Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sense = Spa Party for Girls + Spa Birthday Parties and Miami!

Cutting up at a Sense Spa Party with Guys and Gals

When you look on my Linkedin profile  you'll see that I describe myself as a Sense Skin Care specialist and that I offer free skin care sessions in the form of one on one sessions and group parties of up to six persons. But what does that mean exactly? Will it be costly?  Will it involve lot's of water? The answers to those questions below.
Whether you want a spa party for girls, want to throw a spa birthday party or want to do something special at the office for your employees, a Sense skin care Spa Party is a fantastic and simple way to go. As you can see from the photo above all we need is a table, a few chairs and some guests. And yes a little water.  I come equipped with headbands, mirrors, disposable bowls, hand towels, cotton balls and the full Sense skin care line. In short the works! In a matter of minutes our set up is complete.
In one short hour I will explain the revolutionary and anti aging and revitalizing technologies that go into every Sense product. Participation is part of the fun and you and your guests will be applying the products to your own faces so you know how to use them when you get home! For extra "WOW" factor I will demonstrate the "how to's"  on one lucky guy or gal while the rest of your guests follow along. At the end of the spa party each guest will be given a sample to take home and valuable information on all the products we tried during the party! That's it!

There is no cost and if you are considering a way to spice things up for an office party, a surprise for a friend, a birthday party or would like a one on one session for yourself  just shoot me an email at to schedule your session. And if you happen to be in Miami Beach you can contact Sense Skin care specialist Vanessa Soto at Vanessa is fun and passionate about sharing the products that have transformed her skin. Just look at that smile!
Vanessa Soto is a Sense skin care specialist based in Miami Beach

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