Thursday, May 22, 2014

Memorial Day Already? Why Diets Are Like Roller Coasters

Weight Fluctuations Can Be Wild Ride

I Never Liked Roller Coasters - I Admit it

I admit that I never liked roller coasters and that had to with the lack of control, the sense of utter helplessness and the inherent danger associated with being on such a wild ride. Up, down and around being whipped at lightning speed is just not my idea of fun. The first (and last!) time I was on a roller coaster was in Santa Cruz, California on a very tall and very rickety wooden one. After my brother and I got strapped into the the seat,  up and up we climbed slowly up to the summit. It was looking down at the angle we were about to plummet down that I realized I wanted out.
I turned to my brother and said: "I changed my mind. I want to get off. "
He replied; "It's  a little too late for that now."
And down I plunged for ten harrowing minutes that seemed like an eternity. I was so happy to get off that wild ride.

Trying to Lose Weight Can Be Like Riding a Roller Coaster

Paul changed his lifestyle and nutrition on RESET.

Trying to lose weight and keep it off can be like riding a roller coaster. The fact is that most people gain MORE weight than they initially lost while dieting. Dieting is the problem because it does not address fundamental lifestyle issues or if you prefer the basic needs of the human body. This up and down and all around approach is risky for your cardio vascular system, hormone production, brain health and even reproductive health. Calories are only one part of the picture that paints a false picture at that. Essential nutrients that are required daily such as C, D, B6.B12, Magnesium and the companion trace minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids to name just a few combined  with sound lifestyle habits will work wonders at keeping you at the weight that you want to be because you will have enlisted an array of friends to help you and your body feel fantastic. The body if you treat it right is self regulating. You could call this a miracle or intelligent design.

What are those needs?

Whether you are a paleo, vegan,vegetarian, keep kosher or follow halal dietary codes if you are human from your time spent  inutero to old age you have daily needs.
* Sufficient Sleep Just changing your erratic sleep patterns for a regular time for restorative sleep can help you lose weight. In one study by Dr Breus (The Sleep Doctor) oversaw a trial where women lost  from 3 to 15 pounds just by going to bed earlier! Sleep is not just for babies either and not getting enough will make you crabby, forgetful and over weight.
* Sufficient Exercise: You don't have to be a weekend warrior or Olympic athlete to be healthy. You do need to get out an walk at least 20 minutes per day. The human body is designed to move! Moving  helps the blood circulate to flush out toxins,  boost your mood by stimulating feel good hormones, helps regulate the metabolism and helps you sleep at night provided you are not up exercising too late.
*Sufficient Fiber Fiber first! Fiber helps things  moving along. If you are like many American's that are chronically constipated passing stool only a few times a week if that adding fiber to your diet is a must. The tire that you see around many a middle is what an impacted colon looks like filled with crap. Literally. When I speak of fiber I am talking about green vegetables and not what you have been lead to believe constitutes a "high fiber diet". It's not more cereals nor it is pizza, donuts or bagels! Depending on the time of year avail yourself to seasonal greens such a leeks, kale, spinach, celery, squash, parsely, arugula, cabbage, radishes,  different kinds of lettuces and so forth. They will also help your liver and kidneys detoxify.

* Sufficient Hydration: Drinking plenty of clean pure water does much to keep your body healthy by insuring your bodies detoxification centers have the water they need to flush out what doesn't need to stay in your body. Your liver and kidneys work non stop to remove poisons. Soft drinks and just juices  just don't cut it.If water doesn't strike your fancy,  try drinking herbal teas, green teas or infusing your water with fruits as nicely illustrated in breast cancer survivor Pam Wenzels book Spa Water
Tangerine Lime Spa Water by Pam Wenzel

 *Optimal Nutrition It has become clearer and clearer to me that the United States is a county where empty food and nutritional deficiencies reign. In a county where pizza is deemed a vegetable and where many neighborhoods are bereft of fresh fruits and vegetables and vending machines bedeck the halls of the institutions of higher learning. No wonder that Americans are running on empty!  Soil is the stomach of the earth. It is evident that the way in which we  grow crops by treating them with pesticides instead of using nutrient enriching practices, our soil has become tasteless and unappealing. For those of you who have been lucky enough to have a meal in Europe in Italy or France for example you have tasted the difference! The difference is in the soil. By contrast in the USA  with out 400 or so inches of topsoil whittled down to 3 or 4  inches, there is precious little for crops to nourish themselves with. While we are working our way back to healthier soils,  I urge everyone to take high quality supplements that exceed the paltry "standards" of nutritionals today. Your body was designed to take care of itself  but even the most exquisitely designed vehicle can't go far on little fuel. I recommend Usana Health Sciences

Summer Slimdown Challenge is Here! 

I invite you to take up the RESET Challenge NOW  taking 5 days of your life  to get off the carb and sugar roller coaster ride you have been on for far to long. The benefits are 1. It's easy 2. No cooking 3. No obssessing on what to eat, when how and where  to eat 4. It's portable 5. It's highly nutritious. 6. It's gluten free 7.  It's low glycemic 8. Is GMO free 9. All raw materials/ingredients are guaranteed for 90 Days to insure purity, efficacity and that products are free of mold, mildew and heavy metals. 10. It's scientifically formulated.  11. Vegan options 12. It tastes good! There. Now lets get started!


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