Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Detox Your Liver in the Spring with Seasonal Vegetables and Supplements

Make like a rabbit and gobble up veggies Display by Lee Chappell

April showers bring May flowers Karina and Ekayani

How to Detox Your Liver Using Spring Vegetables 


Spring has sprung and you will be seeing more greens (at last) in your green market. Take advantage of dandelion leaves and make a salad (it's not just a weed!), sautee some asparagus, and serve radishes at your next party! All these vegetables are great for supporting liver health due to their high Vitamin C content. They also have anti carcinogenic qualities. How is that so? Listen here to Karina Yanku, host of
The Healing Artist Internet Radio Show and myself, Ekayani Chamberlin, Health and Lifestyle Coach talk about Chinese clocks and Spring Detox.
Recorded live @ City World Radio, New York, NY on April 15, 2014
Now on Soundcloud!
On the go in the big city? HEPASIL DTX packs Milk Thistle, Green Tea and Vitamin C for your liver. LOVE this product.


Black radishes are white on the inside.
French radishes have white tips
Asparagus is lovely in soup.
Dandelion was a welcome addition to diets after a long winter.
 Rich in D,C,A and B complex. You'll never think of them as "just weeds" again!

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