Friday, December 6, 2013

Lose Weight Win A Trip to Sanoviv January 6 2014

 Lose Weight - Win An All Expense Paid Trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute!

A view from the pool of SANOVIV a healing oasis in Mexico

It's The Living Connection with Ekayani Chamberlin  and I am thrilled to announce this 12 week challenge today! This is a  sponsored event by the company I partner with, USANA Health Sciences. We are  offering an all expense paid trip to 15 Grand Prize Winners just for losing weight and making positive changes to your attitude and lifestyle! I have been talking about Weight Creep and the affect it has on adult obesity for 2 weeks now on my Video Channel I am always looking for ways to motivate you to take control of your life and "change your genes" by making positive life choices. A trip to Mexico facing the ocean at a unique oasis of healing in the world is just the ticket! Did I mention all the products are gluten free, low GI, Non GMO and delicious?

Dates:  Begins January 6 ends March 30, 2014. 

* You will need to purchase your supplies. * You will need to register by becoming a PC

What it's all about:

DESTINATION TRANSFORMATION is back and you’re the first to know. Last year, we had more than 3,000 people participate in one of USANA’s largest weight-loss events. Collectively we lost more than 17,500 pounds! This year we’re doing it again.
USANA’s RESET Challenge:
DESTINATION TRANSFORMATION officially starts Jan. 6. But don’t wait for the new year to start forming some good habits. Stock up now on USANA’s newly redesigned gluten free RESET kit, Nutrimeal shakes, and delicious protein snacks to help curb cravings during the tempting holiday season. Right now is the time to commit to changing your life for the better. Grab a friend and get them involved too! If that is not possible for you know that I am providing guidance and support all throughout your 12 week journey to the new you!
Karina Yanku, Lmt

Testimonial - "Easiest Cleanse I've Ever Done!"

I'd like to insert here a testimonial from licensed massage therapist Karina Yanku, show host and owner of  Karina Yanku Healing Arts, Inc  She successfully completed the RESET program while working all week long! Karina wrote: "That shake kept me going for hours. And I just had one of those brownies (insert smiley face here) One of the easiest cleanses ever. And boy, did I cleanse!" - in New York City 12/5/ 2013

 5 Categories - 15 Winners

With three winners in each category, the odds are in your favor! (We also have our international markets competing as well in their own separate categories. We’re excited to include Australia, New Zealand and our European markets in the 2014 contest!) DESTINATION TRANSFORMATION is the only contest that completely maximizes your chances of being a grand-prize winner.  We have five different categories to place in including: 
- Percentage Weight Loss – male
- Percentage Weight Loss – female
- Total Weight Loss – pounds
- Partners - Team up with a friend, spouse, life partner. Egg each other on and win together!
 -  Best Essay (There are some of you that write very well that I could see easily nailing this category!)

Ocean view at SANOVIV

Grand-prize winners will receive:

1. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Sanoviv — a holistic healing center located in sunny Mexico
2  Each winner will receive a shopping spree, hair and makeup, photo shoot and more!
3. In addition to these tangible items the gift of deeper insight into the control you have over your own health, the exercise classes led by the staff, delicious organic food and heightned sense of self esteem are yours. Learning in foundational principles for a lifetime of good health are priceless! So what are you waiting for? Message me here to get started! To Your Success!! - Ekayani

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