Saturday, September 15, 2012

Water Let's Get it Back 99% Governor Cuomo Listen Up!

In a recent update from Water Defense the headline read that Governor Cuomo
is changing his tune regarding poisoning our water supply by allowing fracking into our watershed which I hope means he is finally starting to realize means the water supply for the entire Easter Seaboard. Last year I was involved in a musical spiritual initiative called the We Love Water Tour sponsored by The Green Bus founded by Charlie Gonzalez. There were several versions made so go ahead break out that ole guitar, harmonica, cello , saxophone, triangle and do your expansion. Raymond Norwood the songs creator has made it totally creative commons style to take lyrics and expand upon them they way Meagn Perry did or like SRIKIRTAN the kirtan style group. Here is a reggae flavored version with AzItIz from New Orleans, Truth Now, Srikala the Remixologist and Raymond himself singing virtual duets with crew! Please share and retweet!

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