Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why Fresh Is Better and How Long To Keep Products Around

Recently I had an exchange where someone told me that they used a product that they had had "for years and years".  Their skin was looking very dry and it was apparent that no benefits were being reaped. I often encounter this mindset which is usually based in a couple of deep rooted beliefs. The first is "waste not, want not" or the feeling that it is never good to throw anything away because it's unethical and you may never know when you might need it. The second reason is that it doesn't really matter what you put on your skin. This couldn't be more wrong. The skin is in fact the largest organ of the body and it absorbs everything. Simply put, you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you aren't willing to eat!  Applying old products that have long since past their expiration date or products that contain petroleum also known as parabens is a no no. Would you eat old and stale food? You might use petroleum for your car but on your skin? It is preferable to partner with nature and use her genius to heal and regenerate and rejuvenate our selves and our cells. The shelf life for Sense is two years past the time it was manufactured. This is remarkable because Sense is the only line that uses a patented self preserving technology.
"With Self-Preserving Technology, all the functional ingredients of a formula - as well as the manufacturing process and packaging - are combined* to become the preservative system. In other words, "the product is the preservative."This technique is based on a synergistic approach where multiple hurdles are employed, significantly limiting microbial activity and subsequent spoiling of the product." - Ask the Scientists

Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe:
And speaking of fresh, my 110 year old grandfather Bernando LaPallo shares his recipe for his fresh fruit salad here in this video produced in his 109th  year, presented just in time for his 110th birthday. This is a snack that the entire family enjoyed with us grandkids racing to the refridgerator  every time we went for a visit. Whoever got there first would sit gloating at the kitchen table that they were in fact the first to sample it. Bernando's fruit salad is the best anywhere. It's beautiful, tasty a wonderful alternative to sugary snacks that will keep you feeling alive and your colon clean. Your guests will also be super impressed with you.  Bon Appetit!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Exfoliate - Japan's Beauty Secret Rice Bran Polisher for Radiant Skin

How and Why to Exfoliate with Rice Bran
If you live in city like New York you have plenty of chances to observe the glowing and flawless skin  of many of the Japanese women who live here. Their skin has an unearthly beauty about it and the secret to that beauty is rice bran. Rice bran contains the antioxidant γ-oryzanol and the relatively high fractions of tocopherols and tocotrienols, taken together as vitamin E. In real terms this means that the skin is protected against oxidative stress and is hydrated. When you think about youth and beauty you think about skin that is moist and dewey. For centuries, this beauty secret has been known in Asia starting with the women farmers working for hours in the rice paddies in the hot sun whose skin  defied wrinkling and burning. This is so because they discerned by washing their faces with the water the rice was cleaned in that the skin remained hydrated and burn free. It always fascinating to me to see how nature provides solutions to potential health hazards locally. For the Greeks olive oil provided similar benefits. The product I am recommending today is Sense Rice Bran Polisher and my regimen used on a client follows below.

Sense Facial Spotlight on an Enhancer
Last weekend I had the pleasure of treating a new prospect to a Sense facial. When I do a facial for someone I apply the full spectrum of the Sense skin care line from the Basics to the Enhancers. I apply product to one side of the face only and leave the other half untouched. I do this because it is an effective way for people to see and feel an immediate difference in the appearance of their skins texture, color and moisture. The contrast is immediate and visible. As Sense offers targeted solutions for skin concerns the Rice Bran Polisher is one that I always use during the demo.
After cleaning the skin with the soap free cleanser followed by the Hydrating Toner, I move on to the Rice Bran polisher. Rice bran beadlets gently rids the skin on the nose and cheeks of impurities like blackheads. Free of walnut shells or apricots kernals it's easy on the skin.

How Often to Exfoliate
My client asked me how many times per week to use the rice bran polisher. It's personal but in general at least once but no more than three times. There is no need to overdo it. Scrubbing and scrubbing your skin will only leave it raw and irritated. I think the confusion may lie in the fact that the polishers that have been traditionally available to us through commercial outlets have been well, a little coarse. We may equate this rough treatment with effectiveness when really it's just rough treatment. The rice bran beadlets are small and effective bypassing harsh acids. The majority of products available today promise much and deliver little. They strip the skin and provide no fuel for cellular regeneration. 
Topical Nutrition for Your Skin
Sense uses Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) - like salicylic acid - that are fat-soluble and are often used in skin care products to accelerate skin cell turnover and help clear oily pores. They can penetrate more deeply than Alpha Hydroxy Acids, are gentler and help your skin "act younger". Your skin naturally renews itself about every 28 days. Just like the body requires optimal nutrition so does the skin. Exfoliation helps that happen as it allows topical nutition to penetrate the skins layers more effectively. Apply the product to the face in  upward in circular motions.(Gravity is not our friend.) This has the effect of supporting the muscles in the face instead of pulling them down which increases the look of aging. Watch your alcohol intake during the holidays. Drink enough water during winter when we are exposed to extremes of drying heat and cold. Your skin reflects the overall state of your health so do take the proper supplements and get enough rest.
Additional Benefits
The aloe, kukui nut oil hydrate and nourish the skin  while green tea soothes. Sense's Rice Bran polisher has a unique self-preserving formula with no added parabens that nurtures your skin. It also holds a US Patent 7,214,391
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Rice bran- uses of

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scientifically Speaking The Importance of Research

Welcome to my second blog post here at The Living Connection! Often when talking to people I encounter testimony of disenchantment with supplements. People say "they just don't work". That is true in the majority of cases due to the inferior quality and in many cases the use of toxic materials such as lead and even mercury in so called nutritional supplements. One would think that regulation would be mandatory in an industry that makes upwards of 18 billion a year and about to peak at 1 trillion. Today I share with you a post from my company USANA health sciences that voluntarily follows GMP standards, is a certified pharmaceutical grade manufacturer and is NSF approved. Please take the time to learn and understand why your old supplements are "just not working". There are useful links here where you can read up on the health benefits of supplements in a 51 page paper the company has put together for you. Also check out our partners TOSH, The Linus Pauling Institute, Boston University and others.
To Your Health and Wealth!
Ekayani Chamberlin
Here at USANA Health Sciences, we take dietary supplements seriously.
You’re saying, well, of course you do. You make them.
Correct. However, it is not that simple.
USANA is not in the business of making products that fall into the latest trends. We are in the business of making products that help people live a healthier life.
One way, and possibly one of the most important ways, USANA does this is by using research. That’s right: research. In fact, it says it right on ourwebsite:
“At USANA, scientific research is at the heart of every product we offer. Whether in studies conducted by top scientists in our on-site laboratories or findings from the many research partnerships we have across the globe, USANA is fully committed to the research and development of cutting-edge nutritional technology.” — Dr. Myron Wentz
We do not bring a product to market, upgrade or enhance a product unless we have done thorough research.

Identifying Online Resources

This is a timely reminder, as there have been some stories in the news about supplements not being beneficial. There is also a great deal of research that highlights the benefits of supplementation. Here are a few resources for you:
Natural Product Association research has shown that supplementation can boost immune systems and help improve and maintain overall health, along with combating nutritional deficiencies. The healthier we are, the more we save in health care costs.
The Office of Dietary Supplements’ website is very comprehensive, and includes “Quick Facts” alongside more comprehensive “Health Professional” information. Many resources on the site are for consumers, and help consumers make sound decisions about supplementation.

A Word from LPI

One of our research partners, Linus Pauling Institute, discusses this topic on its website. In this article, they cite data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) stating that using supplements can help combat micronutrient deficiencies, which approximately 70% of the U.S. population suffers from.
It also points out that we are deficient in vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin A, and calcium. These micronutrients are important to our health, and if supplementation can help our bodies be more in balance, then I am all for it.
Linus Pauling Institute’s Rx for Health is great resource: it shares tips on proper supplementation usage, alongside healthy eating and lifestyle tips. All three work together, and it is important to remember that supplementation is not a one-stop fix.

Research for Yourself

USANA has put together a comprehensive paper on the Health Benefits of Nutritional Supplements (PDF). This paper is 51 pages of “an enumerative bibliography of peer-reviewed research.” Wow. Divided by health issue, this resource provides references to hundreds of studies that have been conducted that show how supplementation affects the body.
Not only does USANA seek out research, we conduct our own.
With partners such as The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH), Boston University, the University of Sydney, the University of Colorado Denver, Utah State University, University of Utah, Sanoviv Medical Institute, and the aforementioned, Linus Pauling Institute, we conduct research and clinical trials to test our own hypotheses and to help us understand how nutritional supplements can help the body under different circumstances.
As you can see, the support for dietary supplements is comprehensive. Please know USANA is committed to continuing to make nutritional supplements based upon sound research (read more about it here), to ensure you can trust the products you use.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Living Connection - My Why Is Found Here in 110 Years

Welcome to my first blog post. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and you are probably asking yourself upon whose shoulder I have my head propped up on in this picture taken in August 2011. The man I am leaning on is my motivation and has everything to do with why I am here today.  The occasion was his birthday. Meet my grandfather centenarian Bernando LaPallo, Jr.
 He is an author of a best selling book, a sought after guest speaker and at 110 years is rapidly becoming one of the worlds most famous people. (Yes, you read right.)
Why is he so famous?
 Do you think it's because he invented something? Perhaps a new gadget or get rich quick scheme? Or is it simply because he has lived as long as he has?  The last question forms the answer that would be partly right. The more complete answer speaks in a profound way to the state of our health today. My grandfather has become famous simply because he is healthy.  At 110 years young he is of sound mind and body with a memory like a steal trap for historical events and personalities... and baseball. (Huge Yankees fan.) He does not suffer from dementia, diabetes, cancer, arthritis or congenital heart disease.  And yes he can talk and then some. He does his own shopping, cooking and is able to shave his own face with a steady hand. He even has a new DVD series out demonstrating some of his popular recipes. Ever since I can remember him from age six on, I have been impressed with his vitality, strength, skill and his ability to set others at ease, meeting people wherever they are at and all walks of life. The one thing that has made the deepest impression upon me has been his lifelong commitment to understanding the human body and the vital and critical role food - and he means fresh food - is to maintaining health. In other words eating the way Nature intended.

Now I'd like to introduce you to another man who has had an enormous impact on hundreds and thousands of people who has embodied the same concerns and the same faith in the healing power of food based nutrition. This gentleman is a microbiologist and micro immunologist.   Dr. Myron Wentz is the recipient of the 2007 Albert Einstein Award for excellence in the Life Sciences, a best selling author, founder of the Sanoviv Medical Institute and the inventor of the most widely used testing kit for the Epstein Barr virus. Dr. Wentz is the founder and visionary behind USANA Health Sciences a pharmaceutical grade manufacturer of the best nutritional supplements available whose real genius perhaps lies in making them convenient for the worlds harried population.
I feel fortunate to have both these men in my life. My grandfather has shown me the benefits of having a nutrient rich diet, a regular exercise program and a positive mental attitude in REAL time.  Dr. Wentz has given us the tools to reap the benefits of good nutrition in convenient form that addresses the needs of the average person who finds themself surrounded by fast and processed foods and drugs that are pushed onto us incessantly. While I wholeheartedly advocate eating the freshest foods possible, I also know that today I'd have to eat eight oranges to get the same nutrition my grandfather would have received by just eating one when he was a younger man.
That's quite a contrast!
That is why I am so pleased and impressed that Dr. Wentz has met us more than half way. He has made it policy to have a full time staff of research scientists constantly leading the way in the industry for human supplementation. I am grateful that there is a potency guarantee on each and every product that Usana manufactures in house. Because my grandfather has given me the ability and criteria to value the importance of good eating habits through countless hours of conversation relating his real life experiences with the rejuvenating properties of nature  I was able to grasp Dr. Wentz's vision for a healthy human family as the genuine article.
To illustrate let me tell you a little story:
At this years International Convention 2011, I made sure to attend the panel on Healthy Aging moderated by Dr. Tim Wood who for years lead the research team at Usana. On the panel were Dr. Bart Moore, Dr. Heather Tick, Brian Dixon Phd, Dr. Monica Lewis and Dr. Tyler Banker of TOSH. Their observations based on their collective practices added up to about 100 years. This was something I wanted to attend because I have a bad ass grandfather! No matter what the panel spoke about be it managing chronic pain, exercise,  stress, attitude or the importance of diet versus genetics, I just kept nodding my head thinking "Yep, that's what Grampa said. Yep, that's what Grampa said." which made me realize that I had already taken this seminar all my life from my Grampa!
In conclusion, my passion for good nutrition and healthy living has found a vehicle in the personal and body care line and nutritional supplements made available in a convenient and highly bio available form by Dr. Wentz and Usana. Yes, let's get back "to the garden". Let's make sure we are healthy and strong to get us there and able to do the work required to heal this earth. Kindly examine the Usana opportunity as a customer or as a colleague seriously.
Ekayani Chamberlin
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