Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Imagine No Fracking Comment Period Ends Jan 11. 2013

Sign of the Times;  Imagine No Fracking by Yoko and Sean Lennon

In Williamsburg on  December 8th, 2012  I was biking to a get together when I spied this sign Imagine There's No Fracking Love Yoko and Sean . This is the new battleground and after seeing LINCOLN I am ready to type out my comments daily until January 11th . Why January 11, 2013 you ask?
January 11th is the day that the comment period that didn't  hear about up till now closes. The Governor the DEC , the Mayor of New York  really need to get a lot more serious on this and wake up to the fact that poisoning water is a dead end.  Really this should be a non issue...but it's not. I found this approach presented by UNITED for ACTION  to be a very creative way to reboot and send back to the netherlands with a resounding NO  the inadequate approach to poisoning our water supply. Drinking, bathing, cooking,swimming, gardening, recreational, habitat for wild life...life itself - all those things I appreciate and need.  Don't you? Come on New York let's do it again.. The consequences are death. Don't Let the DEC grinch ruin your holidays or your water supply

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Make beer? Have a farm? Love your children? Into the outdoors? Get concerned, get informed,get busy. It's up to us.

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