Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Interrupt This Blog Post For A Word About Water

Governor Cuomo is toying with our water supply in the Southern Tier of New York State. Trouble is New York State is the watershed for the ENTIRE Eastern Seaboard. Yep you heard right.
Ekayani, yours truly. delivers a bottle of contaminated water from fracking to Govenor Cumo's Office at 633 Third Avenue. I wonder if he ever got it tested? They guy who came downstairs to pick it up was worried after I explained what it was. Photo S. Sheddy
In a New York Times article published June 13, 2012 Governor Cuomo says he wants to "sacrifice" the Southern Tier of New York State to the chemical nightmare known as hydro- fracking. Sacrifice comes from the word SACRED and there is nothing sacred about poisoning our water supply with known carcinogens for the sake of extracting gas. If ever there was folly, arrogance or greed it is in play here. Destroying the eco - system to produce paltry amounts of gas is short sighted when we have options to invest in known about for decades.

Why this insistence on outmoded ideas?

Any given night of the week you can attend a lecture on sustainable energy be it Solar or Wind. Recently ReNew New York has been sponsoring a series of talks on the Passive House in Brooklyn on my old block. Just last night Green Drinks held a Solar Energy Mixer  sponsored by the NYSEIA. Without clean air to breathe or  water to cook with we are in a canoe literally without a paddle. I've heard the Governor enjoys white water rafting in this state that he claims to love. His girlfriend heads up a food bank system in the Southern Tier. How on earth is that going to continue when the groundwork is being layed to destroy land and water that produces food? Has it occurred to the administration at all that further developing our farm to table food system right here in New York State would be a much more sustainable option to boosting the local economy and would employ thousands of people? They say they do and there has been great PR on that front but the devil is in the details. Water seeps everywhere and there is no amount of "attempts" to reduce contamination from injecting 900 plus chemicals into a fluid entity that feeds aquifers,streams rivers, creeks,wells and by extension farms, birds,fish,wildlife, trees,plants, flowers and yes humans too.

New York State Watershed for Eastern Seaboard

To me it appears that the Governor must be held accountable for not only making a move to poison the citizens of this state but also of everything and everyone else that is downstream. New York State is the watershed for the entire Eastern Seaboard and for those rusty on geography that means Pennsylvannia, New Jersey, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Tell us Governor how are you going to control that? Are you God? No. Then why are you playing God? The "plan" I have heard to monitor the damage is some of the most outlandish nonsense I have ever heard in my life.  Science and sheer common sense would dictate that New York can truly be the Empire State leading the way in sustainability. The way the Governor is acting you'd think he had no daughters to protect.  And to those daughters please talk some sense into your father.
Please call the Governor at 1-866-584-6799 now. The time is now. God blessed us! Let's not squander it with this lack of gratitude and disrespect for life. There will be no where to go for anyone rich or poor without the resources that sustain our very life.

Rivers and Lakes Waterfalls and More That Run Through New York State

Hudson, East River, Delaware River, Twin Rivers- Chenango and Susquehanna, Otsego Lake, Great Lakes, Moose River, Chesapeake Bay Watershed,Niagara Falls,Croton Resevoir, Catskill Aqueduct,Long Island Sound, Jamaica Bay, Lake George... What Is Your Beloved Source of Water?

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