Sunday, September 15, 2013

Huge Events Kirtan Yoga + Global Frackdown September 25 October 19

FOUR BIG EVENTS ARE COMING UP September 25October 19, October 23 and November 26. Here's what's going down!!!
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KIRTAN YOGA is a NEW interactive evening we are launching September 25th @ 8:30PM at JivaMukti Yoga School off Union Square by donation. It's happening  9/25, 10/ 23 & 11/26 (right before Thanksgiving) It's going to be fun,spirited, meaningful, & dedicated to our Water which is under threat from fracking for gas, a destructive process that the residents of Boulder, Colorado have been suffering under during massive floods right now. New York is a water city like so many on the East Coast. I live right on the waters edge. I am coming out now to speak my truth because our lives are in danger and hope many of you will join me in trying something NEW. For a long time now I have felt that an added dimension is required to saving this planet. So I am leading an Intentional Meditation as part of the Global Frackdown a Day of Action on the 1st Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. It's happening October 19 at the Park at Pier 61, NYC 10011. PLEASE see Show Schedule to RSVP and spread the word. Meanwhile, check this link out about Boulder
Please  share with friends who you think would appreciate. Parama Karuna!
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Love from
EKAYANI and The Tom Glide Space

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