Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HGH Sleep Stress Nutrition with Dr Ladd McNamara

Here I present notes from a live webinar by Board Certified OBGYN,  Dr. Ladd McNamara on Sleep Stress and Nutrition.  Let's start with HGH, sleep and growth in children.
Dr Ladd McNamara is a Ruby Director with Usana Health Sciences

Human Growth Hormone 

or HGH is manufactured by the humanbody naturally  and released during sleep. You've noticed perhaps that your children seem to grow overnight? This is because they do and HGH is the reason why. Sleep is essential for everyone. Avoid stunted growth making sure your children are getting enough restorative sleep at night. HGH burns fat cells which begs the question about the relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity and diabetes in our children today. in addition to the poor diet the majority consume.  The statistics show that 70% of kids have Type 2 Diabetes by the age of 9. This is also the first generation of American children that is not expected to outlive their parents.
(Sound the alarm!) Children require much more sleep than adults with babies requiring up to 16 hours. Teenagers need nine  hours of sleep and a healthy adult averages  seven to nine hours of sleep. With 60% of Americans including kids sleep deprived in today's digital age these numbers have decreased drastically. Dr. Christine Wood pediatrician weighs in on this increase in multi- tasking here

Glucose Sleep and Your Liver


The amount of HGH reduces the livers uptake of glucose. When there is too much glucose in the liver, when the liver can simply not store anymore the excess turns to fat. When you exercise the body actually taps into the glucose known as glucosan that is stored in the liver. This glucosan is your body's energy reserve.Choosing water over diet sodas and regular sodas will be something your liver will thank you for. The consumption of die soft drinks actually does nothing towards your weight loss goals. The artificial sweeteners, sugars and sugar substitutes glut the liver with excess empty sugars. Supplying your body with fresh pressed juices that contain fructose or using a low GI food such as Usana's Nutrimeal is the better move. The nutrimeal shakes contain 15 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber which is actually twice as much fiber as an apple. And speaking of apples fresh fruits are a healhy way to obtain the fructose that your body needs. They are whole and unprocessed packed with miconutrients, anti oxidants and fiber

More Benefits of HGH

* Builds and strengthens muscles
* Builds bone mineralization
* Strengthens collagen that is used in your skeleton keeping bones supple, skin youthful
* Required for your immune system
* To conclude lack of sleep adds undue stress to he body. Do take care.

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