Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soap and Breast Cancer - Paraben Free Body Care with Sense Shower Gel

Soap. It can be irritating to a lot of skins. Every time I think of the broken out shoulders and the back of a friends teenage daughter covered in pimples I cringe. Did you know that many are allergic to soap because of the substances added to it?  A breakout is a warning sign from your body.  I personally  recommend Usana Health Sciences Shower Gel which is part of the Sense personal body care line as a replacement for the common soap. With a lot of products it can take a while to realize the difference in the effect it is having on us simply because we are used to doing the same old thing. We have also been led to believe that if something is irritating us it is somehow our fault instead of the fault of the product we are using thus ignoring the bodies inherent wisdom. For example, the first time I tried Sense body gel I really didn't notice how hydrating it was. Sure the fresh citrus smell derived from grapefruit struck me and the fact that it was easy to wash off was instantly noticeable while the other effects were more subtle. Like a lot of things in life we notice things by contrast. About a month after using this product daily I used my old soap product and it was upon the conclusion of washing my hands that I felt the difference. My hands were left feeling dry. That's when it struck me how superior this product was in terms of feel but beauty is more than skin deep. Keeping the skin moisturized is one of the best ways to keep it healthy by preventing broken skin protecting it from infections and the like.How about the other benefits?

Keeping Cancer at Bay Protecting Our Water Supply
 Paraben free products are important because petroleum products were never part of natures design for human beings. Why does this matter? This article excerpt by Dr. Nalini Chilkov published  1/26/2012 in The Huffington Post spells it out:
" Consider that a comprehensive study of women with breast cancer published in the January 2012 issue of the Journal of Applied Technology found parabens in nearly 100 percent of all cancerous breast tumors. This evidence clearly links these chemicals to women's cancers.Researchers from the University of Reading in the UK found that virtually all -- 99 percent -- of the tissue samples collected from women participating in the study contained at least one paraben, and 60 percent of the samples contained no less than five parabens."
Anti Bacterial Soap Toxic
Another misleading "good for you" ingredient is triclosan a highly toxic chemical used in many commercial soap products with "anti bacterial" on the label.  It is a pesticide that is harmful to you, aquatic life and phytoplankton. Banned in Canada and Japan it is unfortunately used in soaps, cleansers, cosmetics and even children's toys in the United States with only a warning from the FDA and EPA. It actually does the opposite of  protecting you against disease because over time it resists antibiotics. The fact is bacteria is everywhere and a healthy immune system is created when we are children coming in contact with bacteria.
Tips:  Avoid using these products that contain triclosan.
Protect your family and yourself by using products that are paraben free. If you have a baby bathe your child in something truly gentle. Your baby deserves to be healthy and so do you. To learn more about Sense Body Gel go here

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