Monday, June 4, 2012

Transformation with RESET in the Big Apple

Jessica Dilbeck ready to RESET!
Jessica Dilbeck is an actress who is pursuing her dream in the Big Apple. Originally from Florida, she has been having small successes most recently as a paid extra in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" featuring Ben Stiller. "That might not  have seemed like much to some people but for me it was a breakout moment!"  We agree and an actress needs every edge she can get in a town that's known to be competitive! Being in show business Jessica realizes that looking and feeling her best is important.  Her face and her figure are, quite literally, her fortune. Like many actors that come to New York City her side job is in the food industry. Over the course of the winter months weight slowly creeped up on Jessica as the dessert case proved to be a quick energy pick- me - up though perhaps not the best choice. Even though Jessica is an avid runner and eats lots of fruit, she found the weight just wasn't coming off so easily. After answering Jessica's initial concerns about the  RESET 5 Day Jump Start Cleanse she was ready to go. Jess wanted to make sure she was not on a fad diet with harmful ingredients. She also wanted to be sure there was a plan in place to keep the weight off while she progressed to her targeted ideal weight. It also didn't hurt that she had a bet going with a friend on who could lose the most weight within a two week period that kept her motivated to stay on track.


I explained to Jessica that RESET was a scientifically formulated weight loss program designed to get a person off the carb and sugar roller coaster that is the downfall of so many North Americans today. Using studies on the glycemic index and rigorous in house testing, Usana's RESET is a sane way to lay a good foundation to your lifestyle choices and eating habits over the long term. Designed to be a complete meal replacement program that is nutrient rich and calorie poor, the kit contains a 5 day supply of strawberry,vanilla and chocolate nutrimeal shakes, oatmeal raisin nutrition bars, peanut butter crunch bars and AM & PM sleeves of the  Healthpak.
The Healthpak is an essential part of the program that should not be skipped as they provide the optimal amounts of chelated minerals, mega anti oxidants the body needs, an auto immune booster made of green tea and resveratrol and a vegetarian form of  Active Calcium that also contains the all important mineral magnesium. Magnesium helps maintain energy levels and metabolize food. A lack of it and you may find that what you are eating is sticking to your thighs!  The Nutrimeal shakes are gluten free non gmo soy based protein shakes that contain 2400 grams of sodium, 15 grams of protein and essential nutrients and trace minerals such as Vitamins A, C, B6, B12, D, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Folate, Copper,Thiamin, and fiber. Weighing in at only 240 calories per serving, they surpass a traditional latte and blueberry muffin that you'd pick up at the deli which has 770 calories, 111 carbs and a whopping 83 g of sugar. Swap that out for a 22 oz. glass of orange juice, 8 oz. of egg and sausage muffin with 2 oz. of hash browns and you are looking at 880 calories, 103 worth of carbs and 60 g of sugar. By comparison Nutrimeal has 32 crabs and 17 grams in sugar.

Drink Plenty of Water & Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Reset comes with a chart that keeps you on track with additional guidelines. At least one serving of low glycemic fruits and vegetables should be eaten every day along with adequate water while on the program. The amount of water you should drink is calculated by taking your body weight and dividing that in half. The result is the amount of water you need to drink daily in ounces. If you weigh 150 pounds you should be drinking 75 ounces of water daily. Eating fruits and vegetables are extremely important as it helps keep things moving through your system and provides phytonutrients. You can add berries for example to your nutrimeal shakes or even chopped greens to the vanilla nutrimeal if you prefer going green. It's an easy way to get your veggies with your protein.

End of the Run
Jessica  lost a total of 3 pounds in 5 days and noticed some things that made her want to change her habits.
Though Jessica didn't win the competition, she has no regrets because she feels she is on the right path as she moves into the Transformation phase of the program.
As she says,  "It's all good." She now goes to sleep much earlier than 2AM which helps keep her body at a normal weight (See my article on sleep here). She also is taking time to read food labels more carefully.  "I didn't realize the cereal I was using as a snack food had so much sugar it it! I was eating it all the time!"  Jessica is committed to taking her Essentials daily to make sure he gets her essential nutrients and is replacing several meals a week with her faves strawberry and chocolate nutrimeal while she sticks to her exercise regimen of yoga and running.  Way to go Jess! Are you ready to start your journey to improved health? Drop me a line!

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