Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Recipes @ the Sugar Shack! Rev3 Fruity Punch

Rev3 Fruity Punch Drinks at the Sugar Shack!

The official unofficial kick off to summer is only two days away and we are kicking it off with high energy! Be sure to stop by the Sugar Shack Day Spa & Salon , main harbor in The Pines, Fire Island, New York on Monday, May 29 to sample USANA's delicious Rev3 Fruity punch! Keep your energy up for hours with our cleaner, smarter and stronger energy drink whose unique components contain green tea, black tea, and  korean ginseng as the source of caffeine. Rev3 is notable for what it does not contain that being taurine a common ingredient in crash and burn energy drinks. The refreshing pomegranate taste adds a delicious dimension to what we will be serving up. L- Carnitine an important ingredient in energy production helps shuttle fatty acids into the mitochondria or energy centers of the cell into energy is another featured  along with  CoQ10, cacao, B1,  B2, magnesium, calcium with only 17 grams of sugar from naturally derived sources as compared to 28 to 31 grams found in comparative drinks.
We think you'll like it!
Stop in while supplies last and feel the Rev3 difference. (Supplies are limited.)

2 cups orange juice
2 cups apple juice
2 cups pineapple juice
2-3 cans Rev3, depending on taste
Mix juices and Rev3 together and you’re done!  Serve it up icy cold. Thanks to Diana Yin of What's Up Usana?  and Usana's Test Kitchen  for supplying this recipe.
**TIP: Keep your beverages nice and cold by freezing Rev3 in ice cube trays to add to your drinks. Watered down beverages = bad. Revtastic flavor and energy = good. Learn more about Rev3 here!

See you at the Sugar Shack!

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