Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Fun at the Sugar Shack Spa with Nutrimeal Shakes

It's going to be a great summer!! I am excited about working with the Sugar Shack Day Spa in Fire Island presenting delicious way to keep off the pounds and staying fit! Usana's Nutrimeal protein shakes are a delicious way to keep off the pounds while getting everything you need to stay on your feet!  Summer is a time of celebration and trying new tasty treats. I have got some delicious low glycemic recipes for you to try at an  exclusive tasting event this Saturday May 19 from 1:30 to 2:30 with Q & A from 2:30 to 3:30 at the Sugar Shack Day Spa on Fire Island in the Pines!
I will be serving up delicious twists on Strawberry, French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal protein shakes. Quantities are limited so please get there early!  The Sugar Shack is situated right next to CANTEEN the sandwich and salad shop on the main boardwalk off the Harbor.

The Usana Difference

What sets Usana Health Sciences shakes apart is that they have been formulated with the right amount of sodium and healthy sugars with plenty of vitamins to boot such as A, C, D,  B6, B12 and required trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper,zinc, manganese,iodine,iron, and more. (For a complete list of ingredients and the nutritional value look here under Diet and Energy) . A certain amount of sodium is necessary in the body to function properly otherwise you rub the risk  passing out.  However, be careful to avoid eating canned foods as they are laced with sodium and can lead to hyper tension. Eating fresh foods with the minimal amount of processing is always best.

 Consider this;  

"Although too much sodium can be of concern, please note that sodium is an essential mineral and electrolyte. The recommended sodium intake for healthy adults sits near 2,400 mg per day, and even doctor-prescribed low sodium diets rarely drop below 1,000 mg per day. Intakes below 500 mg per day can result in serious health conditions, including death. Because the Nutrimeals are classified as meal replacements, adequate sodium is absolutely necessary to prevent serious health consequences. This is especially true during hot summer months, during times of exercise, or in circumstances where individuals choose to use the products as a primary source of nutrition.
In modern times, many individuals have begun to take sodium for granted since it can be easily consumed in excessive amounts. However, this does not mean that sodium is inherently "bad." We have included a level in the Nutrimeals that is the lowest we would consider safe for adults subsisting entirely on our products for any period of time.
Many products claiming to be "meal replacements" run the risk of being much too low in sodium. In our opinion, the unscrupulous manufacturers of such products risk the health of their customers in an attempt to "look good" on a label.
If someone has additional concerns about the sodium content of a USANA Foods product, we recommending consulting a physician. He/she will be best able to know whether or not the amount of sodium in a given product is above an individual's current requirements." - from Ask The Scientist

See you at the Sugar Shack! 
Phone: (631) 766 - 1359
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