Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Govenor Gillibrand Drags Her Feet Minisink Poisoning 9/11 First Repsonders

The town of Minisink located in southwest Orange County NY , NE of NJ

Tomorrow in the 12th anniversary of 9/11. Several weeks ago I learned that the town of Minisink, New York was being poisoned by the three gas compressor stations built by Millenium Pipeline. How ironic  that Minisink is home to many first responders to 9/11 whose health has already been compromised from that disaster. When I learned the news, I truly  felt as if I had just learned that my entire family had just been murdered. Murder is in effect what is happening in this town only 84 miles from New York City. How is it possible that it is so under the radar in regional and national awareness in terms of the hazardous effects of gas shale drilling? Senator Gillibrand has been doing her part to keep it hush hush by not responding at all Check this out http://ecowatch.com/2013/minisink-protest-outside-gillibrands-office/.   It's acceptable to plunk down a gas compressor spewing out toxic methane gas across the street from a family farm. It is not acceptable to commit this crime. It begs the question Is the right of quiet enjoyment  being defied in a manner that goes beyond brazen? For those not familiar with the term quiet enjoyment it is something I learned during my brief stint as a real estate agent. It means quite simply what it says: A  right to enjoy ones property quietly.
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About Minisink is a town located in southwest Orange County, New York northeast of the New Jersey border between the Town of Greenville and the Town of Warwick. The population was 4,490 at the 2010 census. The residents get their water from the aquifer or their own wells. This water is now being poisoned by the "blowouts" of methane gas being released into the air already 7 times since June. Millenium the company responsible for this has deceived regulators by saying there would ONLY  be four per year. Four per year is  bad enough and for first responders to 9/11 in this town who are already suffering respiratory diseases this is a nail in the coffin. The quiet clean lifestyle they opted into by living in this rural town is now gone but they are bravely rallying to stop the pollution before it goes any further. This is what the Halliburton loophole looks like. Watch this video of the toxins being released into the atmosphere.

 “There is a vast infrastructure of pipelines, compressor stations, frack waste storage facilities, etc., growing at a phenomenal speed in our state; terrible harm is already occurring to people who live near this build-out. And the dangers are not just local—we are in the watershed and farmlands that provide for New York City—so this infrastructure presents incredible new risks for city-dwellers an hour away, as well.” - Asha Canalos, Resident of Minisink

Geography (From Wikipedia)  Historically, the name Minisink, which dates to the mid 17th century, has applied to a much larger area than the current town, running as far north as Minisink Ford, twenty miles northwest of present day Minisink, south to the Delaware Water Gap, thirty miles southwest of present day Minisink, and from the Kittatinny Ridge to the east to the Poconos to the west (See [1]). The Minisink Patent, granted in 1704, was a somewhat smaller area, but still far larger than the present town, which was given its present boundaries in 1800. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the New York - New Jersey border was previously seven or eight miles north of its present location: Minisink used to be in New Jersey.First settled by Europeans around 1725, the jurisdiction was organized by Americans as a town in 1788 following the Revolutionary War. In the following decades, the Town of Minisink lost territory to newer towns: Deer Park (1798), Wawayanda (1849), and Greenville (1853). In 1871, the community of Unionville set itself off from the town by incorporating as a village.

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