Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Living Connection - My Why Is Found Here in 110 Years

Welcome to my first blog post. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and you are probably asking yourself upon whose shoulder I have my head propped up on in this picture taken in August 2011. The man I am leaning on is my motivation and has everything to do with why I am here today.  The occasion was his birthday. Meet my grandfather centenarian Bernando LaPallo, Jr.
 He is an author of a best selling book, a sought after guest speaker and at 110 years is rapidly becoming one of the worlds most famous people. (Yes, you read right.)
Why is he so famous?
 Do you think it's because he invented something? Perhaps a new gadget or get rich quick scheme? Or is it simply because he has lived as long as he has?  The last question forms the answer that would be partly right. The more complete answer speaks in a profound way to the state of our health today. My grandfather has become famous simply because he is healthy.  At 110 years young he is of sound mind and body with a memory like a steal trap for historical events and personalities... and baseball. (Huge Yankees fan.) He does not suffer from dementia, diabetes, cancer, arthritis or congenital heart disease.  And yes he can talk and then some. He does his own shopping, cooking and is able to shave his own face with a steady hand. He even has a new DVD series out demonstrating some of his popular recipes. Ever since I can remember him from age six on, I have been impressed with his vitality, strength, skill and his ability to set others at ease, meeting people wherever they are at and all walks of life. The one thing that has made the deepest impression upon me has been his lifelong commitment to understanding the human body and the vital and critical role food - and he means fresh food - is to maintaining health. In other words eating the way Nature intended.

Now I'd like to introduce you to another man who has had an enormous impact on hundreds and thousands of people who has embodied the same concerns and the same faith in the healing power of food based nutrition. This gentleman is a microbiologist and micro immunologist.   Dr. Myron Wentz is the recipient of the 2007 Albert Einstein Award for excellence in the Life Sciences, a best selling author, founder of the Sanoviv Medical Institute and the inventor of the most widely used testing kit for the Epstein Barr virus. Dr. Wentz is the founder and visionary behind USANA Health Sciences a pharmaceutical grade manufacturer of the best nutritional supplements available whose real genius perhaps lies in making them convenient for the worlds harried population.
I feel fortunate to have both these men in my life. My grandfather has shown me the benefits of having a nutrient rich diet, a regular exercise program and a positive mental attitude in REAL time.  Dr. Wentz has given us the tools to reap the benefits of good nutrition in convenient form that addresses the needs of the average person who finds themself surrounded by fast and processed foods and drugs that are pushed onto us incessantly. While I wholeheartedly advocate eating the freshest foods possible, I also know that today I'd have to eat eight oranges to get the same nutrition my grandfather would have received by just eating one when he was a younger man.
That's quite a contrast!
That is why I am so pleased and impressed that Dr. Wentz has met us more than half way. He has made it policy to have a full time staff of research scientists constantly leading the way in the industry for human supplementation. I am grateful that there is a potency guarantee on each and every product that Usana manufactures in house. Because my grandfather has given me the ability and criteria to value the importance of good eating habits through countless hours of conversation relating his real life experiences with the rejuvenating properties of nature  I was able to grasp Dr. Wentz's vision for a healthy human family as the genuine article.
To illustrate let me tell you a little story:
At this years International Convention 2011, I made sure to attend the panel on Healthy Aging moderated by Dr. Tim Wood who for years lead the research team at Usana. On the panel were Dr. Bart Moore, Dr. Heather Tick, Brian Dixon Phd, Dr. Monica Lewis and Dr. Tyler Banker of TOSH. Their observations based on their collective practices added up to about 100 years. This was something I wanted to attend because I have a bad ass grandfather! No matter what the panel spoke about be it managing chronic pain, exercise,  stress, attitude or the importance of diet versus genetics, I just kept nodding my head thinking "Yep, that's what Grampa said. Yep, that's what Grampa said." which made me realize that I had already taken this seminar all my life from my Grampa!
In conclusion, my passion for good nutrition and healthy living has found a vehicle in the personal and body care line and nutritional supplements made available in a convenient and highly bio available form by Dr. Wentz and Usana. Yes, let's get back "to the garden". Let's make sure we are healthy and strong to get us there and able to do the work required to heal this earth. Kindly examine the Usana opportunity as a customer or as a colleague seriously.
Ekayani Chamberlin
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  1. I am impressed! Ekayani, you & your amazing Grandfather have inspired me.
    Val Kinzler

    1. Val dear - Are you coming this Saturday 21 to hear my grandfather speak on longevity? It's his only appearance. There is a free health fair during the day. The event is put on by Think Free Eat Green. Tix $15....Please see the additinal post on Anti Aging Tips - 110 Year Old on this blog. Look to the right..

  2. Thank you Val for reading the post. I am so glad that these testimonials have inspired you. With nature anything is possible. Let me know how I can help you and your family.

  3. Talk about food for thought! Incredible, inspirational and truly motivating. Thank you for sharing a piece of this incredible mans journey with us.

  4. Thank you for your comment! It is appreciated Susan! Food for thought indeed.


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