Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Celebrations Galore Loving Mother Earth

We are completely dependent on Mother Earth for the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we bathe, drink, and water our crops with. The assaults on our Mother Earth or Gaia or Bhumi have been ruthless and brutal. Ask the average citizen and they can name several top of mind - The Fukushima Nuclear Power plant meltdown in Japan, the BP Oil disaster and the reckless use of corexit in the Gulf of Mexico or the burning of the Tripa forest in Indonesia one of the last homes of Orangutans on the planet and what little remains of the precious lungs that helps keep us cool and balanced and the weather in check.
8 Ways to Love Mother on Mother's Day
In the face of all this madness, I have compiled a proactive list of the many positive and healing activities you can partake of this Mother's Day whether you want to get your hands in some dirt or donate to those who are! Let's celebrate the Greatest Mother of all who is even Mom to our Mom's. To Life!
1. Make a Solar Charger - Using Solar Energy to charge that cell phone or those batteries @ The Commons located at 388 Atlantic Avenue in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn. Near A C @ 3 4 5 trains. Learn how in this  hands on workshop! This half day workshop taught by Traci Fitz. Registration limited to 12.  Call City Solar at (347) 254 - 0019 or register online here

2. Save an Acre of Land on Mother's Day
The facts are simple; No Farms No Food!
Every minute, America has been losing more than an acre of farmland to urban sprawl and development. You can help. Save an acre in your state for $10 and American Farmland Trust will  send you or your gift recipient an ecard and certificate of adoption. Learn more and Donate here so we can keep eating!

3. Become an Urban Farmer! Join a Farm meetup! Learn how to compost, grow flowers, keep bees and much more! This list is for New York City but don't let that stop you! There are food movements all over the country and MeetUp is a great way to find them! Find a Farm Meetup Group Near You!
4. Save a Honey Bee, Songbird or Polar Bear! 
The NRDC has got some great Mother's Days gifts here! Check em out!
5. Get to the Brooklyn Food Conference in Fort Greene! It's Free! Food Exhibits Family Friendly!
Register here to avoid lines  Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM (ET) Food served from 11am to 3pm Brooklyn Technical High School on S. Elliot

6. Help the Mom's of Erie County keep fracking away from their kids school! 
 We Love Water....don't you? SOS

7. Head to Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree California for a weekend of Ommersion & good food with Sahadeva!
My friend Kristin Olson is leading a 9am Mother's & Daughters/Mother's & Son's yoga class at gorgeous Joshua Tree.
Live Music and Yoga to Celebrate your Grace with Masood Ali Khan, Prajna Viera and Daniel Paul. Come with your Mother, Partner or your Self Honor the magnificence. All Levels!  Beginners~Intermediate~Young~Old
No experience necessary.
Bring your Mother...Bring your Self!
$25 off Tickets use Code: 2012olson
8.  Attend Wildflower Week in the 5 Boros! 
Meet Native New Yorkers of the plant variety and learn what you can do to preserve them! Check

Love Your Mother!  Happy Mother's Day!

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