Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Get Rid of Crows Feet and Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Crows feet and dark circles under the eyes are probably the most dreaded symptoms of aging on a woman's skin. If you've spent a little too much time out in the sun during the strongest times of exposure for years on end or perhaps were a tad carefree about protecting your eyes by not wearing a hat or a pair of sunglasses here is a a tip on an eye nourishing cream that you'll want to try. Usana's
Eye Nourishing Cream is, as always, a paraben free formula with a self preserving technology.

DSR Technology or dermal surface renewal helps the skin's surface "act younger". As we age the skin cells (and all cells) in the body reproduce more slowly. It employs a gentle formulation which helps refine the complexion. Usana uses Regenisomes or marine enzymes that helps the skins recovery from environmental damage  i.e. sun, smoke and let's not forget stress. Remember that magnesium and calcium should be maintained at optimal levels in the body to aid the health of the skin. Inside Outside Beauty is our motto here at The Living Connection and the body reflects it's overall state of health through the skin.
Dark Circles
While dark circles may not be completely done away with, the skin around the eyes can be made to look brighter. (This is a technique that makeup artists use all the time.)  Gently pat this cream underneath the eyes. Of course if you are not getting adequate sleep at night change your routine and get to bed earlier. I have also noticed over the years that people that are not keeping their kidneys in tip top shape by eating adequate leafy greens, eating celery and drinking enough water seem to have pronounced circles so do check your diet. No amount of creams will help you if you are not taking care of what goes on inside your body. Keeping the organs healthy that do the brunt of filtering toxins will help keep your skin glowing.

Sleeping Beauty is not just a name in a fairy tale but addresses a real need the human body has for sleep. Sleep is the time we repair our bodies. While you may not be able to sleep as much as a baby,  it's instructive to notice how glowing and soft a baby's skin looks and it's relationship to sleep.  I remember distinctly having this realization for myself. I watched a man and wife having a conversation on a Parisian street corner one day and she looked so worn out she appeared much older. As women we sacrifice our rest by keeping overly long hours and taking on too much. It does takes its toll. When I was modeling in Paris I remember that the top earners in the business would make early appearances making a bee line straight home to bed. Their faces were quite literally their fortune. They understood the importance of getting beauty rest as they were being paid top dollar to be radiant. "Girls" that burned the midnight oil would soon find themselves losing bookings to well rested, hence younger, looking models. When a client has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in a photo shoot (and this well before the days of rampant retouching) they cannot afford to hire a model that is going to make their product less than appealing. What they are really selling is well being!  So make it real by practicing your  common sense by making sure you cover the basics; Rest, water, and optimal nutrition. This will not only make you feel better but help you get the most out of the eye nourisher to diminish crows feet and dark under eye circles. Learn more at

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