Thursday, May 10, 2012

Miss Bike's A Lot - My Encounter With Red Bull Cyclist

Yesterday I was biking up Sixth Avenue on Manhattan's West Side. I was doing a fairly good job navigating the rush hour traffic when I came to a stop light. Ahead of me at a jaunty angle was a fellow biker sporting a protective helmet with a Red Bull insignia on it. He nodded at me approvingly as only people sharing similar interests do - in this case biking. I found myself ogling at his flashy looking Red Bull helmet and wondered if he drank the stuff. I also noticed he had a can of Coca Cola dangling in his left hand. Being a health nut and perhaps a tad too maternal, my heart sank. This is where he was getting his energy from? While he was certainly lean and on the surface appeared healthy I was trying to find a smooth way to tell him that the taurine in Red Bull - originally taken from the bile of bulls (!),  was a  now a synthetic product whose long term effects on the cardiovascular system and the brain were dangerous. I tried shouting this to him from behind. He couldn't hear me so I peddled faster and shouted it again. Then he asked me what medical study I was referring to. I was taken aback as I thought this fact was common knowledge. I said I was sorry I didn't have a study to refer to off the top of my head but asked him to please look into it. And with that, the approving look turned into disapproval and off he peddled with an eat - my-  dust acceleration. I had clearly failed in the smooth department offending someone I wanted to help. Lesson learned: Have your scientific references in place when going at high speeds. Try complimenting the persons awesomeness first before offering information. Don't be shocked when you encounter sponsored athletes who may not be making the best choices for their long term health.
Dear  Cool Biker Dude on Sixth Avenue Here are some facts and a link to said research.

Rev3 The Clean Energy Drink Alternative by from Ask The Scientist by  Usana Health Sciences
Why doesn't Rev3 contain taurine?
"Taurine has traditionally been classified as a non-essential amino acid, but by strict chemical definition it is actually an amino sulfonic acid. As a derivative of another amino acid (cysteine), taurine is synthesized by humans in both the brain and the liver. However, its most important role in humans is its role in digestion, since taurine is a major component of bile acid.
In recent years taurine has become a common ingredient in energy drinks, partly due to findings in mice that it alleviates muscle fatigue during strenuous workouts. However, these findings have not been duplicated conclusively in humans. Taurine levels in the body also remain relatively constant so typical oral dosages have little effect on overall body levels. Presently, despite being included in many energy drinks, taurine has not been proven to be energy-giving or beneficial in generally healthy non-deficient adults. For that reason it is not currently provided as part of the Rev3 products. As always, USANA scientists will continue to monitor the best available research on this subject."
My Testimony and More Facts About Rev3
I used to work in a retail store where I had to be on my feet from 9 to 12 hours at a time. It was brutal. In order to try and stay awake and have some energy I would bring Starbucks Double Espresso, Red Bull and Arizona Iced Tea. It was an all day cocktail of these different drinks. When I started feeling myself crashing from one, I'd switch it up and take another. To say I was exhausted by the end of it all would be an understatement. I'd go home and crash out for ten hours and felt just as tired when I got up.  By contrast when I got to try Rev3 in both versions - the pomegranate Rev3 in the can and the more honey lemon tea tasting surge pack I experienced none of the jitters, crash and extreme fatigue. I had mental clarity for hours which really came in handy during writing marathons that could go on all day long.
What Makes Rev3 Different
Cleaner—crisp, light pomegranate taste
No artificial flavors
No artificial sweeteners
No artificial preservatives
No artificial colors
Smarter—smart source of nutrients
Natural caffeine from blends of teas for mental alertness and stamina* derived from green tea, black tea and Korean ginseng
Supplies beneficial ingredients, with powerful antioxidants*
Uses low-glycemic sugars for sustained energy*
Provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support energy metabolism at the cellular level*
Stronger—powerful, energy-producing ingredients
Uses more than just sugar and caffeine
Contains a complete and proprietary Energy Complex with L-carnitine, tea, ginseng, rhodiola, cacao, ribose, citrate, malate, and coenzyme Q10  
Why not energize with something that is good for you? Cleaner. Smarter. Stronger. Rev 3 Energy® is all the power of an energy drink—refined. Rev3 is a great alternative to crash-and-burn energy drinks. What makes Rev3 Energy unique is that it contains a significant amount of L-carnitine. This ingredient offers two important functions in energy production: first it shuttles fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can be turned into energy, and secondly L-carnitine helps transport the toxic byproduct of energy combustion out of the mitochondria to prevent accumulation. Rev3 is also distinguished by its low-glycemic formula. The total glycemic load from Rev3 is three to four times lower than traditional energy drinks. Typical energy drinks spike your blood sugar levels for a quick burst of energy, but lead to a crash soon after, leaving you feeling drained. Rev3’s proprietary formula creates more of a sustained feeling of energy. Rev3 Energy—join the healthy energy revolution.*

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