Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In Print Bernando LaPallo 114 Year Old Author Celebrates New Releases

LaPallo's follow up to his first  book "Age Less, Live More"  

Beyond 100 - How to Live Well Into Your Second Century now available in Print

Bernando LaPallo will be turning 114 this August 17, 2015  To celebrate, his E- Book -   that has a show stopping title " Beyond 100 - How to Live Well Into Your Second Century" has been made  available in print in a beautiful color edition. LaPallo,  who was born in Brazil in 1901, has payed it forward with a homage to his place of origin by providing a translation in Portuguese Alem dos 100
Go here to purchase Bernando LaPallo's website

Bernando will be one of the featured guests at Brazil Day in Scottsdale Arizona on September 19, 2015 . The event will be a book signing with his books available in Portuguese.For more information about Brazil Day go here

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