured the outcome is predictable. Anything that isn't pure and cannot be excreted successfully ends up becoming lodged inside the fatty tissue that makes up the breast. In the Journal of Applied Technology published in January 2012 from the University of Reading UK a study of breast cancer patients found that 99% of  the tissue samples had parabens in them. 60% of the women had no less than five parabens in their breasts.

Meet Ethyl, Butyl & Methyl

Surely you've heard of Ethyl, Butyl and Methyl Paraben. Just look on the label of one of your fave beauty products. While they might sound like ladies names their behavior is less than ladylike. Any word that ends with paraben is a  petroleum derived product. It's purpose is to kill bacteria and mold.Unfortunately they are also carcinogens.  In today's world where water, food and nutrient supply is so deficient, my advice is to stay away from them while upping your optimal nutrients. Keep your immune system as healthy and strong as possible. That can be achieved. I was led to use and distribute Usana's Sense skin care and body care line because it uses a self preserving technology using liquid crystals. It has cell protecting ingredients in it like green tea and grape seed extract. Sure a lot of products claim to have those ingredients but the point is even if they do their effectiveness has been destroyed due to the presence of parabens. It becomes more about window dressing than results.Products need to be pure and properly manufactured meeting all standards to make them  fit for human consumption and not just marketed as if they do.

Recommended Reading  - Get Smarter Get Wise

A friend of mine is a breast cancer sur- THRIVER. She credits that to a few qualities she possesses. She had an unrelenting thirst and curiosity to know why she got ill and was always questioning her doctors and oncologists about the treatments she was receiving and why she was receiving them. She was active in her self care all through her treatment, refused to be bullied into taking medications she felt she didn't need, took daily walks to clear her mind and spirit, and supplemented while paying careful attention to her diet. To her I owe her  a lot of the credit for the reading list you find here. Read and Educate yourself with the words of these leading edge MDs and breast cancer survivor.Most importantly trust yourself and listen to your body. Try calming yourself everyday and operate as much as possible from a place of no fear. That will empower you to heal.
Dr. Ray Strand What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You
Lynne Farrow The Iodine Crisis She's  breast cancer survivor
Dr. Myron Wentz Poison in Your Mouth 
Dave Wentz and Dr. Myron Wentz The Healthy Home  Learn how to detoxify your home room by room
Dr. Christiane Northrup OBGYN leader in Women's Health Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom 
Dr. Ladd McNamara The Power of Cellular Nutrition

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

USANA New Product Webinar Thursday 8/22 with Doctors Wolfe & McNamara

Usana Health Sciences New Product Info Thursday 8/22

Free Webinar 22 August on New & Improved Usana Health Sciences Products

Every year at USANA Health Sciences International Convention new and improved products are presented to a crowd of thousands and this year there were 8000 to be exact. USANA just rolled out Nutrimeal plant based protein powder, a bunch of improved snacks that looks suspiciously like junk food... But they are not! What's Up With that? Learn WHY these work and HOW they've been formulated with Dr. Ladd McNamara & Dr. Karen Wolfe.
Date:    Thursday, August 22, 2013
Time:    6:00-7:30 PM (PDT) / 7:00-8:30 PM (MDT) / 8:00-9:30 PM (CDT) / 9:00-10:30 PM (EDT)
FREE Reserve your Webinar seat now REGISTER Here
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About Dr. Karen Wolfe
Karen is an Australian born  MD and author of Is Your LifeStyle Killing You? Glycemis Stress Sugar Addiction and Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Ladd McNamara is a board certified OBGYN, author. lecturer and former member of the Scientific Advisory Council for USANA Health Sciences. He has a great series of podcasts and DVDs out on called The Cholesterol Conspiracy. I always learn a great deal from him.

Bernando LaPallo Kick Off Whole Health Ministry Event September 28

Bernando LaPallo 112 Birthday Party Dobson, Az

 Whole Health Ministry Kick Off with Bernando LaPallo & Friends

Pastor Randy Jones and Dr. Bradley are pleased to present their kick off community event with guest speakers Bernando LaPallo with Peggy and George Nungesser. These authors and living examples of healthy lifestyle will be traveling to California to inspire you to take care of your health. After performing over 800 funerals in the past year Pastor Randy Jones knew it was time to inspire positive change in his community towards healthy eating habits and lifestyle. He has teamed up with Dr. Bradley to present the first in a series of inspirational events. This event is FREE and books are for sale.

Event details

 Location: Valle Vista Church AG 
Address:45252 East Florida , Hemet, Ca 92544
Time: 10AM to 12PM
 Call (951) 927-6968 for more information
Bernando just celebrated his 112th Birthday August 17, 2013 in Dobson, Arizona amongst an enthusiastic throng of 80 guests at the monthly Raw Food Pot Luck hosted by Peggy and George Nungesser. Bernando espouses daily exercise, drinking pure water, restorative sleep, fresh fruits, green vegetables and moderation in all things as taught to him by his father Bernando LaPallo Sr. a herbologist and medical doctor who specialized in the stomach. Bernando is free of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer or any of the common ailments that plague two thirds of the American population today. Learn more about Bernando here