Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sense on Strivers Row - Paraben Free Skin Care Goes to Harlem

The wonderful thing about any business undertaking is the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things even if those new things are in your own backyard. Harlem is a neighborhood rich in history and historical architecture. It contains some of the most elegant homes and really conjure up what I call "Old New York". This is the neighborhood where my mother and aunt grew up. I have been treated to many a tale by my grandfather (now 110)  about this vibrant neighborhood. One of my favorites is how he used to lend Fats Waller subway fare back in the late thirties so the musician could get to rehearsals. In those days a loan for subway fare was called "gas" as homes were rigged with machines that would accept a nickle to turn on the gas to cook on the family stove. When you were lending someone a nickel you were giving them some gas.  Wednesday morning I found myself on Strivers Row in Harlem a street so named  for being a place where doctors, lawyers and the like amongst the African American community resided.  Some famous people that lived on this stretch of block were the pianist Eubie Blake, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., the late buddy of my grandfather Bernando LaPallo and "Mr. BoJangles" himself. Originally built between 1891 to 1893 the buildings were first constructed for Caucasian's only but later in a classic example of "white flight" the houses were abandoned. My host has a beautiful home built circa 1895 that boasts one of the only "back alleys" in New York City. Where horses and stables used to be she now parks her car.
A Resident Walks Up Strivers Row

Me post Sense one on one feeling happy with another satisfied customer

My one one one was a full on product demo applying and explaining while I went along the hydrating and cleansing benefits of the Deluxe Sense line. Beginning with the Gentle Daily soap free cleanser we moved through the entire product line all the way to  Perfecting Essence. The favorites in this session were the Rice Bran Polisher, Eye Nourishing Cream and the Nutritious Creme Masque. For older skins these products are great because they hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! They offer the triple threat of exfoliating dead skin gently while delivering moisture, removing impurities and leaving lipid deposits on the skin for a dewy look and feel. Inexpensive and concentrated these paraben free products are a welcome addition to keeping your skin healthy and protected. The skin is the primary barrier between the environment and your internal organs and is in a fact a pathway between the two worlds.

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