Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thairapy & Make Overs at Henri Bendel

After Thairapy 365

A wonderful week just concluded at Henri Bendel Fifth Avenue location for the week long Trunk Show for Christopher Drummond Beauty. 

 I Get Some Thairapy

 Established in 1895 by milliner Henri Bendel the department store that bears his name is known for having the latest in fashion trends for upscale ladies.  One of the perks of working during the Trunk Show for Christopher Drummond Beauty was getting to sample various products. On Day 3 Aaron a rep from THAIRAPY called me over as I was the "perfect model" for their line of infra red curling and straightening irons. Aaron was in luck since my hair had extra frizz that day. In about 15 minutes my hair went from super curly to bone straight without the use of sprays, chemicals or blow dryers.  I spent part of my childhood in upscale  salon chairs as my mother searched for ways to deal with my locks. While I have grown into and assumed my mane, the 70's were a time of relaxers, jerry curls and feather cuts.  As  scalp burning lye relaxers were not the way we wanted to go, the more manual approach was the method of choice and it took hours. At Raymond & Nasser first came the wash, setting with curlers (45 minutes), sitting under a hair dryer (1 hour), and then blowing out all the segments by hand (1 hour). This tabulation does not included the wait for my turn with the hairdresser that could take up to another half hour as other clients experienced similar processes to get the tresses they were seeking. Thairapy by contrast was a moment in time. The "treatment" iron is infrared does not heat up and burn the hair yet miraculously relaxes leaving it silky. So Ladies and Gents - If you are looking for a way to get straight locks that last for days stop in and check out this product. Life time guarantee to boot. In this case believe the hype.

Christopher Drummond Beauty Changes Minds


My duties on the Main Floor as lead makeup artist were to make sure everything was neat and tidy, get feedback, restock, connect and get customers to simply try the product line. Offering free mini makeovers and touch ups was the order of the days yet met with some trepidation. The most common remarks I heard were "I don't want  anything too crazy" or that makeup always "feels like a mask".  I assured everyone they were in the right place as Christopher Drummond specializes in natural looks that lets skin breathe. What does that mean exactly? His Veludo powder foundation is titanium dioxide and bismuth free and melts into the skin without clogging pores. Smooth as silk you get total flawless coverage in a few easy strokes with his Flat Top vegan brush. Now that is amazing. The feeling and ease of application is in marked contrast to liquid foundation which can be tricky to apply. The vegan brushes Christopher designed do not shed and feel light as air. Paraben free and infused with botanicals Chris's  makeup is leading edge for the woman who is aware of her environment and how she fits into it. I like to say it's eco friendly sexy makeup for the aware fashionista!

Fall Preview Collection

Sporting the Fall Preview 
His Fall Preview is made of a very light palette that veer away from the heavy trad maroons and purples trotted out for the season. Suitable for every woman regardless of their shade, this collection is brilliant. I applied it to fair to very dark complexions and all looked wonderful wearing it. The kit consists of two eye shadows;  the compressed Innocent and loose Aymee which is a lovely shimmery peach/gold day into night color that blends wonderfully. Innocent is applied from brow to lid as the foundation color that opens the eye. Fresh as a pink tea rose it was lovely on every lady. Matte Fraiche powdered blush for the cheeks delighted adding a duskier layer without being over bearing. I loved showing how to apply the Nude lip pencil that provides definition and a good base and made a natural lip color.  Can't or don't want to wear lipstick because you are just running errands? It's the perfect solution for a finished and natural look. Pink Kiss liquid lipstick is truly genius. How Chris managed to hone in on this color that literally suited everyone adapting to the their skin tone I don't know. It worked on yellow to ebony complexions magically. It hydrates too. Get it. It is like Saude Pele for the lips. Chris's  algae based mascara is the beautiful and sane choice for ladies looking to nourish their lashes with A, C, and  E without the lead or mercury. I predict there will be many copy cat products on the market. Black eyeliner pencil was used sparingly to fill in the gaps on the lid making the eyelashes appear darker and fuller. Instead of drawing a solid dark line try this method that will make you appear naturally sexy up close. A light dusting of the translucent Finale finishing powder pulls the entire look together adding a subtle glow and toning down anything that needed it.
Tip: Spray a light mist of water all over the face to conclude. It melts away any excess makeup and softens any hard lines.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to try and the staff at Bendels who made being there all week a pleasure!

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