Monday, February 27, 2012

Health & Happiness Summit - Watercress Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Watercress Just What the Dr. Perricone Ordered!
The Health and Happiness Summit with Dr. Oz  featured Doctor Nicholas Perricone who is a board certified clinical research dermatologist and nutritionist. Well known for his inflammation theory on aging he urged us to try a nutritional approach to looking more youthful. Facelift in Your Fridge was clever counsel giving the throng of 6000 another way to look at food as medicine.  A delightful suggestion was to eat watercress. The misaligned green that has been thought of as no more than a garnish repairs DNA, detoxifies the liver and skin, helps control blood sugar and acts as a diuretic. Who knew? But where to get it? Upon leaving Radio City Music Hall I decided to walk downtown as I had been sitting for nearly three hours.  Hungry I headed to Republic of Noodle on Union Square where happily a watercress salad was on the menu. This dish had the additions of sesame seeds and soy bean sprouts. Dr. Perricone advised  staying away from processed sugars, artificial sweeteners and to drink plenty of fresh water, using fresh lemon juice on salads with olive oil and be sure to get plenty of good sleep. Thank you Dr. Perricone for that delicious prescription! It didn't hurt a bit.

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