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Guest Post - 5 Summer Skin Blunders Solved by Jessica Reimer

Check out these 5 summer skin tips from Jessica Reimer!

It's high summer and I am loving it! All the trees are in full bloom and just looking at their greenery is soothing and energizing. This week I have been outside for two summer music concerts and have kept up with my biking around town. It's so easy to spend hours and hours outside and forget to take care of our skin. Did you fall asleep in the sun and burn? Go overboard with self tanner? Suffering from razor burn? Hair a little dry? Are your heels cracked? Never fear  as we've got five summer skin blunders solved!  Check out these great tips from USANA's own Jessica Reimer! - Ekayani

USANA’s Inside Beauty: 5 Summer Skin Blunders … Solved!

1. The Sunburn: While vacationing in Hawaii one year I fell asleep on the beach at Waimea Bay and awakened to one of the worst burns of my adult life. Needless to say, the next few days of my vacation were spent under the shade drenched in aloe. Unfortunately most of us, for one reason or another, experience a really bad sunburn in our lifetime. If this happens to you, reach for all natural aloe. Aloe is great for moisture and also takes some of the heat out.

Aloe Vera soothes burns

Also, if you have really dry, sensitive patches from the sunburn, try using Sensé Night Renewal Crème to help soften and moisturize. Sunburned skin is in shock and needs immediate attention. Keep it hydrated and drink lots of water. Wear loose clothing to avoid further discomfort and stay completely out of the sun (or as much as possible) until your skin has healed.

  • Blunder-Prevention Tip: Remember, if you are going to be out in the sun for long periods of time, apply plenty of sunscreen regularly to stand the heat.

2. Sunless Tanner Overload (AKA “Oompa Loompa Syndrome”): Yep. You did it. You overdosed on sunless tanner and now you look like you belong in a Willy Wonka movie. Don’t panic! First we need to address which area you over-sprayed. Your face? No problem. Just moisten cotton pads with liquid make up remover and sweep across face and neck. After, grab your Sensé Rice Bran Polisher and work it into your skin with wet fingertips. Rinse. Repeat once. The little rice beadlets in this amazing, gentle exfoliator with help remove excess color.

Rice Bran Polisher
Follow up with moisturizer and voila! At this point, your face should be back to a normal color. For extra color-removing power, find the cotton pads labeled “exfoliating” because they are made with a specific exfoliating texture that will help further remove the sunless tanner.

But what if you’ve over-sprayed your entire body including hands and feet you say? Solved. Reach for your Sensé Energizing Shower Gel and squeeze a dollop into your palm. Then, add a tablespoon of brown sugar and begin scrubbing! The brown sugar will help exfoliate and even the color of your tan. Bonus — you’ll smell extra yummy! For really dark spots, apply all natural lemon juice with a cotton pad. That should do the trick!

  • Blunder-Prevention Tip: Spray tans are tricky and require a little extra work. Remember, less is more so begin slowly and wait for the color to develop before applying more tanner. For best results, visit a sunless tanning salon with specialized sunless tanning professionals. You might pay a bit more, but you’ll look great!

3. Razor Burn (Ouch!):
Shaving regularly during the summer will keep you smooth, but sometimes you end up with razor burn. Every time you shave, you remove a portion of the top layer of your skin along with the hair. This can leave your skin sensitive and vulnerable. Storing your razor in the shower where it’s humid can create a breeding ground for bacteria to grow leading to irritation and possible infection. Keep your razors stored in a cool, dry place and be sure to replace them at least every 3 weeks.

  • Blunder-Prevention Tip: If you hate shaving, try an all natural sugar wax. It’s not as painful as you think and can leave you hair free for up to 6 weeks!

4. Dry, Brittle Locks:
Sun, sand, and surf has left your hair dry and brittle. Don’t worry — the remedy is in Sensé Nourishing Conditioner. Apply this luxurious conditioner generously to clean, damp hair. Wrap a warm, damp towel around your hair and wait ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly. That was easy, huh?

Sense Nourishing Conditioner
  • Blunder-Prevention Tip: If you know you’re going to be in the sun, apply a small amount of Nourishing Conditioner to the ends of dry hair and leave it in. This will help keep your hair hydrated and protected during summer fun!

5. Cracked Heels:
Flip flops and sandals come in all sorts of fun fashions, but they can leave your heels looking hideous. If you don’t want to splurge for a pedicure, just follow these simple steps. First, soak your feet in the tub. Then, use a natural pumice stone (they are widely available and cost about a dollar) along with Sensé Rice Bran Polisher to slough off dry skin. Work the stone aggressively over your heels to get them smooth. Rinse.


After exfoliating your feet, be sure to apply plenty of moisturizer. My choice — Sensé Firming Body Nourisher. Apply an ample amount to your heels and slip on a pair of cotton socks. Keep these on overnight and I promise you’ll wake up with baby soft feet!

  • Blunder-Prevention Tip: Apply moisturizer nightly to your heels to keep them from getting too dry.
Well there’s the scoop!
Wishing you all beauty and health."
- Jessica Reimer is a Senior Marketing Manager at USANA Health Sciences.

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