Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why Fresh Is Better and How Long To Keep Products Around

Recently I had an exchange where someone told me that they used a product that they had had "for years and years".  Their skin was looking very dry and it was apparent that no benefits were being reaped. I often encounter this mindset which is usually based in a couple of deep rooted beliefs. The first is "waste not, want not" or the feeling that it is never good to throw anything away because it's unethical and you may never know when you might need it. The second reason is that it doesn't really matter what you put on your skin. This couldn't be more wrong. The skin is in fact the largest organ of the body and it absorbs everything. Simply put, you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you aren't willing to eat!  Applying old products that have long since past their expiration date or products that contain petroleum also known as parabens is a no no. Would you eat old and stale food? You might use petroleum for your car but on your skin? It is preferable to partner with nature and use her genius to heal and regenerate and rejuvenate our selves and our cells. The shelf life for Sense is two years past the time it was manufactured. This is remarkable because Sense is the only line that uses a patented self preserving technology.
"With Self-Preserving Technology, all the functional ingredients of a formula - as well as the manufacturing process and packaging - are combined* to become the preservative system. In other words, "the product is the preservative."This technique is based on a synergistic approach where multiple hurdles are employed, significantly limiting microbial activity and subsequent spoiling of the product." - Ask the Scientists

Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe:
And speaking of fresh, my 110 year old grandfather Bernando LaPallo shares his recipe for his fresh fruit salad here in this video produced in his 109th  year, presented just in time for his 110th birthday. This is a snack that the entire family enjoyed with us grandkids racing to the refridgerator  every time we went for a visit. Whoever got there first would sit gloating at the kitchen table that they were in fact the first to sample it. Bernando's fruit salad is the best anywhere. It's beautiful, tasty a wonderful alternative to sugary snacks that will keep you feeling alive and your colon clean. Your guests will also be super impressed with you.  Bon Appetit!

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