Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rev3 Seen at The Sugar Shack

Looking good and tasting even better Rev3 adds a real kick of sustained energy with a pomegranite taste!
Ekayani serving out Rev3 Fruity Punch samples to the passersby on the boardwalk

Memorable Memorial Day with Rev3

The weather was perfect for distributing samples of Rev3 Monday, May 28th on Fire Island. Feeling like a tropical maiden, I was shielded from the sun by the large umbrella set up for us harbor side by  The Sugar Shack Salon and Spa. Making up the Rev3 fruity punch from Usana's Test Kitchen was a breeze! Rave reviews all around that made me seem like a culinary genius as guests were pleased that it was so good and good for you! 

How I Did it

 I used frozen organic apple juice and frozen organic orange juice to make sure the drink was nice and cold.  As we were traveling by car and ferry this was a convenient way bring in  the juices ice cold in a small cooler without the burden of the extra weight from large juice containers. (The only thing I didn't find canned was the pineapple juice).  In a large pitcher I added all the ingredients, the appropriate amount of water and finished off with 2 cans of Rev3. It truly looked gorgeous as the juices made different colorful layers just like a sunrise!  I was happy to be able to rattle of all the benefits of the drink that was great tasting while remaining low glycemic and high on nutrition. 
 I used 3.5 oz. paper cups to distribute. Since I had pineapple juice to spare, I made a variation of the Aloha Pineapple Nutrimeal Shake by Usana. Since crushed pineapple wasn't available, I simply  cut the amount of water used in the original recipe by half from 10 oz. to 5 oz.  I added 5 oz. of pineapple juice and 1 tb. of coconut extract. Shaken for 60 seconds in our non BPA blender bottle and voila! A wonderful new take on the "virgin colada's" with taste and nutrients to boot! 

In the upcoming weeks we will be serving up samples of more scrumptious and healthy Usana foods so you can keep your energy up and body trim enjoying all that summer has to offer!
These products are available exclusively at The Sugar Shack in Fire Island, Pines.
How's that for culinary genius? Just add water, shake and your done!

Special thanks to Raymond, Pete, Chris and everyone who stopped by to taste!

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