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Relaxation Station or How I Threw a Sense Foot Care Spa Party

Tools for a Spa Pedicure

Who says business has to be boring and staid? Business is all about having fun with people you like to spend time with. Enriching peoples lives through self knowledge and a better understanding of the miraculous machine they are inhabiting known as the human body is very satisfying to me. To prepare for my Holiday Spa Foot Care Party I sent out  hand written invitations three weeks in advance by post asking everyone to RSVP 4 days before the event. This gave me plenty of time to pick up extra things I might need and adjust recipes. It also made the invitees feel special. Which they are. In North America today with rising insurance costs and a sub par medical system strained to the limit, there is an ever expanding audience yearning for real simple solutions to solid everyday health. Sharing this info can be as creative as you are with your special stamp on it. For example, I wanted a cozy fire but since we don't have a fireplace a Yule Log "burning" on the DVD complete with sound effects provided a soothing and amusing atmosphere while serving as a  backdrop for my Sense display. At the end of the party everyone was given the instruments we used plus an Usana magnet to gaze fondly upon every time they pass their fridge, a Winter Product catalog to shop by and a snowflake to decorate with.
Yule Log DVD Display

 What to Eat? Serve Healthy Snacks!

Get your hands off my vegan bars!
 Inspired by the holidays I served guests what I like to call Un-Egg Nog and Ginger Snap originating from Usana's Test Kitchen whipped up by the brilliant Diana Yin. Just using extracts and a few spices blended together with   French Vanilla Nutrimeal  I was able to offer everyone a complete meal replacement disguised as a decadent beverage without the sugar rush and insane amount of calories. It also opened peoples taste buds to a food based protein shake that didn't taste like chalk! Nutrimeal boasts only 250 calories per 10 ounce serving if made with a water  base. In bowls I placed an antioxidant trail mix of almonds (which are great for your skin) along with organic dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds making for a colorful and yummy low cal treat. Of course, Usana also makes a delicious version of this with the new vegan Go Nuts and Berries bar that is as satisfying as it is good. A great stocking stuffer or treat for the kids! Get them on the good stuff young.

Relaxation Station for Your Feet!

We have been through a lot here in New York City with Hurricane Sandy so I wanted to do a holiday party that was warm, comforting and inviting. The advantage is that it is easily worked into a weekly self care routine if not daily. Your feet carry you every day through life while suffering the indignities of wearing shoes that are too tight, hidden away from air, sunlight and the feel of the green grass. In the Big Apple our feet look like they have been run roughshod. Bunions, callouses and dry heels are the norm. Everyday you see people struggling painfully to walk up flights of steps from the subway because their feet are hurting them so badly. The concrete sidewalks are rough stuff and seems to have a way of showing how unkind it is no matter how fancy the foot wear. Using a simple tub procured at the 5 and dime,  guests placed their feet inside it  while I poured warm water with the antioxidant Energizing Shower Gel  over them. After a soak for 15 minutes, a gentle exfoliation with the metal scraper of the all - in - one home pedicure tool took off an initial layer of dead skin.
Guys Need Pampered Feet Too

After a rinse, a liberal amount of Sense Rice Bran Polisher was applied to the dry areas including the tops of the toes and heels.
The papaya enzyme is an exfoliator so it was allowed to sit on the feet for 10 minutes or so before being gently massaged in with the pumice stone. The rice bran polisher is full of orzaynol very rich Vitaman E  to further soften the skin and hydrate it. The beadlets gently removed more dead skin with the action of the pumice stone. Another rinse and my guests were marveling at how smooth and soft their feet were feeling and how relaxed they were feeling! After toweling their feet dry Sense Night Renewal Cream (that has extra emollients of A C & E in a shea butter formula) was applied.  If they felt their heels were particularly cracked Serum Intensive was applied which penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin. As a finishing touch everyone got a dab of Intensive Hand Therapy which Vanessa Soto, LMT, says is "the best hand cream"  she' s ever used. It's rich and absorbs readily into the skin leaving hands feeling nourished and protected without parabens.

Deck Your Halls with Usana 

 I placed gift ideas around the room add to the cheer and inspire thoughts of the specific needs of loved ones in the guests lives.  A trip to the 5 and dime revealed  lovely and inexpensive holiday bags and papier de soie embossed or printed with reds and golds. A Men's Shaving Kit with Rice Bran Polisher, Gentle daily Cleanser and Hydrating Toner to replace burning after shaves were just one of the ideas.

Paiges's Perfections Aromatherapy Candles

Inviting a special vendor who makes a complimentary product for guests to try and buy is a plus as it provides a well rounded selection that enhances what you are trying to accomplish. I invited local artisan Paige Graham who brought some of her seasonal creations like Red Berry Spice, Winter Spruce and Blueberry Cobbler along with her classics Earl Grey, Hot Chocolate, and Natural Lavendar candles. Paige's Perfections warmed up the room and added another dimension to our relaxation. Her candles are non toxic, hand poured and made from soy. Organic cotton wicks are used and no lead with a life of 40 hours. Check her out here : Paiges Perfections

Send Thank You's Send Info Shared

Finally don't forget to thank your guests with a note or an email no more than a week after the event. Include the information you shared during the party so they have that reminder at home. Provide links to recipes, tips and photos of your guests having fun. Providing sincere and quality service will grow your reputation for delivering what's good and expand your business through word of mouth. When someone has had fun with you it's easy to ask if they'd like to do it again or if they'd recommend you to anyone. Share the good life and be happy!
Share the good life and be happy!

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